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Male Adult German Shepherd Dog
Handsome Baron is an approximately 5 or 6 years old according to vet estimate! He is a neutered, 85 pound, German Shepherd boy. Baron ha... show more
Handsome Baron is an approximately 5 or 6 years old according to vet estimate! He is a neutered, 85 pound, German Shepherd boy. Baron has been adopted and returned twice!! He was returned for the very things we said he would do and what he needed work on! He can be leash reactive when seeing other dogs when and will need a competent handler. He is not an aggressive dog - loves and gets along with everyone he meets! We have discovered that when Baron walks with another dog he is calmer. Although he was picked up as a stray in California, we believe that he was bonded with another dog in his past. We really need to find this boy a good home on an acreage! We are looking for GSD lovers that understand the breed! Baron is happy to hang out with you at home in the yard and is great in the house. He is a GREAT dog for the right family. We are looking for an acreage or farm and we think Baron needs a buddy preferably a large confident female dog. He recently tested extremely well with a tripaw female German Shepherd and he has been pining for her ever since! They played beautifully together in the yard. Notes From his foster family: "He’s such an incredible guy. The love this dog gives to all the people in our family is so special. He has such distinct relationships with everyone in the house and I don’t know if dogs can be emotionally intelligent - but he really is! He knows how to read a room very well. If it’s relax time, he knows how to just sleep by your feet and come for hugs or if it’s play time he’s always ready to run around the backyard with you. He’s a very gentle and polite dog which is incredible considering how big he is, he’s very aware of his size it seems haha! He doesn’t get on furniture and has never jumped on a counter no matter how good the chicken smells haha He also gets very excited when he sees children so I think he might’ve lived with kids at some point in his life? He walks and runs very well on the leash and loves seeing other dogs walk by. He’s gotten very attached to my husband and I, and doesn’t like to be left alone. We’ve been working on crate time even while we’re in the house, and he’s starting to understand that’s a place for him to relax. His ideal home would probably be one where he doesn’t have to be alone too much as he tends to bark and get upset when left alone." We are looking for a forever home that has experience with the breed - no cats and no small dogs as he has not been tested enough around small animals. He will make an awesome loyal pet to the right family. Looking for a home with a large fenced in yard - ideally an acreage for this big boy to run around and play! If you have been looking for an adult GSD and would like to give Baron the forever home he deserves, please send us an application or ask us about him info@nadrs.org show less