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Female Adult German Shepherd Dog

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About Molly

Adoption Fee: $200

Hi, my name is Molly!  I have so much fun hanging out with all the ambassadogs and shepherd lovers at our Adoption Events. I'm still looking for my forevers, could that be you?  At our Homes for Dogs Project event hosted by Coldwell Banker, I  had the best time with kids who showered me with love and treats. And I also got lots of love at the National Adoption Weekend hosted by PetSmart Charities on Nov. 9th. 

My friend Theo has sponsored my adoption fee...from one senior, special needs shepherd mix to another to help make the dream of a forever home come true for me. It makes my heart so happy to be loved so much for Theo to have his mom make it happen. 

I was found as a stray and was brought into rescue after a Facebook campaign drew attention to me and found me a foster home - I am lucky to have been rescued and nursed back to health!  I got to attend Petsmart's National Adoption Weekend event in May - it was so much fun getting to meet everyone and sharing my story! I loved getting lots of pets and making new friends.

So...a little about me - I'm petite, pretty and white!  I've gained about 10 lbs since coming into rescue in October of 2018 and am finally at the perfect weight of about 65 lbs. I am about 10 years old, but don't let that fool you because I'm still full of energy!  I'm a really lovable girl who leans in for pets and snuggles whenever I can!

I am fully recovered from a really bad perianal fistula, which was a very painful infection in my back end.  It’s been over 13 months now and everything is looking good, but I still get nightly applications on my back end of a topical ointment called Tacrolimus just to keep things under control and prevent a flare-up.  I'd really love to find a quiet or moderate energy home with someone who's looking for a mature companion and who will be willing to continue my nightly Tacrolimus treatment, which my foster mom says is not a big deal at all.  And she thinks I'm worth it!  :-)

I'm a really happy girl who loves people, belly rubs, and my foster brothers and sister.  And sleeping!  I also really love, love, love going on walks, and I think I would also make a good jogging companion (for short distances) because I hardly ever stop to sniff or relieve myself along the way - I just like to go!  Check out the video of one of my morning walks with my foster brothers and sister at  You'll be able to see how much my bum has improved from those days with my current park video. I'm really easy going - I sleep through the night and when I wake up, I'm ready for breakfast and then a good walk or run.  At home, I enjoy lots of attention and love and will often nudge your hand or leg to ask for more.  And don't forget my belly rubs!  I'm a really good girl who doesn't have to be crated during the day, so I enjoy snoozing on my favorite bed while my foster mom and dad are at work.  I haven't been formally tested with cats yet, and though I have expressed interested in squirrels and other small critters, my foster mom thinks I might be able to live with a dog-savvy cat.

I would do best with someone who knows a little about my breed or is at least strong enough to handle me when I'm pulling hard on the leash during walks (I just get soooo excited!)  My foster mom and dad tell me I can't be any cuter, and I hope after reading this and looking at my pictures, you think I could be the perfect fit for you and your family!



10 years, 9 months
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Not Sure
Prefers to be without cats and small critters
Crate Trained
Dog Description Levels
Level 3 - Standard Adult Dog. Moderate energy adult dog, needs daily exercise to thrive and stay happy. Adopters must have prior, recent large breed experience as these dogs may have minor behavioral issues or need training.
Special or Medical Needs


PO Box 981332 West Sacramento CA 95798-1332

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German Shepherd Dog

We are pausing accepting applications for Kika to process the applications received to date. Thank you so much for your interest. Should... show more

