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Male Adult German Shepherd Dog

If you have any questions about Kaiser, please contact Sauver Des Chiens, Inc. at

Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

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About Kaiser

Hi, My name is Kaiser. I am a 3 and a half year old Bi Color Black and Tan German Shepherd Dog. I was rescued when my owner brought me to a shelter, but instead of bringing me in, he left me chained up inside a locked car, turned off and windows up. Luckily, a volunteer saw me and told the man to get me out. Now I'm looking for a real home.

I am looking for a forever home that will spoil me by: taking me for long walks, playing fetch with me, and having a big space I can run and play in.

I'm ok with other dogs, but you have to introduce me properly so I know they're okay to be around. I have not been around cats. I am a big boy- weighing in (only a tad overweight) at 90 pounds! So, I'm probably not best suited for a home with small children because I may bowl them over without realizing it.

I am up to date on vaccines, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and heartworm positive.


Our adoption process begins with an Adoption Application (which you can do by clicking the blue ADOPT button above). Personal references, vet reference, and a home visit are required to complete the adoption process. Adoption fees are due at the time of adoption. Application to adopt does not guarantee adoption or approval.

Adoption Fee: $300.00



Shots up to date
Ok with kids
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Ok with dogs
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Ok with cats
Heartworm Status
Heartworm Positive (Slow Kill Method)

Sauver Des Chiens, Inc.

P.O. Box 1091 Sealy TX 77474

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German Shepherd Dog

WRITTEN BY HIS FIRST FOSTER: Please allow me to introduce to you one of the most beautiful souls that I have ever met; Johnny, a German... show more

WRITTEN BY HIS FIRST FOSTER: Please allow me to introduce to you one of the most beautiful souls that I have ever met; Johnny, a German Shepherd beyond compadre. This beautiful boy caught my heart in just a few seconds in a short video, when I saw he was set for euthanasia on the website for Harris County Animal Shelter, who was so far over capacity on owner turn-ins and stays that his fate was all but sealed... His eyes stopped me in my tracks and I knew I had to do whatever it took to save his life. After a sleeplesss night and skipping work to go, calling and emailing the shelter frantically thoughout the morning and still not having an answer as to whether or not he was still alive, my boyfriend and I took the day off, unpaid, and sat in the shelter lobby for three hours until they finally brought him out to us, and we ran for the hills to get him home and out of there. A little about him.. This boy is housetrained as far as I can tell, has only ever had an accident when he developed diarrhea and other than that has never peed or pooped even when loose in my master bedroom. Nor has he ever destroyed or chewed on anything at all, nothing.  He is a gentleman. He is also a “talker” when you cuddle him and just makes the littlest whispering noise, he talks back to you.  He is the kindest, most gentle boy, a really snugglebug and lover. Not aggressive towards any other dogs that I can tell. He is VERY SENSITIVE, however to ANY fireworks, popping sounds like gunfire, and will do anything he as to do to get back into a safe place.  He heard some fireworks on the 4th while in the front yard and was thereafter reluctant to go back into the front yard, connecting the sound with the area he was in at the time.  Although he walks without pulling on the leash, and you would never even feel him putting pressure on it on a normal walk, he will pull you VERY HARD if he hears a popping noise or fireworks and you need to be totally prepared for that.  You almost cannont calm him down from it until he gets back into the house. He has been enjoying 3-4 meals every day of Victor Active Dog and Puppy Formula, 2-1/2 ounces of DYNE high calorie food and nutrition addictive, 3 tablespoons of canned pumpkin as needed and 3 tablespoons of plain probiotic yogurt, with cooked deboned chicken meat on top.  He also loves Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried meat buscuits. I fell in love with him and I wish I could keep him but in the hops of him finding the BEST forever home, I send him to you with love. Foster Teresa   show less