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James - Senior

Male Senior Pit Bull Terrier (mixed)

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Mostly Muttz Rescue

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About James - Senior

Let me tell you a little story about a very special boy named James. James is believed to be about 10 years old and has lived the majority of that time outside on a chain without proper food, water, shelter, or love. Finally he was taken from that terrible situation to spend the next 7 months in a shelter waiting for rescue. Mostly Muttz stepped up and put James in a foster home where he could be treated for his heartworm disease. Since arriving to PA in Feb James has adjusted very nicely to life in a house with a family. It only took him a week to get housebroken and crate trained. He knows "sit" and is very food motivated. He loves to snuggle and roll around on couches and beds until he falls off. He's a goofy boy with lots of love to give. He's not very active because of his age but still has some energy in him for short bouts of play, either with another dog or a person. Although James is doing well he is not without some issues from his past that his foster family is working on with him. Being starved his whole life he is now very greedy with his food and needs to be fed away from other dogs. He's fine eating in his crate in the same room as his foster siblings. His foster mom has taught him to share the water bowl so hopefully one day other dogs will be able to eat around him without him wanting their food too. Even though he's come a long way with it since he first arrived, he is still learning boundaries with human food too. He is good with older, calmer children as he doesn't understand when people "rough house". James is good with other dogs but is better with females or smaller males. No cats for this guy though. In regards to James's medical needs, he does have an advanced degree of heartworm disease that is being treated. Due to his level of disease increasing the risk of complications that come with treatment, he is receiving a "slow kill" type of treatment that is less risky. This treatment is easy to administer on a monthly basis but can take upwards of 10 months to ensure all heartworms are eliminated from his system. James also does best with sensitive stomach food because other types of food caused diarrhea. His front teeth are worn down probably from trying to eat anything he could find while starving. This does not hinder his ability to eat or even chew on bones. Besides that he is healthy and once his heartworm disease is cured there is no reason to believe that he doesn't have many more years of life left in him. James is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

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Note: This animal is currently receiving heartworm treatment through a slow-kill method. 

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James - Senior
11 years, 4 months
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Mostly Muttz Rescue

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At Chesterfield County Animal Services in South Carolina, Kimbo is a long time favorite.  Here is what one volunteer had to say about him: "Good afternoon, Where do I even start… We have a very special case. Kimbo came to our shelter in Chesterfield SC years ago. Kimbo was taken from a home that had several dogs tied out and severely neglected. The owner passed away and all these animals were left with his wife and she could not care for them. He was NOT dog friendly and was heartworm positive when he came in, he is now hw neg. After this many years living at the shelter, everyone has fallen in love with him. The shelter staff treat him as if he was their own. He loves living at the shelter and is not broken by it. He is a happy sweet, smooshy face who loves to run and play tug-o-war and fetch and ADORES people and kids. However, we, the volunteers, have watched his face grey and his wiggly body age and we KNOW there has to be a better life for him. He has watched hundreds upon hundreds of dogs come in and leave but it is never his turn. After all of these years some volunteers did a brief dog test with him on leash and he did fine. He recently had the opportunity to go have a mini-vacation with one of our volunteers who has 3 other dogs. He has met all of them through the door and through his crate. The only time he growled or showed any improper behavior was when one of the volunteers dogs growled at him first and he growled back. No lunging etc. She has been taking him on walks with her female and he mostly ignores her. They have let her off leash and she has sniffed him and he didn’t care at all. They have walked past barking, howling coondogs that were running around a neighbor’s yard only contained by an invisible fence and while he was interested in the ruckus he was very easily redirected. While we do think he should live in his forever home as an only dog, he can easily be around other dogs on leash without any issues.  We really feel now that he has had a taste freedom he really really deserves a chance. With a knowledgeable owner we really believe that he will flourish and be able to live out his last days. We estimate him to be about 8+ years old so he definitely deserves a soft spot to lay his.  We are truly desperate to find this guy his forever home. While he doesn’t mind the shelter, as it is the only place he has ever known love, I know that he deserves so much more. We fear that one day his sweet little body will give out and he will pass away of old age on a cold concrete floor all alone. We understand that this is a huge undertaking for someone to take on, a black, senior pit bull that has spent more than half his life behind bars. BUT I just know he can do it, I know he can love someone with all his being and he deserves that chance, so I will beg and beg until someone sees what I see. Thank you." Mostly Muttz Rescue is hoping to make Kimbo's dream of a furever home come true.  While he currently resides in South Carolina, for an approved adopter willing to love him forever, Mostly Muttz Rescue can transport him and adopt him out through our rescue.  So, if you know what it is like to be passed over again and again, maybe Kimbo is the kindred spirit you've been looking for.  You can apply to adopt Kimbo at show less