We are pausing accepting applications for Kika to process the applications received to date. Thank you so much for your interest. Should we not have an appropriate match for Kika once the current applications are processed, we will turn her adoption button on.  Kika is a beautiful, agile, and athletic young girl who, in typical GSD fashion, loves to shadow her people and during downtimes be right at her person's feet or somewhere in sight. And if allowed, she adores laying her head on their feet while they work from home. She loves dogs with a puppy-like play style of zoomies, hip checks, body slams, leaps, and downtime for rest near at least one of the resident dogs. As she's settled in, she's become more independent, spending time playing with her pack and less focused on her person.  Kika is easy to walk on a flat or martingale collar, and responsive to cues through the leash. Kika greets people and dogs easily on her walks, shows no reaction to other dogs, and is undisturbed by cars, bicycles, and motorcycles passing her. Kika must have been an indoor dog with a solid understanding of household rules, pottying outside and settling in her crate with some short-lived low-level howls at the unfairness of being crated when the resident dogs are free to roam. Kika is now trusted to sleep free at night, she curls next to her humans' bed and sleeps soundly through the night. She's also been trusted to stay home uncrated while her people run short errands, she occupies herself cuddling with items that have her foster mom's scent.  Although not fond of her first bath, she tolerated it for us to get all the sticky stuff off her coat. In contrast, she napped with her head on her foster mom's lap while being brushed. She knows mealtimes, and when her people dilly dally or when the water bowl is empty, she's persistent in letting her people know. And right after her meals, she lets out a big belch.   Speaking of dogs, Kika is a huge fan. She met the resident shepherds in her foster homes with natural, appeasing, and submissive body language asking for play shortly after. She has learned each dogs' boundaries quickly and respects their signals. In addition to the three shepherds, she currently lives with, she spent a few days with another foster family with their shepherd and played with their neighbors Husky too. It was an opportunity for us to learn more about her comfort level with kids. We think she would love to live with another dog in a physically active household.  Kika gives the resident cat plenty of space, backing up when the cat comes towards her.  She hasn't earned any correction from the dog-savvy cat who sets boundaries with all foster dogs early on. With the right cat, Kika is most likely to do fine. She doesn't seek the resident cat out and continues to give him a wide berth when their paths cross.  Kika bonds firmly with the confident handler in the house without a gender preference. Her initial shyness with her foster dad has disappeared, she greets him happily when he comes home from the office, and she seeks him out for affection, nuzzling him when he's sitting to pay attention to her. She has also become more comfortable with her college-aged boy, forgetting her shyness most of the time.  Kika would prefer to live with older kids rather than the under seven age group as she is more comfortable with older kids whose noise and activity levels are more muted. Her forever family will need to be patient with her as she gets to know them; in return, her sweet, adorable affection will reward them. She must have been treated heavy-handedly at some point in her young life as she can be head shy with new folks. Treat motivated, Kika makes friends for those high-value treats with an exceptionally soft mouth. A bit of a counter surfer, she seems to be enthralled with smells of pizza.  Her appetite is now robust on kibble only; she eats comfortably next to her pack of dog mates without any food guarding. She has been out with her people to outdoor seating restaurants; she settles comfortably under the table with her head in her favorite spot  - under the chair of a family member.  Kika loves to please her person, has mastered sit, working on a reliable down, wait, and decent recall. Finally healed from her spay surgery, she is game to run with the resident dogs while they play fetch and exploring whether she'd like to swim with them. She had a great time at the lake during Father's Day weekend. She gravitates more to bones to chew and soft toys for play during downtimes. Her favorite playmate is the resident one-year-old male shepherd. She rides comfortably in the car, only grumbling at people at stop signs and going quiet when asked to keep her those thoughts to herself. She continues to be a natural car passenger, more comfortable in the back seat due to her girth, and generous with her nuzzles to share her joy in going places.  Kika came into the shelter from a community foster who found her a few weeks ago.  When she began displaying the onset of a head tilt and wobbliness after a couple of weeks in their care; they brought her to the shelter.  Treated by the shelter vets, she came to us with a left-leaning head tilt, adding to her charm. Although she was available for adoption, the shelter staff and volunteers reached out to rescues to place her in a foster home environment to ease her shelter stress and for us to seek additional answers on her symptoms. She was treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories while waiting for her neuro consult. While in our care her head tilt has virtually disappeared, we see her head tilt at the end of the day when she's tired.  Kika's neurology consult and exam showed her to be stable with a diagnosis of a peripheral vestibular disease, an inner ear problem that has resolved with the exception of the slight head hilt. Described as injured hair cells in the inner ear, they are likely re-generating and healing. A cause can be a bacterial, a parasitic, or fungal infection of the inner ear or simply being born this way. It's promising since her symptoms were resolved with one course of antibiotics. She has no restrictions and the neurologist asked us to update him at the end of two weeks as to how she is doing. We are so excited with her progress.  Adopters interested in Kika will need to have a large breed or german shepherd experience as she is a typical young, energetic, and athletic shepherd who will need regular exercise and further training to be her best self.   show less

