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Adopt Baby Spice

Male Kitten Domestic Shorthair

If you have any questions about Baby Spice please contact

Paws For Life NC

About Baby Spice

I am a very playful little boy, I am always in a good mood and love playing with my other cat friends. I also have a little girl in my foster home and she is really fun to play with. I am good with cats, kids, and dogs and enjoy being held and picked up. When you come home from work or school, I will always run to the door to greet you. I will meow to you for you to  pick me up so i can love on you. I like to sleep and cuddle with you in the bed. I am a very sweet boy with alot of love to give. 

I am neutered, microchipped and up to date on all vaccinations. I have tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia. If you have any questions, email my foster mom at or fill out an application at

Adoption Fee: $40.00 - Valentine Special



Baby Spice
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats

Paws For Life NC

P.O. Box 338 Youngsville NC 27596

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Cocoa Puff

Labrador Retriever

I’m Cocoa Puff. I have a jubilant personality at about 8 yo, especially when I see my foster mom after waiting all day. I am a tan... show more

I’m Cocoa Puff. I have a jubilant personality at about 8 yo, especially when I see my foster mom after waiting all day. I am a tan color and am a happy boy. I like to howl at fire engines as they roar by the house which makes people laugh. I enjoy rolling in the grass after a dip in the swimming pool where I swirl my face around the water. My foster mom likes to squeeze me real tight, pat my sides like a drum, and smooch me when I am and am not looking! I have been to the veterinarian and enjoyed the attention. I was scared of the floors as they were slick and I’m not used to being inside. I have been traveling with migrant workers but they have returned to Mexico. I need a new home to spend my forever years remaining where people care about me, want me, and will cuddle me. I have had my vaccinations and my foster mom is using the slow kill method to treat my heartworms from the mosquito bites. I need to be neutered soon too, not number one on my list but goes without saying! I need chicken based foods (so tummy is not upset) and I eat about 3 cups of dry a day and a heaping teaspoon of wet food or rotisserie chicken. I do not want rice, black beans, and jalapenos anymore. My face is a little lopsided and it makes me look cute. The vet thinks I am a chocolate lab/pit bull mix. show less

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Shepherd (Unknown Type)

Hi! My name is Cupid an adorable 6-month-old shepherd mix. Unlike the guy with the wings, I don't shot arrows. All I have to do is give... show more

Hi! My name is Cupid an adorable 6-month-old shepherd mix. Unlike the guy with the wings, I don't shot arrows. All I have to do is give you one look with my puppy eyes and you'll be in love. When I came to my foster mom's house she was very sad to find out that I was very scared of people and did not want her to touch me. She does not know what happened to me before she got me from the shelter, and I'm not telling. My foster mom tried working with me but realized she needed something to help to break me out of my shell. And she was right! So she got another foster puppy and he was the best friend I ever had! He taught me that it was fun to run and play with other dogs and toys. He also showed me that I didn't need to hide all the time in my crate and that it was much more fun hanging out with my foster siblings and my foster mom. Once my friend showed me all these things it was time for him to got to his new family. My foster mommy says I'm like a completely different puppy now, but I still have one hurdle my foster mom has been working to get over...I'm still afraid of being touched. I will be near her and even touch her, but I get scared when she tries to touch me back. My foster mom says I'm going to need a very special new family that will 1. Need to be very patient knowing that I need time to overcome my fear of touch. 2. Have another confident and outgoing young dog that I can play with. This is a must. 3. Have a securely fenced back yard so I don't escape if I get scared. If you work from home that would be great! I'm also great with cats. I may bark and chase them a little, but honestly, they scare me so I don't do much more than that. I'm not sure how I'll be with little kids so probably home with none or older children would be best. As I said before, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to play with the dogs in my foster home and will need to go to a new home with at least one other outgoing and confident dog that I can learn from and play with. I also love to play with toys, any kind of toy! Give me a Kong, a rope, a ball or a squeaky stuffed toy and I'll have a great time. Once you're done with your yogurt containers, I do a great job of cleaning them out. I'm working on leash training and am pretty much puppy pad trained. This is a little behind because my foster mom has a hard time touching me to get the leash on me. I am crate trained, up to date will all my shots, microchipped and neutered. I weigh about 35 pounds now and my foster mom thinks I may be about 50-60 pounds when I'm all grown up. If you think we may be a good fit, head on over to our website and fill out an application. show less

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Domestic Short Hair

I have a soft purr, which I will let you hear if you pet me gently. I love my face and head rubbed, but I do have trouble relaxing when... show more

