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Female Young Russian Blue Domestic Short Hair (mixed)
Curly was originally adopted as an adorable, little kitten from the pound by a family with very young children.  We were told one siblin... show more
Curly was originally adopted as an adorable, little kitten from the pound by a family with very young children.  We were told one sibling became allergic so Curly was surrendered to us a year later.  Thinking she may miss the children she lived with, Curly was placed into another home with very young children.  Curly lived with her second family for 1.5 years and was then surrendered once again because they adopted a kitten and they didn't know they needed to introduce them slowly.  Curly wasn't happy about the new arrival, so they wanted to keep the kitten only.  Curly is being fostered with a dog and other cats.  Curly is doing well with other cats but, she was very slowly introduced to them.   We took her to the vet on 1/13/2021 to have her vaccines updated and for a check-up.  The doctor said not only is she in great health - her teeth look great too.  She was very easy for him to handle and he really liked her.  Curly got her name because her tail is curled up like a question mark.  We told the doctor Curly had been surrendered twice by families with young children.  The doctor suspects Curly has grown fearful of young children because they probably couldn't resist pulling on her tail and once the children lost interest, so did their parents.  Curly grew used to people either ignoring her or teasing her.  He suggested Curly joins a child-free home for this reason.  Curly is just under 3 years old and basically, has not had a very good, stable, loving childhood.   Curly needs another chance at finding her forever, loving home - one without young children and a home with a very patient, experienced and understanding guardian.  Curly has a lot of love to give and needs a home where she can thrive, feel safe, loved and be happy.  Curly was last surrendered to us on Thanksgiving Day and it took her two months to even try to sit on her foster's lap.  She clearly wants to connect and bond with someone.  Curly loves to follow her human around the house and she loves to talk!  We ask that you understand Curly may need at least 2 months to adjust to her new home and that it's best to gain her trust by allowing her to come to you as opposed to trying to push yourself onto her.  She's had enough people come at her during her short life so far.  Curly likes to be pet and even have her belly rubbed a bit but, she will often grab a hold of your hand and lick your hand and give lovebites.  This could be scary to an inexperienced cat person - someone who doesn't understand she is showing affection and has never hurt anyone.  When she does this, it's important to simply relax your hand and not try to provoke her into rough play.  You never want to train a cat that hands are cat toys.   Although Curly is quite manageable (we have no trouble picking her up and putting her in and out of a carrier or trimming her nails) she prefers not to be picked up and carried around.  Either she is just one of those cats who simply prefer not to be carried around or the children she has lived with in the past may have traumatized her a bit by doing that.   Curly is a real sweetheart and we know she will continue to blossom with the right guardian!  We've been very clear and honest about Curly's disposition and needs because we want her to stop being bounced around from home to home.  Curly needs someone who will commit to being her forever guardian, is willing to accept her for who she is, what she has been through and continue to nurture her and help her recover from her rocky childhood.  Not only is she gorgeous in her grey and white tuxedo, she has the softest, most velvety coat ever!  Curly has no bad habits and isn't a hidey cat.  She is spayed, FeLV/FIV negative, microchipped and up-to-date with vaccines.  Please consider opening up your heart and home to Curly! We're hoping the 3rd time will be a charm for her!  Should you ever decide she is not the right cat for you - we always welcome our foster kitties back!  We want our foster kitties and our adopters to be happy together! If you are interested in adopting Curly, please fill out and return an adoption application.  An application can be found here:  https://www.yougottalovethem.com/   We are a foster-based rescue organization.  We have no public shelter or adoption center. All of our foster kitties are being taken care of within the private residences of our wonderful volunteers.  Once your application has been approved and we feel you are the right fit for Curly, we will set up a time to bring her to you.  Should Curly ever prove to not be the right fit for your household we would gladly take her back.  Please feel free to ask any further questions you may have about Curly or the adoption process. Thank you for considering adopting a rescued kitty!   show less