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German Shepherd Dog

We are looking for a foster home for our delightful 3-year-old Oscar! He needs to be an only dog and if there are kids in the house, he... show more

We are looking for a foster home for our delightful 3-year-old Oscar! He needs to be an only dog and if there are kids in the house, he prefers older teenagers. If you can provide the space and love, we'll provide the food and all the supplies. Oscar is a sweet, loving, friendly, curious, gentle giant and an excellent house guest. Oscar knows all the basic commands: sit, down, paw, stay, leave it, and come. He also knows how to "gentle give" and "gentle take" when reminded to give a ball back or take a ball. Oscar sits and waits for his meal until his foster mom gives him the ok. Oscar can be in front of an open bag of his food and will just sit and wait. He has never jumped up on the counter or tries to get into anything he isn't supposed to. In fact, Oscar has an uncanny sense of what is proper and what isn't in the home. When entering or leaving the house, he has learned to "stay" and let his humans go through first. Oscar is lovely in the car; most of the time, he just plops down and takes a little snooze. He loves car rides. Oscar is thoroughly crate trained. He snoozes on his bed in the family room with his humans in the evening, and when it's time to go to sleep for the night, he goes straight into his crate.  Oscar met the young children next door about 6 and 8 years old, he sweetly gave them kisses and let them pet him; however, this is the only time his foster family has had him around small children. Due to his size (76 lbs) and his toy-driven personality, Oscar may need a home with older kids or if younger kids who have experience living with big dogs.  Did we say toy-driven? There is nothing Oscar likes better than playing fetch with a ball. He knows to "drop" the ball on command, he'd rather chew on it a bit first and spit it out to land on your feet. Oscar is agile, fast with excellent control of his body. He is a joy to watch as he lights up when his humans play ball with him. When his humans are tired and call it "done" Oscar lays down in the grass and happily chewing on his ball until playtime again. Oscar has learned that his outdoor balls are not allowed in the house and will drop the ball before coming into the house. Sometimes a command isn't even necessary! Inside, Oscar loves his stuffed animals and will carry them around the house. A hearty chewer, Oscar loves to pull all his toys apart -but he never is silly enough to eat any stuffing! On walks, Oscar is a dream, rarely pulling. He is getting the hang of "heel" and most of the time stays at his foster's side. Oscar has made dramatic progress in behaving nicely around other leashed dogs that he passes on the street. With more and more exposure and correction to other leashed dogs, Oscar is only going to continue to improve. We are so proud of his progress and are happy to show him on a walk at  Although Oscar's friendship with his daily walking buddy has evolved to be very comfortable around each other,  we think Oscar would be the happiest being the solo dog.  The foster family has an outdoor cat that occasionally comes into the house. Oscar and the cat are aware of the presence of each other. Oscar is reactive when he sees the cat and likely not cat workable. In the morning Oscar exits his crate when his family says it's ok, he stretches, then comes to his foster, laying his head in her lap to show his love and revels in his head scratches.  Like a big cat, he closes his eyes and just absorbs the love. Oscar also loves belly rubs. Oscar has been continuing his weekly baths with his medicated shampoo. While he has to be coaxed to his bath, he is exceptionally cooperative and even enjoys the massage and water. His coat has been filling in faster than expected and his dermatologist is not seeing a need for allergy testing. Oscar has been off his antibiotics for some time and has been weaned off his anti-itch medication successfully.  His condition may have come about from a benign flea allergy easily prevented with Bravecto or Nextgard.  Oscar is a loving, loyal, attentive dog. He is very attached to his humans and is always aware of where they are in the house. He makes beautiful eye contact and really wants to please. His people play training games with him, Oscar really likes the nose games. Oscar would benefit from group training classes to learn to be more comfortable around other dogs in a structured setting and bond with his new people through training. Until then, his people are continuing to reinforce what Oscar is good at and practice new training commands and play new games to keep his curious brain active! Oscar seems to understand when his people have to work from home during SIP, plops down to chew on one of his toys, or snooze in the shade in the backyard.  Oscar went through the shelter as a 6-month-old pup and again 2.5  years later after being found tied to a pole, certainly looking much worse for wear. Although microchipped with a known address, he wasn't claimed. When we met Oscar, he had been given a composite body score of 2 where the ideal is 5.  Stinky with skin infections, significant hair loss, he was not likely to have anyone be willing to adopt him. That is if the shelters were open.  But we knew that he deserved a second chance with his sweet temperament and love of humans.  As his skin infection improved, we hoped his eyelids would also get better. It's a good thing that Oscar became ours, as he needs one more medical treatment. Diagnosed with entropion in both eyes, Oscar has been treated successfully with antibiotic ointment relieving the itching and irritation. Oscar is heading to the ophthalmologist on July 7th for his consult to grade the level of his entropion and our next steps which will likely require surgery to correct his eyelids. With the backlog of patients and many vet practices still restricting surgeries, it has taken longer than we expected to accomplish our last commitment to Oscar. We are grateful for all of our volunteers' and donors' support to help Oscar. He is a happy boy and we love seeing him thrive. It has taken a large chunk of our financial resources to bring Oscar to an ideal body score and grow his coat in the last two months. As he's healed, we aren't sure how much of a GSD he has in his gene pool. He appears to be a little of that, a bit of this. But to us, he's super cute and loving. He's been exceptional at his dermatology and regular vet exams, earning lots of treats for his easy-going personality.  Are you interested in Oscar? We ask that you have experience with a working breed or large breed dog and be committed to his health and training to build his confidence.  In return, you will have an outstanding companion to adore you for the rest of his life.  show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Say hello to River! Are you excited to add a loving settled 4-year-old to your life? Her foster family says "she's gentle, well trainabl... show more