I have a soft purr, which I will let you hear if you pet me gently. I love my face and head rubbed, but I do have trouble relaxing when I am being held. I am vey soft and have beautiful light color eyes and a pretty buff/orange color. I enjoy calm dogs and other cats. I like to play with my doggie friend's tail when he isn't watching. I enjoy playing tag, batting toys and balls around however sometimes I just like to watch everyone one else play. I like to be near my human friends all the time, even if I have a hard time showing my affection and love for them. See, I am not exactly a lap cat, but I am not a total scaredy cat either. I am taking Prozac for my social anxiety, but I hear that a lot of humans and pets take something to help their nerves. My medicine is not very expensive, and I do feel better if I take it. I will take it for the rest of my life. If you have a calm, happy home, I would love to be part of your family. I would prefer a home without young or loud children or loud pets. If you pick me then I would be your furever pal. Born on 4/1/2018 Dublin has tested negative for FIV & Feline Leukemia, his $95.00 adoption fee includes his neuter surgery, microchip and rabies shot. For more information or to give this sweetheart the home he deserves feel free to contact his foster mom Cheryl at or complete an application at show less

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Pit Bull Terrier

"Miss Freya is about as sweet and easy going as dogs come. This amazing little girl (about 45 lbs) is around 6-7 years old and you can t... show more

"Miss Freya is about as sweet and easy going as dogs come. This amazing little girl (about 45 lbs) is around 6-7 years old and you can tell she has been used for litter after litter as a breeding dog for most of her life. She is appreciating her retirement from that and is now enjoying being treated like a baby herself. She loves casual strolls (is good on a leash but needs continued coaching to be perfect), cuddles on the couch and all the bully sticks she can get her paws on. She is quiet and patient but has just the perfect amount of energy to still be fun on a brisk walk, play with other dogs and maybe even some fetch, but ultimately is very chill and happy to just lay on the couch with you to keep you company. She uses a pet door, is potty trained, and is learning basic commands such as sit, stay, and recall. It seems like she has lived most of her life outside but has adapted to living indoors with great relish! Her favorite place at night after dinner is on the couch with her human, getting back and tummy rubs. She happily goes in the crate, great with all sizes and ages of people, loves other dogs, all around just a happy dog. She LIVES for car rides and wants to be someone’s copilot. She hops on the center console and just watches the road with you. She does have a prey drive with birds and squirrels and all the fun stuff outside in the yard so we have not cat tested her yet. If you are looking for a sweet, sweet dog that likes long, slow walks and cuddling on the couch, Freya is your girl!! Find out more by contacting her foster mommy through Paws for Life NC." show less

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Terriers (Medium)

Sweet Gunny-Bear! This boy is a professional snuggle-bug and an athlete all wrapped into one. Gunther is a 2-3 year old Pitbull mix, we... show more

Sweet Gunny-Bear! This boy is a professional snuggle-bug and an athlete all wrapped into one. Gunther is a 2-3 year old Pitbull mix, we have yet to figure out what he is mixed with. Perhaps some Plot Hound, Boxer or Shepherd. He is a pretty compact little “Hippo” at a stocky 50 pounds. This guy came to us from a rural shelter in NC, not really knowing a toy or how to love it seemed. He was sad and lacked confidence. Today, this bundle of fun and fur is an outgoing pup who is grateful for every toy and appreciates every lap he gets to snuggle into. He has finished his heartworm treatment and runs a plays with the best of them. He enjoys his days with his foster brother and sister and especially loves the resident cats. He rides well in the car and likes to go for outings. He visited the sunflowers at Dorathea Dix Park this summer and enjoys visiting local parks. He especially loves visiting his friends at Audrey’s Barkyard for daycare fun! Gunny is sweet and funny with his floppy mismatched ears and his silly grin. He makes people laugh and loves to give great kisses. This boy does LOVE TO PLAY, sometimes he’s too active for his foster brother who’s favorite pastime is to relax, but his brother will indulge him with a game of tug or chase in the yard. He is crate trained, potty trained and LOVES TO EAT! He does like to chew, so plenty of toys are a must and he should be crated if left alone. Gunther is up to date on all shots, on Heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention and is micro-chipped. All this boy needs is a family to call his own! If you have any questions at all please reach out to his foster mom, Laura. show less

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Pit Bull Terrier

I’m Mickey. I love people; especially ones who give me massages treats and let me sleep in till at least 10 am. I have a favorite... show more

