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Serenity T.

Female Senior German Shepherd Dog (mixed)

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Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue

About Serenity T.

Serenity T. is a beautiful and lively senior German Shepherd female that arrived as a stray at the Tulare Shelter.   Serenity is very friendly, loves people, but unfortunately it seems her welfare may have been an "afterthought" for at least some of her prior owners.     At an early age, her owner decided to move across the country and did not include her in his plans.   So... Serenity was passed off to a friend.   Not too long ago Serenity became separated again from her latest owner and ended up at the shelter.    The owner had not updated her microchip record so the shelter could not locate Serenity's current owner.   The shelter did not have a record of anyone looking for her either.   As a result, Serenity was stranded at the shelter.   

Despite her bad luck, Serenity is Gem!... and is the type of dog that is easy to fall in love with.   It's hard to imagine that anyone would lose her and not try to find her.   The shelter staff found Serenity to be super sweet, mellow, and great with other dogs.
Serenity T. Summary:
Serenity is a Female, 11 yrs old, weighs 55lbs, current on shots, and spayed
- Good with Adults, kids, dogs, and travel in the car

Now that Serenity has been rescued from the shelter by Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue (TSGSR) she need not worry that she will be an "afterthought" any time again.  TSGSR goes to great lengths to assure that both the dog and the adopter are a good match and TSGSR sees that her medical welfare is paid for for the rest of her life.   If an unforeseen condition occurs where Serenity becomes lost TSGSR ensures that every Thulani Dog wears a  TSGSR Collar Tag that that includes a TSGSR phone number and a dog id number that allows us to identify the dog and the adoptive owner so that we can reunite them.    In the unlikely event that the dog has lost its collar tag, we also keep a MicroChip Registry up to date so if the dog is taken to a vet or a shelter and is scanned for a MicroChip TSGSR will be notified that their dog has been found.

In addition to being good with other dogs, Serenity was also tested with free-range chickens and horses.  She noticed them and would watch but showed no interest in interacting with them.  One of the shelter volunteers that evaluated Serenity also had an 8 to 10 year-old boy with him and Serenity was quite comfortable being petted by the youngster.    During the evaluation, Serenity did show some interest in chasing a ball that was thrown but she did not seem to understand the benefit of bringing it back.   During her shelter evaluation she was called to "come" on a few occasions and when it appeared that she would be greeted by lots of attention she made a bee-line right back.

Serenity has made the trip to Thulani Central in N. Cal and aside from being a little skinny, she is doing well.    She climbed right into the transport car and rode calmly during the trip.    She will spend at least a week at Thulani Central undergoing more evaluation so that we can have her see our vet and determine the most suitable foster home for her to reside while we identify the best forever home for her.

Update from Serenity's Foster Family:
At Serenity's foster home she is co-habiting the home with a cat.   Her foster Mom advised that the "Cat and Dog, for the most part, are ignoring each other.  My cat seems to care less as long as her needs are being met."   This state of détente is what we call Cat Workable.

We are still getting to know Serenity so we will be continuing to update her bio.  Please check back here to see any updates.

What's Next for Serenity T.:
Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue (TSGSR) will continue to see that Serenity is well cared for and receives all medical care needed for her well being.  In addition, TSGSR is beginning a search for an adoptive home that will care for her for the rest of her life.  Serenity will come to her new home with a supply of food, a cushy pad if wanted, and other goodies such as toys. 

Serenity’s medical expenses will be covered for the rest of her life by Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue (TSGSR)!

If you want to learn more about Serenity, or are possibly interested in providing an adoptive or foster home, please send us a message by clicking on the "Ask About Me" button.

“Saving one dog won’t change the world. It will change the world for that one dog.”

Adoption Fee: $No Adoption Fee, Medical Care Covered for the Life of the Dog



Serenity T.
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