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Ellie Mae

Female Young Westie, West Highland White Terrier (mixed)
Imperfectly Perfect! That’s how I describe little Ellie Mae! Ellie came to me in August 2021 as a surrender at only 10 months old by a c... show more
Imperfectly Perfect! That’s how I describe little Ellie Mae! Ellie came to me in August 2021 as a surrender at only 10 months old by a concerned neighbor that saw she had been left behind when her neighbors moved out.  She has some type neurological and vision issues.  She has been assessed by a neurologist and it is felt that it is due to an injury at or during birth. There is a disconnect in the signal from her eyes and brain.  Although there seems to be nothing wrong with her eyes, her brain does not process all of the info from them.  She does have some range of vision that is processed so is not completely blind, but is limited. She sometimes leans on you to guide her.  Because of her insecurities and disabilities, she tends to stay very close to your feet and legs, especially when in a new environment. You will have to adjust to her movements and not to trip over her, once she's comfortable in her new home and with you, that won't be much of an issue.   She has had 4 small seizures, not life threatening, and has placed on medication for them. She prances like a show pony and is absolutely adorable! To her, everything is just the way it's supposed to be. She's a good girl and is happy when she makes you laugh. She’s hesitant when she first meets you and takes some time to warm up but once she does, you have a friend for life. Since In my care she has learned how to climb up and down stairs to the back yard, use the doggie door, pee pads and of course climb the stairs to my bed where she comes up every night to give me nose kisses before climbing in her crate for the night, which is kept open for her. She has even advanced to sneaking on the bed by me sometimes.  She loves to play like any other young dog.  She gets along well with her foster fur siblings where she joins right in their adventures. She does best if taken out or to a pee pad soon after she eats or awakens as she gets side tracked and sometimes forgets she has to go. She loves to cuddle and be by you and She’s best without a busy home with lots of strangers coming and going as they frighten her at first, but once she becomes aquanted with a voice and knows they don't mean her harm, she warms up and is fine. She needs a home that is patient and kind and willing to work with and around her differences and disabilities.   If you would be interested In giving this beautiful, well deserving, girl a forever home where she can enjoy the rest of her life, please fill out an application at www.angelsforanimalsrescue.org Then we can arrange a meet and greet, she's located in Yucaipa. I know her perfect parent is out there somewhere. She will reward you with unlimited love in return for a gentle loving new parent!  show less