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DC Dogos Inc is experiencing a very high volume of surrender requests at this time. We are a foster based rescue and do not have a facility. This means it will take time for us to find a foster/adopter for dogs we intake and that can take weeks to months. We highly recommend working with a rescue to place your dog and suggest that you continue to reach out to other large breed rescues as well since we may be at capacity. We also recommend that you consider working with a trainer if the issue is behavioral. Or, if you want other recommendations on how to make it work out please let us know on this form and we can help recommend resources for your needs to keep the dog. Keep in mind we are an all volunteer organization and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Dog Information

This section meant to provide the rescue with as much information as possible about the dog that needs rescue help. Submitting this form does not mean the dog has been accepted into the rescue. All requesta are evaluated by the staff and you will be contacted by a volunteer regarding your submission. If we can consider intake on this pet the next step is for us to schedule a time to meet the pet and discuss options. Note that the rescue cannot take all requests but we do the best we can with the resources we have available.

Previous Efforts and Attempts to help dog

This section helps us get a better idea of the history for the pet and what has been done to help. We love to rescue dogs but we also love to provide resources and support to people who want to try and keep the pet before surrendering.
We understand that sometimes living arrangements or financial issues cause people to think they need to surrender their pet. Sometimes there are options available from other sources and we are willing to share with you any option that may fit your current situation if you are interested in keeping the pet.

Pet Images

We are a breed specific rescue for Dogo Argentinos and we need to verify the breed of dog that is needing surrendered. We start by looking at pictures of the pet that you provide. Please send 1-3 photos of this pet to and note the pets name in the email.

Next Steps

Next we will review your submission and a volunteer will contact you. We cannot accept every pet but do our best to help. If pet is accepted we do appreciate a $50 or more surrender donation to help the rescue cover costs. We understand this is not always possible and it is not a requirement. All dogs in our organization receive any necessary medical care, monthly preventatives, supplements if needed, training for fosters, training for new adopters, transport, and more. We fully screen our applicants, do background and home checks, and do everything in our power to ensure pets in our rescue continue to get the best care and love they deserve. You can always learn more about DC Dogos Inc rescue at and you can reach the rescue by email at or call 877-400-DOGO.

You can save your current application progress and come back later.
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