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Male Puppy Great Pyrenees

About the Great Pyrenees Frequently described as “majestic,” Great Pyrenees are big, immensely strong mountain dogs standing as high as... show more

About the Great Pyrenees Frequently described as “majestic,” Great Pyrenees are big, immensely strong mountain dogs standing as high as 32 inches at the shoulder and often tipping the scales at more than 100 pounds. These steadfast guardians usually exhibit a Zen-like calm, but they can quickly spring into action and move with grace and speed to meet a threat. The lush weatherproof coat is all white, or white with markings of beautiful shades of gray, tan, reddish-brown, or badger. Some owners note that Great Pyrenees seem to eat a relatively small amount for a dog of their size. “Of course, if another dog wants what’s in their bowl, they will snarf down the food like they hadn’t eaten in months,” says one breed devotee. A high-quality dry dog food that is low-protein and specially formulated for large breeds is a good idea. The breed is susceptible to bloat, or gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), where the stomach distends and twists. The causes of bloat aren’t fully understood, but experts agree that multiple, small meals per day and preventing vigorous exercise around mealtimes may help reduce the chances of it happening. If a family leads a placid life, the Great Pyrenees makes a great pet. The dog is calm, devoted and well-mannered, but an owner must have patience during training because the dog tends to be independent and stubborn. Great Pyrenees At a glance The Great Pyrenees was bred to be left alone and guard sheep in mountain valleys; therefore, the reason for its independence. Size:Weight Range:Male: 100-110 lbs.  Female: 85-100 lbs. Height at Withers:Male: 31 in.  Female: 28 in. Features:Floppy ears (naturally) Expectations: Exercise Requirements: 20-40 minutes/day Energy Level: Laid back Longevity Range: 10-12 yrs. Tendency to Drool: High Tendency to Snore: Low Tendency to Bark: High Tendency to Dig: LowSocial/Attention Needs: Moderate Bred For:Sheep guardian Coat:Length: Medium Characteristics: Double coat, straight, dense Colors: White with markings of gray, badger, reddish brown. White with tan markings. Overall Grooming Needs: Moderate Club Recognition: AKC Classification: Working UKC Classification: Guardian Dog  The Great Pyrenees is a very large, muscular, double-coated dog. The outer coat is long, coarse, and either straight or slightly wavy; the undercoat is fine, soft and thick. Coat colors are solid white, white with patches of pale yellow, tan or gray. The nose is black; the eyes are dark brown. The ears are triangular and flop downward. The tail is long and plumed, reaching at least to the dog's hocks. Male Great Pyrenees average between 27 and 32 inches in height; weights start at 100 pounds (45 kilograms). Females range in height from 25 to 29 inches, with weights starting at 85 pounds (38 kilograms). Personality: The Great Pyrenees is a calm, well-mannered, serious dog known for his great devotion to family, including well-behaved children. These dogs are generally trustworthy, affectionate and gentle, but if the need arises, they will not hesitate to try to protect their family and their territory. The Great Pyrenees was bred to be left alone and guard sheep in mountain valleys, so they are by nature relatively independent. This independence can make obedience training more of a challenge than is the case with other breeds. The same guarding roots also have left the Pyr with a strong instinct to bark. Great Pyrenees are adults at 1 year of age but can take up to 2 years to mature. Living With: The Great Pyrenees can be a wonderful companion, but enjoy a predictable, orderly routine. The guarding nature of this breed makes socialization especially important. Exposure to as many new people, places and situations as possible, especially when the Pyr is a puppy, will help moderate any excessive protectiveness. Patience during training is a must, because a Pyr tends to be independent and even stubborn. Even then, do not expect the Pyr to win any obedience championships. Grooming needs are moderate. Regular brushing of the double coat will keep it in good condition, but be prepared for a major annual shed. The outer coat does not mat, which makes care relatively easy. This breed should never be shaved their coat self regulates and you can damage the coat by doing so. Potential adopters for bear must have... a fair amount of space, fence atleast 6ft high this is a breed known to roam his safety is of upmost importance. This breed is know for their indepentent nature and are known to be difficult to train, for this reason we will be looking for owners with great pyr experiance.  this breed has a very big and very loud bark. this is something neighbors may not be keen on. he will not be allowed to go to an apartment or town home type situation. their double dew claws should never be removed some vets will suggest this but it absoultly should never be done (they do serve a purpose) unless there is a true medical reason for removal. Bear will not be available until he finishes his medical needs( shots etc). show less

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Female Puppy Pit Bull Terrier Mixed Breed (mixed)

Crissy is a sweet black and white pit mix baby with the cutest dots on her snout!  She is estimated to be about 12 weeks old (3 months)... show more

Crissy is a sweet black and white pit mix baby with the cutest dots on her snout!  She is estimated to be about 12 weeks old (3 months) and weighed 12.4 lbs as of 9/23.  Crissy is a sweet, outgoing, and curious girl who would fit in with almost any home. She would do fine with other dogs kiddos and even cats. She is up to date on vaccines and her flea,tick and heartworm prevention and is ready to find her family.  Please be sure you have the proper time, space and energy to give to a young puppy. Crissy will need a family willing to teach her all her basic commands and house training skills. Please do your research on what puppies need to be sure you can offer her the best life she deserves  Puppies are a big commitment and require a lot of time and training to grow up to be well balanced behaved dogs. Please do your research and if you work full time please consider an older dog to fit your lifestyle. Puppies are much like human babies and you wouldn't leave your toddler home alone for 8hrs, please dont expect a puppy to be okay alone either. All our dogs and puppies are in foster homes and start learning their basic house training and crate training skills but please remember when going to a new home they can and often do revert while learning your home and schedules. Please be patient and understand they are likely scared and trying to navigate a whole new world.   show less

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Male Adult Catahoula Leopard Dog Catahoula Leopard Dog (mixed)

Meet Harlequin, or Quinn as he likes to be called.  He is a 4 year old catahoula.  Looking for a dog that would LOVE to go on a hike wit... show more

Meet Harlequin, or Quinn as he likes to be called.  He is a 4 year old catahoula.  Looking for a dog that would LOVE to go on a hike with you?  Well then Quinn is your guy! Quinn's perfect match would be a family who lives in a house, since apartment living would not suit this large fella - he needs room to romp and play- it's his favorite pastime! A good sized 6ft privacy fence for his safety would be ideal. Due to Quinn's size (70lbs) and his playful demeanor he would be better matched to a home with older children 10 and up. While we are unsure of Quinn's feelings towards feline friends, we do know Quinn would be able to live with another doggie friend who is submissive and enjoys to play. Quinn has done fabulous with other dogs with slow and proper intros. He would love someone active as he loves to romp outdoors and to go for walks. He is great on a leash and wants to learn! He loves to cuddle but he is not a couch potato by any means. Quinn needs someone with large breed experienced who can be a confident and solid pack leader willing to work with him so he can be his very best. We promise you if you take a chance on Quinn he will pay you back tenfold. He truly is an amazing dog. Please be sure you have the time, commitment and experience to dedicate to our sweet boy prior to filling out our adoption application.  The Catahoula is a breed of dog like no other.  Extremely loyal and protective, a true diligent worker, and will be the best friend one could ask for.  Exercise is a must or they will get unruly.   Dog ownership is a very serious commitment and it is one that should be for a lifetime. It is not something to dive into without a lot of thought and research. Adopt Quinn pawzabilitiespa.org/adopt Foster Quinn pawzabilitiespa.org/foster show less