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Female Adult Golden Retriever

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GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue

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About Daisy

"Daisy" is an apox 4 year old female sweetheart who is finally ready to find her perfect furever home!  Daisy came into GRRACE after being found by a good samaritan running along I-70. After a week in the local shelter, she was released to GRRACE as she required medical attention that they were unable to provide.  Daisy was emaciated with most of her ribs & hip bones visible.  She was also flea infested and dirty.  Daisy's biggest issue was the severe muscle wasting on her skull.  This weakened muscle and lack of mass prevented her from eating well, despite a voracious appetite.  I started her on steroids and increased her feedings and amount being fed but was impatiently waiting for her to gain weight!  It has taken over two months to see results, but as they say: slow and steady wins the race.  Daisy currently weighs in at 63lb!  (For those of you medically minded, we tested her for Masticatory Myositis which came back Negative.  All bloodwork in normal).

Daisy is a special girl and has some very specific quirks.  

  • Firstly, because she was a "runner" and has not proved herself trustworthy off leash, I am requesting that applicants have a physical fence. 
  • She likes to go for walks, but will not do her business on a leash, so after walking her, she needs an opportunity to spend time in the backyard to finish her duties.
  • She is currently eating 3 cans of dog  food a day and nearly 4-5 cups of dry food.  (This can get expensive so please keep that in mind)
  • When she meets you for the first time or gets really excited, she tries to "hump" your leg.  We are working on this, but its a work in progress
  • She does this "chomping" thing with her mouth when she wants to give you kisses.  Not biting, but it will catch you off guard at first.

This is a very special, loving girl,  who is working thru some trust issues and is looking for a family that will shower her with love, pets, and squeaky toys.

If you meet the criteria above, and have an approved application on file, please email Marcie.

PLEASE NOTE: Emails to the foster contact listed above will only be answered if you have an APPROVED application on file with GRRACE. Requests for information from non-approved applicants will not be answered. Please email the foster contact listed in the paragraph above, NOT the info@grrace email. If you'd like to adopt from GRRACE in the future, we encourage you to submit an Application as the approval process can take 1-3 weeks. You can find our application and adoption guidelines at this link or by clicking "ADOPT" below.

Adoption Fee: $300



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GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue

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