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Biddy ☆All-Star☆

Male Pit Bull Terrier Mixed Breed (mixed)
Specializes in: Fetch and borrowing under the covers I'm Biddy, an adorably compact little fella who is currently in a foster home as th... show more
Specializes in: Fetch and borrowing under the covers I'm Biddy, an adorably compact little fella who is currently in a foster home as the only pet and I’d kinda like to keep it that way. I am perfectly fine living 1:1 with my human – just me and you, hanging out on the couch, taking a hike, and loving life together! I'm left home for multiple hours during the day while my foster dad works, and I'm well-behaved in my crate. I simply snooze the day away until he comes home to either take me on a walk or play a fun game of fetch in the yard. I can be fairly vocal when seeing other dogs while on our walks. However, I have a neighbor who I call my Shepherd-behind-the-fence friend – we run the fence line together so I MAY have potential to accept a four-legged friend with the right dog, however, I prefer to be your one and only. WOOF FACTS: -Male, mixed breed, 6 years old, 47 lbs.  -Healthy, neutered, up to date on vaccines -Crate-trained and housebroken -Nice balance of active and mellow  -A bit nervous with new people -Sadly, previous owner passed away Typical Day in Foster Home In crate while foster dad is at work and does well Yard play and walks make him happy, but lots of room for fetch is what he craves Likes to hike on leash (hold onto that leash as he goes to chase small animals) Loves to burrow under the covers at night Eat, play, sleep, play, repeat Pretty easy keeper, non-destructive Forever Home A fun, energetic home with a fenced-in yard and/or having an active forever parent would be ideal Only pet or possibly a mellow dog around the same size   Due to some nervousness with new people, we prefer older children and adults  show less
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Elroy ~ Namaste ~

Male Adult Bulldog American Staffordshire Terrier (mixed)
Elroy ~Namaste~ WOOF FACTS: -Male, American Staffordshire Terrier/Bulldog/ French Bulldog-mix, 7 years old, 50 lbs. -Big personality—... show more
Elroy ~Namaste~ WOOF FACTS: -Male, American Staffordshire Terrier/Bulldog/ French Bulldog-mix, 7 years old, 50 lbs. -Big personality—from silly antics to warm and fuzzies with his human -Best smile (teef)!  -Crate-trained, housebroken, knows some commands, good house manners -Needs time to trust due to fear-based behaviors—then he steals your heart -Adult-only home required -Is more comfortable with women -At this time needs to be the only pet in the home -Walks well on leash; can display leash reactiveness    Introduction to Elroy My name is Elroy… you can call me Bubs (that’s my amateur wrestling alias, wink)! I say that because I have a BIG personality. Sometimes I’ll show it by, starting with a happy wag of my tail, strategically throwing my body into a solo-suplex right onto the living room rug (WrestleMania-style)—all in preparation of getting a full-body rubdown from my foster mom, or sometimes it’s just when I decide it’s time for some zoomies. After acting as a class clown to gain the affections of my foster mom, I make sure to steal her heart even further with my good manners and gentleness. My foster mom will be the first to tell you that despite having some behavioral flaws (I mean, who’s perfect?), I’m entirely manageable and an absolute delight. I do, however, require a patient, mature household who respects my space and understands that I need time to feel comfortable and to build trust. She’ll also tell you that when she recently became my foster mom, after about an hour of giving me space, and following our first walk together, I completely broke out of my shell. I sit nicely while I wait for my food and am gentle when receiving treats. And when I wants me some lovins, I lightly rest my paw on her arm or leg to let her know. I am timid with new people so slow introductions are necessary for me to flourish. Some people get too close too quickly, so keeping me on a shorter leash, especially around small children, is important, as some people, and mostly kids, have no concept of personal space. I’m eager to learn and follow the direction of my human. While I prefer a quiet environment (I happen to partake in yoga activities, “Namaste”), I don’t mind jamming to some trap music when my foster mom is in that groove. I’m an excellent supervisor of chores (don’t even mind the vacuum), and recently, I’ve taken my supervisory chores outdoors and oversee the gardenscaping activities that are happening in our yard. I enjoy chewing on my Nylabone and playing with my rope toy. I must warn you, a good game of tug of war will throw me over the edge of excitement into full WrestleMania mode (or full zoomies)! BTW, I LOVE an evening ice cube and am very skilled at catching treats that are tossed my way.  Elroy’s Background I was adopted several years ago through Rescue Haven Foundation (RHF). Sadly, I was returned, and RHF found that I am less trusting now due to things that I experienced in my prior home. However, I am currently getting all the TLC that I need and want. So my inner spirit is more apparent, and my soul is more at peace. Elroy’s Typical Day in Foster Home Our daily routine consists of a morning walk before breakfast. Although I am housebroken and have not been destructive in the home, I currently stay in a crate when my foster mom is out for the day, and I do great with that situation. As a matter of fact, some mornings after I’ve eaten, on my own, I go back in my crate to get some more rest. When my foster mom is home for the day, I’m mostly right by her side, wherever she is. And sometimes I rest my face right on her foot while she’s working in her home office—feeling connected to her brings me peace and joy. We go for another walk later in the day or early evening. While I walk great on a leash, I can display reactiveness with some dogs, loud, large trucks, motorcycles, joggers and bicycles. I respond best when you can get ahead of it so I wanted to make you aware of this. Evenings, I have dinner, and then I’m pretty chill, mostly relaxing or vegging with my human. We go outside once more so I can do my business before bedtime, and then tomorrow, it’s basically “rinse and repeat”, same routine. Elroy’s Forever Home If what you’ve read above has made your heart feel warm and fuzzy, RHF will gladly speak with you to answer any questions you may have and provide you with further information. RHF is also offering support from our positive-based training network to guide my new human(s) while I acclimate to my new home. We want to make sure I am happy and safe. I will surely become your BFF, provide silly antics to keep you amused, and show my gentleness to steal your heart. Please fill out an adoption application and ask for Elroy (you can also use my WrestleMania name, Bubs—RHF will know who you are asking about). I’ll perform a solo-duplex in preparation of my full-body rub down! Just make sure you have an ice cube for my nightly treat. show less
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Posy ❀ Southern Gal

