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Trap Deposit

Trap Deposit: $50 (per trap)
Credit Cards incur a non-refundable 5% processing fee if used for payment.

Confirmation of Trap Loan Agreement

I understand that trap(s) are only to be used for Trap-Neuter-Return of feral (community) cats. Trapped cats may NOT be taken to the animal shelter or pound for destruction/surrender, relocated, or released at a location other than where they were trapped. Traps may not be used to trap wildlife; if these animals are trapped accidentally, they must be released unharmed at the location where they were trapped. You are solely responsible for the care of the assigned traps. Traps may not be lent to a third party. I understand that it is my responsibility to return the trap(s) clean and in the same condition, with newspapers/debris removed, traps cleaned, and disinfected with an animal safe disinfectant, to ensure the trap(s) can be stored and/or loaned out right away. Failure to return the trap(s) in the same condition will result in forfeiture of the deposit amount. In the event that I will need the trap(s) past the return date indicated above, I will call Felius Cat Café and make arrangements; otherwise, Felius Cat Café will assume that I am not returning the trap(s) and I will forfeit my deposit. If a credit card is used for payment, a non-refundable 5% fee will be added to the transaction to cover processing fees. I understand that any animal, including both socialized and feral cats, can act unpredictably when trapped. I agree to not open any trap, stick hands or fingers inside the trap, or handle any trapped animal unless specifically instructed. I release Felius Cat Café and its staff, volunteers, or rescue partnerships from any liability for any injuries or damages that may occur from trapping, confining, transporting, or releasing any animals trapped whether feline or other wildlife. By typing in my name below, I acknowledge this is my legal signature.

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