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Female Domestic Short Hair

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TLC Fosters NP

27 Wilshire Wood Mackinaw IL 61755

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Domestic Short Hair

Apply today! Coco is a regal eight-year-old declawed female long hair. She was... show more

Apply today! Coco is a regal eight-year-old declawed female long hair. She was used to living it large as an only cat for eight years until her owners moved away. When Coco was surrendered she went into an emergency home with many other cats, which was a a big shock to her system. The other animals and sudden lifestyle change made her extremely stressed. Soon after, she was able to move into her current foster home where she can finally relax as an only animal once again. Now that she is settled into a new and calm environment, Coco has started to show her true colors as a high maintenance lovebug. Although she still values having her own space, she can be won over pretty reliably with a dangling string or well-timed chin scratches. In moments of calm, she follows her fosters around, meowing for pets and attention. When you scratch behind her ears just right, she lets you know with a purr that is surprisingly loud for such a small and fluffy creature! She is very intelligent and reveals a little more of her sweet side each day. It is our great joy to watch her blossom into a beautiful, affectionate animal once again! Coco would be well placed in a calm home with no other animals or young children. She would be a good companion for adults or mature children who allow her to visit them on her own terms. To see updates on Coco, check out her instagram @pawsitivelyadoptable! show less