I’m Mickey. I love people; especially ones who give me massages treats and let me sleep in till at least 10 am. I have a favorite spot, right on my back, that I like to get rubbed. When that happens, I make a funny sound, because it feels so good! I need a house full of soft beds, people, who like snuggles and yummy treats! Mickey is that rare sort of pooch who is so thoughtful and cares so much about how others feel, that he could easily become one of the most important 'people' in your life. He’ll come thump-thump-thumping over to you with his big Chewbacca paws and then sit his soft, big head in your lap – oomph! That’s a lot to hold in your lap! And then he’ll look in your eyes like he knows exactly what kind of day you’ve had. I'm a big goofy boy with a strong waggy tail, so am not suitable for small children. I am good with dogs but I can play rough, I would be good as an only dog or with a friend. I have been working on being around cats/kittens I have in my foster home. My foster mom says I am doing a great job. Anyone interested in me it would be best if there would be no more then 1 cat in the house. I crate with no issues. I can sleep in my crate but rather sleep in the bed with my human. I can stay out of my crate and in a room by my self for a few hours before get to board. I love my chew bones and my soft toys. Believe it or not, I make them last a really long time I don't destroy them. I am VERY treat motivated my favorite treats are pupperonis. As most bully breeds have skin / stomach issues, i have to eat a certain kind of food. Right now my foster mom has found that the DRY dog food ( Blue Buffalo OR Nutro ) works best for me. I get a spoon full of wet food with my dry food and so far the one that works best is the 4 Health can food ( at tractor supply). I also get a little bit of liquid stuff poured on my food for my skin and fur ( my foster mom said to make my hair pretty : ) ) I eat about 4 cups day, I usually only eat a bite or two of breakfast. I do well in a fence, I don't try and dig out or jump over. I love sticks, I'm not too much on outside toys. You will know when I am ready to come in I will paw at the door and to a little cry. I am crate trained, I walk well on a leash with my no pull halter. I am neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped. My adoption fee is $225 Here is another video of me: If you are interested in me you can email my foster mom at OR you can go to and fill out an application. show less

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Shepherd (Unknown Type)

PAWS FOR LIFE Foster Dog Millie is available for adoption and would like to say a few words: I am a young single mom to 6 beautiful pu... show more

PAWS FOR LIFE Foster Dog Millie is available for adoption and would like to say a few words: I am a young single mom to 6 beautiful puppies. If you were at the Wake Forest Christmas parade on Dec 8th I have no doubt you noticed me (and a few of my kids)! Mom and I kind of matched - I was wearing a red and black sweater with a satin red jingle bell Elizabethan type collar. Mom put signs on my sweater - One said “Hi! I’m Millie!” and the other said “ADOPT ME”. Anyway I had fun meeting a whole bunch of new friends (2-leggers and 4-leggers alike) and I got a lot of compliments for being such a pretty girl. I could have starred on one of those Reality shows like “Babies having babies” if I had been discovered by the right agent! I’m so young that most would never guess I’m a mom (until they got a look at my undercarriage, that is!) Don’t worry. I’ve stopped producing milk some time ago and I am beginning to get my pre-baby body back. My mom says that takes a little while (but my poor ninnies might never be the same 🤣) I guess you other nursing moms out there probably understand that! My point is that Mom says I still act like a puppy myself. I’m very energetic and ️ to play. I play with other doggies here and one of the two cats (we like to wrestle). I am a very vocal girl when I play. I don’t mean to sound so scary but I get very excited at each opportunity to play. If you watch my tail it is wagging hard the whole time. But Mom says if you aren’t watching that tail you might think I was mean. BUT I’m really not! I’m a sweetheart and one of those girls who just likes to have fun! I know how to sit and I am potty trained and crate trained. I get a bit upset if someone gets too close while I’m eating. But hey, after feeding all those kids a girl has a right to some peace and quiet during her own meal. Am I right ladies?! I’m kind of a goofball and maybe just a tad uncoordinated (but remember I’m still young)! My foster home has laminate floors and when I chase thrown toys I can’t seem to get any “gription” so I slide into furniture and things. Mom always laughs and says I look like one those cartoon characters that keeps running but just stays in the same place! I still have very white clean (and sharp) teeth and I love to chew on bones and heavy rubber toys (and treats too. Of course! Always treats! Who doesn’t like those?!) Sometimes I try to mouth or gently nip Mom when we play. But I do it lovingly. I bite and pull my oldest foster sister’s ears when she is lazy and won’t play with me. I also nudge the cat a lot with my big schnoze! Mom recently found out that I’m EXCELLENT at fetching tennis balls. She took me to a big fenced in field and threw some very far with a special stick. I quickly got it each time and returned right back to be thrown again. I’m very fast! I just wanted you to know that I’m single now, no strings attached. (Some of my kids are adopted and the rest are in good foster homes, so don’t worry about them). PAWS FOR LIFE takes really good care of all of us orphans until we find our forever families. So if you want to make me a permanent part of your family you can contact my Mom for more information. You will have to fill out an adoption application and let them check your references and visit your house. There is an adoption fee but remember that PAWS FOR LIFE has already put a lot of $$ into us orphans making sure we are fed, healthy and up to date on all that medical stuff. If you’d like to permanently make me part of your family I would ️️️ to meet you!!Mom says I can even have a pajama party (sleep over) to make sure we are going to be a good fit for each other! That sounds like SO much FUN! Until then, I’ll be hanging out here in Louisburg with my awesome foster family! Hope to hear from you soon! show less

