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Male Adult Great Dane Great Pyrenees (mixed)
Hey there, I am Gordy aka Gordon (when I’m not listening) and Gordito Crunch (when my foster mama is playing with me)! I am an almost 3... show more
Hey there, I am Gordy aka Gordon (when I’m not listening) and Gordito Crunch (when my foster mama is playing with me)! I am an almost 3 year old Great Dane/Great Pyrenees mix. That just means I’m extra great of course!  I have the Great Dane height and body but a Great Pyrenees head with the Pyrenees shedding.  I was originally surrendered as a puppy due to having special back legs. I was adopted to a wonderful family but recently was surrendered back to rescue because I can be a strong personality. I get that from the Great Pyrenees side.  I love hard and love attention from my humans but don’t enjoy people I don’t know initially. I take my job of guarding the home seriously and need my humans to communicate and prove to me that they can control and protect the house so I don’t have to worry about it.  I recently spent a month with a really nice lady who taught me really fun things like walking well on leash, a strong place command, heel, come and all of the other skills I need to be a well mannered boy.  I really love to play with toys and other dog friends as long as they are not dominant. I’m a total goofball but have shown resource guarding over food with other dogs. I prefer to eat my food and bones in my kennel.  I really love my kennel. I sleep there at night and when my foster parents are gone. I will counter surf if left unattended.  Remember how I was surrendered as a puppy due to having special legs? Well, I still have special back legs. I was born with slightly twisted femurs so I walk a bit differently and have arthritis in my back knees. I love to run and play but can be sore after playing all day long so I occasionally take gabapentin to help. I also require daily joint supplements to help my bones stay healthy.  I currently take anxiety meds daily. I have been on these since I was young to help with my desire to protect the home. These meds cost about $90 for a 90 day supply so any future adopter needs to be able to continue to pay for regular medications.  Foster Mama Here: Gordy is the bestest boy. We fostered him when he was a puppy as well. We do not let him greet visitors at our house and require him to stay on his bed in a “place” while visitors are here. He is also happy to stay in his kennel. He does like to meet people slowly and at a good pace. Once he knows and trusts you he will forever welcome you as a family member of his.  Gordy has so much potential and loves so hard. But he will require owners who can set strict boundaries in the home and hold him accountable. His breed and genetics make him want to protect his home and people but if you a set boundaries he is such a great listener.  We walk him on a prong collar and he is eCollar trained. His adopters will need to commit to continued use of these training tools and also meeting with his board and train trainer to learn about everything he knows.  Gordy loves the snow and playing outside. His favorite is his doggy pool in the summer. We have 4 other dogs in our home and he plays with all of them.  Gordy lived with kids in his first home. He was very protective over them so we do not recommend he go to a home with children under the age of 12. show less