Female Adult Staffordshire Bull Terrier Boston Terrier (mixed)
Specializes in: Lounging in dog bed, exploring the yard, and basking in the sun. ☼ I’m Posy Girl, a loveable gal who’s a bit on the shy... show more
Specializes in: Lounging in dog bed, exploring the yard, and basking in the sun. ☼ I’m Posy Girl, a loveable gal who’s a bit on the shy side, which means I really like to cuddle but just not for extended periods of time. You see, I’m a bit unsure since I’m a recent rescue and I am currently decompressing. I have a good appetite and I'm polite while eating my meals. I have some back leg issues, yet that doesn’t hold me back from prancing around the yard like a southern debutante. My foster mom takes me on short walks too, which I enjoy…we walk slowly, but it’s kind of like a slow dance which is meant to be savored. We’ve also gone on short car rides, and I’ve been fine with that method of transportation as well. At night, I sleep in my comfy doggie bed in my foster mom’s room – what a great way to end each day!   WOOF FACTS: -Female, 3 y/o mixed breed, 20-25 lbs.  -Neutered, up to date on vaccines -Knows basic commands -Hind leg issues are most likely a genetic deformity -Found as a stray in North Carolina   Typical Day in Foster Home • Wakes up early in the morning and goes in fenced-in yard to take care of business first thing • Lounges in the sun, weather permitting • Explores in the yard  • Cuddles on the couch • Sleeps peacefully in doggie bed • Goes into crate, if need be, without issue • Lives with another dog and gets along fine; dogs don’t interact much but that’s mainly due to the other dog’s personality Forever Home • Short cuddling activity throughout the day, which will hopefully turn into long cuddles for the future • Could be solo dog, yet would also enjoy having a doggie companion • Older children would be OK (due to back legs) • Small amount of stairs or no stairs • Country songs on the radio would be music to my ears (not a “must have” – woof!) • Please fill out an application at rescuehaven.org and ask for Posy, your Southern Gal show less