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Young Golden Retriever

If you have any questions about Archie please contact

GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue

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About Archie

If you have an approved application on file and have read this bio and feel you can provide for Archie's needs, please email Marcie.

Meet Archie. Archie is a 1 year old, 85-pound puppy. He can be likened to a large, fluffy teddy bear. Notice in his handsome portrait the adorable freckles! He came to live with us from his previous home where he had been well cared for but was a bit too much for their small family to keep up with. He would love to find his furever home and settle in with lots of cuddles and sloppy kisses. He is a sweet, playful, loving, rambunctious, puppy and will be a great addition to his furever family.

Archie has a very sweet, playful personality. He plays well with his canine foster brother and sister and would do best in a home with another large dog he could play with. He does play hard and another dog his size with puppy-like energy would be best suited for his playtime needs.

He is housebroken with few exceptions (only when the hoomans are not paying close enough attention does he have an accident). He prefers to sleep in his house (crate) at night. During the day, while the hoomans are at work, Archie rests in his house with no complaints or separation anxiety. He will need a large, fenced outdoor space as he is a large boy who likes to run. If he is left outside unattended and becomes bored he will find a way out of the fence, but this is not a problem if he is supervised and/or entertained.

Archie is still learning his manners and will need a family that will patiently and consistently work on his manners with him. Because he has not yet learned not to jump up, and he is quite large, it would be best not to have small hoomans in his furever home. Despite his size, he loves to cuddle and be cuddled, including spending plenty of time in his hooman’s lap. Oh, and he loves to lay on the hooman’s feet, a welcome service during the cold months.  

If you have an approved application on file and think you might be the family who can love Archie, please email Marcie.  Please note - no emails will be returned to anyone without an already approved adoption application.

PLEASE NOTE: Emails to the foster contact listed above will only be answered if you have an APPROVED application on file with GRRACE. Requests for information from non-approved applicants will not be answered. If you'd like to adopt from GRRACE in the future, we encourage you to submit an Application as the approval process can take 1-3 weeks. You can find our application and adoption guidelines at this link or by clicking "ADOPT" below. Please only fill out ONE application.

Adoption Fee: $300



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GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue

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