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Bonded Pair
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Butter Pennsauken

Female Kitten Domestic Short Hair
I'd like to introduce everyone to Butter.  Butter has an extremely sad past and it is unfortunately told by her appearance.  Butter and... show more
I'd like to introduce everyone to Butter.  Butter has an extremely sad past and it is unfortunately told by her appearance.  Butter and her sibling were recovered when they were a mere 6 ounces by animal control from a hoarding case in Pennsauken. There was another sibling in the home, but it was literally "lost".  Due to the severity of the cats' condition, there was an investigation that ensued.  These girls were the outcome of neglect and carelessness.  Once animal control delivered them to the vet, it was found the girls were the victims of upper respiratory tract infections that persisted for way too long.  After some care at the vet, the girls were able to get into foster care.  But, as we discovered, this wasn't the end of their difficulties.  They had problems gaining weight (due to the severe colds which make them not hungry) and their eyes were terribly painful for them.  Finally, after what seemed like round the clock care, lots of vet visits, lots of medication, and even more love, the girls are finally on the mend!  However, not without battle scars from the horrendous war.  Today, the girls are over 4 pounds and full of energy, curiosity, sweetness, and love!  Our vet has concluded that no further action needs to be taken with their eyes at the moment unless problems should arise.  Butter is the sweet and gentle one.  She absolutely adores her belly rubs and will calmly roll over while you rub her belly and give her all the affection she can muster from you.  And it's quite the treat, because her belly is so, so soft!  Butter seems to have just a smidge more vision capabilities because it seems like she can see more shadows with her right eye.  While their vision will never come back, these girls both are able to navigate just fine and will live very normal lives with what limited vision they have.  We noticed that what they lack in vision they have compensated in other areas with.  They both have amazing senses of hearing and scent! (You should hear their sniffers work in person!)   We are so proud of these little girls.  Being around them, you can just feel their fighting spirit within them.  They have endured so much already in their short time here already and they deserve the absolute best going forward.  They are up to date on their vaccines and now ready to move on to the next chapter in their lives and leave this terrible one behind!   show less