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Male Young Domestic Longhair Russian Blue (mixed)
Whoops...I've done it again.... I've fallen helplessly, madly in love.  Over and over again there is always one special magical soul tha... show more
Whoops...I've done it again.... I've fallen helplessly, madly in love.  Over and over again there is always one special magical soul that captures my heart.  And this time its this beautiful 2 year old long haired blue boy...most likely part Russian Blue.  (Long Haired Russian Blues are called Nebelungs). Grayson.  It didn't take much really.  It was just love at first sight.  His eyes melted my heart.  His scruffy long tattered coat belied his majestic beauty.  His lameness cried out to my soul.  He pleaded to tell his story and without a word spoken I listened intently. I received the call a few months back.  A former foster mom, Onie reached out and asked for help.  Onie told me the story of a striking beautiful long haired blue boy that had been dumped in her neighborhood.  He befriended her and visited daily for months.  Onie named him "Grayson".  Grayson's charm and demeanor captivated Onie.  Daily she would welcome him to her door, feed him, shower him with love and they would engage in his tales of loss -  loosing his family, being discarded and making his way living on his own on the streets.  "It was "okay" he would say as long as I have you to welcome me at your door every day.  "I will survive".   Months passed with Grayson's daily visits until one day he failed to come to Onie's door.  Then another day passed.  This was not like Grayson.  Onie went looking for Grayson and called his name.  Slowly Grayson appeared from under a shrub...lame and limping.   The bullet hold was obvious.  A neighbor did not like stray cats infiltrating the neighborhood and took matters into his own hands.    Grayson had multiple fractures of his front leg.  It would be a very delicate surgery and be a miracle if Grayson's leg could be saved.  Onie took this upon herself and made the decision to give Grayson this chance.  Grayson chose an angel when he knocked on Onie's door. Onie called for help....I said yes before I even saw his photo.  And Grayson rocked the surgery and his leg was saved.  Now it was just a matter of time and patience for the healing to continue.  But Grayson has so much more to look forward to now. He is with us now.  He is watching me tell his story and wants to be certain I don't forget a thing.   Grayson has been working his magical charms on everyone he meets.  I steal "precious moments" whenever I can.  And we just "Be".  We relish each and every moment.  (But quite honestly, he kind of just has this way about him that is magnetic to everyone..not just me). Grayson is an "old soul".  He is a brave gentle warrior with a heart that knows no bounds - even after all he has endured.  His soul is trusting and that in itself is a miracle considering his ordeal.  His body is lame but his strength of spirit in unyielding and carries him forward.   Grayson "connects" with people on a spiritual level.  It just happens.  He will come (not so gracefully) running to the door to greet anyone who enters.  There is a soft happy "mew" followed by a body rub on your leg that is just filled with enthusiasm to have a visitor.  He certainly does not take this for granted and shows his appreciation for any time and or love he is given.  Grayson will claim your lap immediately if you sit on the floor.  He will nestle up like it is the best place in the world.  And he would never leave if given the choice. Grayson is just about 2 years old.  His beautiful coat is almost fully grown back after far many horrific mats were removed from his months of ventures.   His stunning beauty persists and is witnessed in his spirit.  He is simply pure untarnished love. Grayson's leg is doing great. He still limps and it will take time. A recent visit to the vet (along with xrays) revealed that his leg is healing wonderfully.  (He does have a plate and screws).  He uses his leg to balance himself and to play with the feather wand or laser light.  He uses the scratching post with both paws.  And he can jump like an athlete onto the tall cat tower when he sees a bird or chipmunk outside the window.   All that really matters is a soft lap to curl up on and someone to share stories with....someone to listen to his heart and to share their own.   Grayson is looking for a very special family.  Someone who gets him and understands his challenges and can be patient as he continues to fully heal.  So a patient family on all accounts would serve him well.  And I can guarantee that you will receive a hundred fold of love and gratitude in return. And you will have oh so many stories to share for a lifetime.   I cannot wait to see Grayson in his full majestic glory in a year from now.  My heart has already carved out a place for him that will always remain.   show less