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PO Box 981332, West Sacramento, CA, 95798-1332

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ShepHeroes® is a non-profit animal rescue organization with a deeply experienced team of volunteers focused on carefully placing German Shepherd Dogs into loving homes that match the dog's temperament, activity level, and needs. Our dogs receive veterinary care and reside in volunteer foster homes while waiting for loving homes, and are altered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption. We focus our efforts on sound German Shepherd Dogs who are at risk due to abandonment, neglect, and abuse or significant change in circumstances. For the safety of our volunteers and adopters, we do not accept aggressive dogs into our program. Our volunteers are heroes! Please join us with your time and talents to lend a hand to help our furry friends. Our needs range from virtual to hands-on tasks. Are you interested in becoming a financial hero and supporting the rescue and welfare of abandoned shepherds? Your much appreciated donations are tax-deductible and used solely to benefit the dogs in our care, as Norcal German Shepherd Rescue Inc. dba ShepHeroes® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. EIN #82-5263051.

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Princess Leia

German Shepherd Dog

Princess Leia's personality is coming out more each day, described as steady calm at the shelter.  We have learned so much more about th... show more

Princess Leia's personality is coming out more each day, described as steady calm at the shelter.  We have learned so much more about this adorable 2-year-old gal in our care in the last few days. She is going to make a fantastic family dog. Leia is the quintessential devoted to her hoomans dog, who believes her place is right with her person in true shepherd fashion.  Quickly loading into the car for rides, she loves going places with her people. And if you take too long to head out the door for her regular walks, she will grab her leash to sit with it, and if you still haven't caught on, she'll bring it to you as a reminder.  Leia came to us with excellent leash manners; she walks at heel automatically on loose leash and checks in with her person regularly. She's not a sniffer; walks are all about covering distance briskly. Leia is lovely, meeting people on walks if her human stops, indifferent to other dogs on leash, and curious about bicycles where she slows down to watch them pass by. For the first few days, she sniffed all the car doors of the parked cars on the street as if checking for her previous car.  This Princess is house trained with excellent manners and sleeps in a crate in her foster family's bedroom. During the day, Leia is not fond of being crated if it means separating from her folks, she settles in after a few attempts at breaking out and is getting regular practice being crated.  On the other hand, she will patiently wait in the car if you run errands.  Leia came to us weak heartworm positive and has begun her 28 days course of antibiotics to eliminate the heartworm larvae. She will begin the injections to kill off the adult worms at the end of August, which will require her to be sedentary until the treatment is complete. Although she started in ShepHeroes in a home with three males shepherds, she was moved to a dogless foster home to reduce her activity level, and eliminate the temptations to play as her heartworm treatment progresses. We expect Princess Leia to do well as she is not symptomatic and be ready for a forever home by the end of September.  Although she has lived with three easy-going male shepherds, she is not dog-centric. She was cordial ready to establish rules she expected the boys to observe unless directed otherwise by her dog-savvy humans. Leia is a dainty eater who chews every morsel, appreciates watermelon for treats. She does not beg for food while her people eat and has shown a tolerance for the resident cat who in return hasn't given her the usual smack to establish his rules. She is a little chunky at the moment and will slim down to about 60 lbs in our care.  Heartworm treatment is expensive and requires treatments over a minimum course of two months to treat, please have your dogs on heartworm preventative. Your help through our donate button is very much needed, any amount is very much appreciated.  We're not sure why her folks didn't claim her, but we are excited to help Princess Leia find her next forever home.  She is an excellent representative of her breed and requires a German Shepherd experienced home and a commitment to an active lifestyle with refresher training.  show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Gorgeous River was so lucky to score a terrific foster home; in exchange, River settled in to show them she's gentle, affectionate, and... show more

Gorgeous River was so lucky to score a terrific foster home; in exchange, River settled in to show them she's gentle, affectionate, and very trainable.  A sociable 4-year-old, River has excellent household manners, including lots of kisses for her people. An outdoor dog in her previous life, with flystrike ears from living outside and a disheveled coat from flea infestations, River adjusted to indoor living immediately appreciating being near her people and all the comforts.  River's hair has filled in with medications, quality food, and supplements to a glossy black coat with an overall clean bill of health.  She enjoys daily walks, car rides with sweet nuzzles to her driver, hanging with her people, pack walks with other alumni dogs, and refresher training sessions.  A friendly gal, she has a soft mouth for treats and happy to meet people. As a large shepherd just under 100 lbs, she takes direction well to please her people. She is non-reactive to kids on bikes, playing ball, and loud noises out n about. She is crate trained and will crate herself upon request, and is potty trained too. River prefers to be with large dogs, no small dogs or cats for this gal in her forever home. She is a solo dog in her foster home and truly enjoys soaking in all the attention. She could be an only or could live with an easy-going, socially appropriate large dog.  She has made terrific progress in her skill sets of walking on a loose leash, minding her business on pack walks, recalls, stays, and other valuable skills. We ask that you have German Shepherd Dog experience or another large breed working dog experience to substitute and a commitment to continue training to enhance your bond with River.  We ask that you commit to a group or private training classes to cement your relationship with River.  In exchange, you will have a devoted life long best friend. show less