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Female Adult Mixed Breed (mixed)
This is Suzie and Suzie is looking for her forever home. She has done well with the staff and volunteers here and can go with other dogs... show more
This is Suzie and Suzie is looking for her forever home. She has done well with the staff and volunteers here and can go with other dogs about her size but she is a bit of a rough player so would need dogs that can tolerate that. Suzie does have a big prey drive so her new home must be cat and small dog free. Suzie is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations. Suzie spent the Paw-lidays with a foster/volunteer and they wanted to share with you what a great girl she is! They shared: “Suzie is a cuddler. She loved cuddling with my 4-year-old son on the couch and under blankets. She loves to run and enjoys wide open spaces (fenced in backyard would be fantastic for her). Her favorite was running back and forth and around the yard in circles. She walks well on a leash and understands basic commands like sit, shake, and come. She even waits patiently about 2 feet away from the dinner table as the family sits down for meals, watching everyone intently as they talk and eat (we appreciated the table manners since I have a 2 and 4 year old). Suzie enjoys Moana the movie and loves hiking and being outdoors. She’s fantastic with kids – mine would hug her, pet her, run quick, pull away, etc. and she always handled their craziness with calmness. She’s quiet, she hardly ever barks unless other dogs are barking at her. She is potty trained, which was wonderful, there were no accidents during the day or night. She sleeps through the night and will sleep either in the same room on the floor as you or in another room, whatever your preference is. Her challenges: Although she never touched throw pillows on the couch or blankets, she will tear apart stuffed toys and started to tear apart her fluffy dog bed. She’d get the ‘zoomies’ if she’d see the boys running and think they are playing with her so sometimes she’d would run up behind them and knock them down. She appears to get sick on car rides (she certainly loves car rides but eating just before going might not be a good plan as she throws up along the ride). These are very workable with time and patience and pales in comparison to all her positive qualities, if we were looking to add a pet to our family it would be Suzie! We hope the right family adopts her soon, she is an outstanding dog!” If you are interested in adopting Suzie, then head to the Big Lake Humane's website to fill out an application today! https://biglakehumane.org/ show less