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Male Adult Pit Bull Terrier (mixed)

Ollie is a 5-6 year old Pitbull. Ollie was dumped at a shelter in Kansas in 2018 with a huge gash on his head.  He ended up needing stit... show more

Ollie is a 5-6 year old Pitbull. Ollie was dumped at a shelter in Kansas in 2018 with a huge gash on his head.  He ended up needing stitches and medical attention for a few days, and went to a foster home in Kansas.  He was incredibly unsocialized, but was in the Kansas foster home for a couple months, where he learned about being a family dog.  He got along great with the kids in the family and the 3 other dogs in the home.  He was eventually transferred to CO to find his forever home since they do not have many adopters in the rural area where he was. He was adopted by his foster home here in CO because they loved him so much.  He was great with everybody, and the other dogs in the home.  After being in his forever home for 2 years they surrendered him back to us because he was having trouble getting along with one of the dogs in his forever home.  Ollie went to our board and train program to build his confidence and to become a well rounded, awesome, trained dog.  We know the stigma around bully-breeds and we wanted to make sure Ollie was as well rounded as possible so we could set him up with his best chance of success. The trainer believes Ollie is ready to find his forever home!  While he has and can continue to get along with other dogs, we are going to adopt him to a family without another dog so he has the best chance of sucess.  That does not mean he cannot go to a park, go to play groups, and get along with other dogs, we just think in his forever home it will be best if they don't have another dog.  Ollie has learned so much in his training and will make the perfect companion for someone who wants a well trained dog, but is also willing to continue the training.  The board and train program has worked really hard to get Ollie where he is and they are offering support for his forever family, along with requiring they do their training classes, for FREE.  So his family gets to learn how to continue to keep Ollie a confident awesome dog for free.  This is a GREAT deal!   Ollie walks great on a leash, doesn't pull.  He is potty trained, loves to snuggle, play, and hang out.  He would be great for someone who wants a best friends and adventure buddy.  He has learned how to comminucate with humans in a way most dogs don't know so he is incredibly good and obedient.  He is just an AWESOME dog! If you are interested in adopting Ollie, please fill out our adoption application at brighterdaysdogrescue.com Ollie's adoption fee is $195.00 show less