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Flatcoat Retrievers

Female Young Flat-Coated Retriever

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About Flatcoat Retrievers

**These pups are listed as a courtesy post. The dogs and current owner are not affiliated with GRRACE. Please contact the person listed on this post to learn more. 


Boo, Baby Girl, Remus, and CocoIn a litter of Flatcoat Retrievers there were 4 pups (out of 8) who had some difficulty with their sense of balance (called vestibular disorder, evaluated at Purdue vet, quite rare), resulting in a bit of an odd gait. It does not prevent them from regular running and playing, just not as fast or agile as the unaffected pups. They also have a condition in their eyes, which mostly has no effect at all, but in one pup caused blindness, and in one other, sight in one eye affected. The ophthalmologist and I surmise that these two things are somehow linked, but because they are so rare, not much is known.

They are 16 months old at this point.


Coco has a great personality, socializes and plays well with the other pups, as well as entertains herself with toys easily. she even likes to retrieve. As with all the affected pups, she has a goofy gait, swinging her hips a bit, and has one affect- ed blue eye, which may be blind on the left side, but it does not seem to affect her. (Coco is spayed).


Boo is totally blind at this point but does not seem to care. He chases after whichever dog is running with a toy. He loves playing with the girl dogs, uses his paws a lot. It takes some dogs a while to adapt to his play style, and he does better with the girls than the boys right now, who don't put up with his antics as well. He gets into trouble just like his siblings. It is amazing to watch him use his senses to find his toys around the yard. He also loves playing with the Weimaraner next door. He is outgoing and confident. We got him a Babble ball, which makes sounds when it moves, which he totally loves.


Baby girl, or BG, is the smallest of the group, but not by much. She went through a rock eating phase, resulting in sur- gery, and was spayed at the time. She plays very well with the other two, loves to run, usually to sprint, because her legs are not as long as the others, so she isn't quite as fast..


Remus is the fourth affected pup and has been adopted. Aside from extraction of a retained puppy tooth, he remains healthy and happy. He has only tried to eat a friends phone a few times, but she needed a new phone anyway! BG and Boo spent two weeks at her house over the summer while I was on vacation, and though it took a little time, they all adapted fine.


For more information on these pups, contact Susan at

**These pups are listed as a courtesy post. The dogs and current owner are not affiliated with GRRACE. Please contact the person listed on this post to learn more. 



Flatcoat Retrievers
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