Say hello to River! Are you excited to add a loving settled 4-year-old to your life? Her foster family says "she's gentle, well trainable & affectionate".  And was very much liked by shelter staff for her sociability. River slept soundly with little snores her first night to let her foster people know that they had a furry guest in their house. Although she appears black, River does have a brown undercoat so possibly a bi-color shepherd. She's been freshening up in her foster home with medicated baths and supplements to grow in the rest of her coat.  With her skin in shambles and bare spots most likely from a flea infestation, she was treated by the shelter and placed in their community foster to begin the process of growing her coat in. We took over with that the last couple of weeks, helping River on the final stretch to a glossy, beautiful fur. She will head to the vet this upcoming week for a follow-up visit to confirm that everything is progressing well. Sometimes they need one more round of antibiotics after they come into rescue to finish the healing process.  From her split ears likely from prolonged fly strikes, she must have been an outdoor dog for a large portion of her life.  River loves being an indoor dog ready for excursions and outings for fun rather than permanent outdoor living. River loads into the car without hesitation from any door, and settle in for a ride as if she's been riding every day. She does like to check in with the human passengers by giving them soft nuzzles from the back seat along the way. Open windows are an invitation for her to stick her nose out for the wind to sweep by carrying lots of great odors.  A large dog and strong gal at 97 lbs, River takes direction well and loves her multiple times a day walks with her foster family. She's also joined our volunteers pack walks fitting in with all the alumni dogs and friends with other breed dogs showing that she's an adaptable gal and willing to please her people on the pack walks and with some training exercises along the way. She is non-reactive to kids on bikes, playing ball, and loud noises during her visit to the local park. Super friendly meeting people, she happily takes treats with a gentle mouth. She is crate trained and will crate herself upon request, and is potty trained too. River plays easily with socially appropriate large dogs and had a great time with another super playful energetic bi-color female shepherd Kika while waiting for her ride to her foster home. Her community foster indicated that she is not tolerant of small animals and, we noted River as not compatible with cats or small dogs at arrival.  We have seen the reactivity to small and medium dogs on walks, and although correctable on walks, we'll honor her preference for larger dogs in her forever home. River would have been a foster failure if not for their close family member's Corgi whom they dog-sit during non SIP times. We ask that you have German Shepherd Dog experience or other large breed working dog experience to substitute and a commitment to continue training to enhance your bond with River in applying to adopt her. And as with all adoption, we ask that you commit to a group or private training classes to enhance your relationship with River.  show less