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Male Adult Jack Russell Terrier Labrador Retriever (mixed)
Jake is completely blind. He was born blind, so he has never known anything different. We cannot stress enough how incredibly easy he is... show more
Jake is completely blind. He was born blind, so he has never known anything different. We cannot stress enough how incredibly easy he is to care for even with this disability. Jake has adapted to his blindness incredibly well and he gets around by himself completely fine! He even learns new spaces in just a few minutes! We have taken him on many vacations and overnight stays in new environments and he does great. He also loves to play fetch (he uses his nose and ears to find the ball!), and he loves daily walks, and even does great on hikes! His blindness does not require any extra medical care besides a visit to the eye doctor every 1-2 years. He is not in pain because of his eyes and lives a very happy and adventurous life. This year, Jake had his left eye removed, to assure that he would never experience any pain. This should never need to happen with his right eye. Jake's blindness doesn't hold him back from living his life and loving his humans, and you shouldn't let it hold you back either! Playing fetch with anyone is probably Jake's favorite activity, but his second favorite activity is definitely snuggling up with you under a blanket. Jake is SUCH a sucker for snuggles a nd will lay in your lap for hours if you let him. Jake is a mixed breed with Jack-Russell, Lab, and Pit. He's really the perfect size, weighing 27lbs, and looks like an eternal puppy. Jake is completely house trained. We have a doggie door and he is very used to going potty on his own schedule. He can also hold it no problem for over 12 hours if he needs to. He has never had an accident inside. He has also never chewed on anything other than a toy or bone, or made any other kind of mess in the house. He is crate trained, bed trained, food trained and leash trained. Not to mention he knows lots of tricks! Jake can sit, lay, stay, spin, stand, and do downward dog :). He also knows the phrases "no", "okay", "leave it " and "give me a kiss". Jake is an incredibly smart dog and we are not exaggerating at all when we say he can learn almost anything you want to teach him. He loves new tricks! ********PLEASE READ BELOW PRIOR TO EMAILING IN********** If you are interested in adopting this dog or any other from our rescue, please go to https://www.hobocare.org/adopt to review our home requirements and fill out an application. Please do not email and ask for more information on how to adopt, all the information is already available online. The information you see here is all that is currently available about this dog. No boxers are adopted without a completed application and home check. Thank you! show less