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Shepherd (Unknown Type)

Milo here! I'm originally from Jersey - how you doin'?!?? I'm a tri-color Shepherd mix, medium energy, six years old, and I weigh 64 lbs... show more

Milo here! I'm originally from Jersey - how you doin'?!?? I'm a tri-color Shepherd mix, medium energy, six years old, and I weigh 64 lbs, My birthday is about 7/19/2012 I'm also crazy good-looking, but I'm sure you've noticed that already! My previous owners love me a lot and did not want to give me up. But they had to move back in with family and were not allowed to bring their pets. So now you have a chance to adopt me! I'm a fairly mellow dog, but I have plenty of energy. I love me some walks, but need short walks in the summer heat, due to my dark coat. I walk pretty well on a front-attach harness or a Gentle Leader. I wasn't walked much before, so I can pull a little and be leash reactive to other dogs, but this is improving with the correct harness and some training from my Foster Folks. I'm a World Class snuggler and am extremely affectionate and loving. One of my favorite things in the world is to lay face to face with Foster Mom and gently lick her face while she pets my head. I also adore belly rubs, spooning, hugs, and giving kisses. I live to be loved on! I'm a real character - I give THE worst high fives. I usually miss, and it makes everyone laugh! I'm also a talker, and will "tell" you when I'd like a potty break. If I'm told to stop doing something fun, I will grumble and sulk in protest. If I want your attention, I'll groan and flop myself down dramatically. I also lay on my back with one paw in the air, like I'm waiting to be called on. I'm very funny and will certainly keep you entertained! I'm well house trained, but I have occasional "happy bladder" accidents. It's a small amount, which pretty much only happens when my Foster Folks come home and I get so excited to see them! My Foster Folks handle it by staying very calm when they first arrive, and they take me outside right away. Since they've been doing that, I no longer have accidents. Because of my bladder issues, I can't stay in a crate all day. I generally need to have potty breaks about every four hours or so, although my Foster Folks have on occasion left me for up to seven hours uncrated in the evening, and I did really well. I don't mind being in my crate for a few hours, but so long as I have reasonable potty breaks, I've done well being left home uncrated. I'm smart and easy to train, and if Foster Mom really wanted to teach me a proper high five, I could certainly do it. She just thinks it's really funny to see me miss all the time! Because I'm clever, I may or may not have figured out how to open the garbage can once or twice to have a snack. And if you leave food unattended on the coffee table - well, it's as good as gone, my Friend! My Foster Family is vigilant, so this only happened once. I knew I was in trouble and put myself in my crate without being told - it was worth it, haha! I do fine with children, and generally, like attention from them. I can be a little apprehensive of the five-and-under crowd if they are hyper and crowd me, but I still do okay with them. I might knock them over if I'm being silly. I live with a dog and a really mean 19 lb cat, and we all get along just fine, but it did take a few days of training from my Foster Folks. I am sometimes dominant with other dogs, especially if they try to be dominant towards me first. That's fair, right? My Foster Brother is not very dominant, so we got along well after a good introduction. I occasionally chase the cat briefly, but it's fun and is worth the scolding! Because I'm selective about other dogs, I probably wouldn't do well at a dog park. I will occasionally bark at people passing by outside, so an apartment is probably not a good match for me. But I will definitely run off potential intruders 'cos my bark is scary! I destroy all the toys. I have a giant Kong that I am slowly wearing down to nothing. So it's safe to say that I'm a Super Chewer, haha! My Foster Mom trimmed my nails once and I didn't fuss at all, but oddly enough they haven't needed trimming since. They're "self-trimming", and wear themselves out on the pavement during walks! I'm also pretty reasonable during bath time, and my coat doesn't shed so much. So it's pretty easy to keep me looking handsome! I'm neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines and flea and tick meds. I'm all set to go home with you! I'm totally worth my $225 adoption fee. If you have any questions about me please email Foster Mom at If you would like to adopt me, and want to make sure you are first in line, please fill out an application right away here: It's first come, first served, and you do NOT want to be second in line for this guy! I can't wait to meet you! Love, Milo show less