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PawZabilities PA Inc. Animal Rescue

, Yardley, PA, 19067

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PawZabilities PA is a 501c3 non-profit, no-kill, volunteer dog rescue organization serving Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to rescuing dogs left homeless for whatever reason – dogs in public shelters where they are at high risk of euthanasia due to pet overpopulation, dogs given up by their owners because of difficult circumstances, and those in danger of abuse or neglect. We place dogs in loving, responsible, committed permanent homes, following a comprehensive adoption process which includes taking considerable care in finding good matches and educating prospective adopters about the responsibilities and costs of bringing a dog into their homes and lives. Animals in our care are spayed or neutered, receive all appropriate veterinary care and treatment, and placed in nurturing foster homes while they await placement in their permanent homes. We assist dogs in distress without regard to age, breed or ease of placement. To the extent our finances allow, dogs in the greatest need take priority. We are determined to keep administrative expenses extremely low so that virtually every dollar taken in goes directly to the care of the animals. Our group remains interested in and committed to the welfare of the dog beyond the adoption process. Finally, we strive to work with area shelters and other rescue and humane organizations to develop a network of supporters and volunteers in order to create a better world for homeless pets.

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Great Dane

Meet harliquin, he is an almost 4 year old male said to be a great dane/catahoula cross. This rather large incredibly handsome boy weigh... show more

Meet harliquin, he is an almost 4 year old male said to be a great dane/catahoula cross. This rather large incredibly handsome boy weighs in at 70+lbs. Do not be fooled by his photos this boy is a large boy it has been said that people did not realize just how big he was from his photos. So make no mistakes he is not the size of a labrador or such he is a LARGE dog... this sweet boy hasnt had the easiest life, hes been bounce, hes had his needs neglected and he just hasnt been able to be a dog or a real member in a loving home. He was found with badly injured paw pads that thankfully have healed without problem. But from there the woman who was ment to be his care taker and love him kept him locked in his crate while Indoors and then left on a tie out while in the yard all day and in general was not giving this sweet guy a good quality life. we will let harli tell you what happened through his doggie eyes after this point... take it away harliquin! When I was pulled from my care takers care and went on a very long journey to a new temporary home only they didnt give me time to rest and get comfortable with them or their home or other pets and just put us all together right away and it was very scary and overwhelming for me being in a new place full of strangers and I did not feel very safe or loved at all. Not one temp home but two in the matter of 3 days! And it created some defensive issues where I tried to establish myself and the families didnt like that very much and sent me right back without giving me time to calm down without giving me directions and without following the decompression stage the rescue stated us dogs need to go through to set us up for success. I was essentially sabotaged and set up to fail and not giving a fair chance to start out on the right paw. I am now in boarding as the nice ladies at the rescue couldn't find anyone willing to take me as a foster. It's very scary here, dont get me wrong the workers are nice and kind but I am in a ke nnel alone surrounded by other pets who are also nervous it's just not a good place for a dog who's been through as much as I have been through. But the nice rescue ladies come to see me and we cuddle and talk and take walks and even work on some training and they always have delicious treats. They said they are not giving up on me and are going to find me a new foster or forever home no matter what it takes. I am so grateful to them for seeing past everything and seeing the real me the good dog I am and for them not giving up on me. They said I am just very confused right now and I am I dont know who's coming who's going I dont know how I am supposed to act or behave because no one has taking the time to show me how. They say I am non aggressive but do display some dominant behaviors and with the proper guidance I will be just fine. They say I need to know someone is in charge so that I don't need to take charge and they are right when there is no pack leader it's very scary for us dogs and we need to take charge fast. My ideal home or foster would be large dog experienced! Willing to dedicate the time and commitment to work with me and follow the directions on giving me ample time to feel relaxed and not  Rush me. I would need to be an only pet or kept separate from other pets in the home until I am relaxed and comfortable with the home and my people first. You will need to set boundaries and stick to them once we have a good connection and routine slow introductions to other pets would be the route to take to make us all fast friends. I mean if you where treated not so nice and driving far away multiple times and put into a stranger's home full of new people and animals and they all were rushing up to you and trying to touch you I don't think you would feel very safe or comfortable either. I also need someone who wont feel bad for me because of my past. I dont feel sorry for myself and I need others to not feel sorry for me either. I need a strong confident and balance leader to show me how to be a proper gentleman after all I do come with baggage so please be willing to help me unpack for good. I promise to love you protect you and be the very best companion if your willing to guide me on the right path. I am a big dog with a lot of love to share and I am also quite handsome too. Slow and steady is the way to our happily ever after. Please do not feel discouraged by my need for a very special person I am a fantastic boy I am sweet as pie I just need someone who is strong and a leader with knowledge to help me become the bestest boy in the world..  show less