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Elroy ~ Namaste

Male Adult Boston Terrier (mixed)

Elroy ~Namaste~   Elroy’s Woof-Facts -Male, Boston Terrier/Bulldog-mix, 5 years old, 50 lbs. -Big personality—from silly antics to warm... show more

Elroy ~Namaste~   Elroy’s Woof-Facts -Male, Boston Terrier/Bulldog-mix, 5 years old, 50 lbs. -Big personality—from silly antics to warm and fuzzies with his human -Best smile (teef)!  -Crate-trained, housebroken, knows some commands, good house manners -Needs time to trust due to fear-based behaviors—then he steals your heart -Adult-only home required -Is more comfortable with women -At this time needs to be the only pet in the home -Walks well on leash; can display leash reactiveness    Introduction to Elroy My name is Elroy… you can call me Bubs (that’s my amateur wrestling alias, wink)! I say that because I have a BIG personality. Sometimes I’ll show it by, starting with a happy wag of my tail, strategically throwing my body into a solo-suplex right onto the living room rug (WrestleMania-style)—all in preparation of getting a full-body rubdown from my foster mom, or sometimes it’s just when I decide it’s time for some zoomies. After acting as a class clown to gain the affections of my foster mom, I make sure to steal her heart even further with my good manners and gentleness. My foster mom will be the first to tell you that despite having some behavioral flaws (I mean, who’s perfect?), I’m entirely manageable and an absolute delight. I do, however, require a patient, mature household who respects my space and understands that I need time to feel comfortable and to build trust. She’ll also tell you that when she recently became my foster mom, after about an hour of giving me space, and following our first walk together, I completely broke out of my shell. I sit nicely while I wait for my food and am gentle when receiving treats. And when I wants me some lovins, I lightly rest my paw on her arm or leg to let her know. I am timid with new people so slow introductions are necessary for me to flourish. Some people get too close too quickly, so keeping me on a shorter leash, especially around small children, is important, as some people, and mostly kids, have no concept of personal space. I’m eager to learn and follow the direction of my human. While I prefer a quiet environment (I happen to partake in yoga activities, “Namaste”), I don’t mind jamming to some trap music when my foster mom is in that groove. I’m an excellent supervisor of chores (don’t even mind the vacuum), and recently, I’ve taken my supervisory chores outdoors and oversee the gardenscaping activities that are happening in our yard. I enjoy chewing on my Nylabone and playing with my rope toy. I must warn you, a good game of tug of war will throw me over the edge of excitement into full WrestleMania mode (or full zoomies)! BTW, I LOVE an evening ice cube and am very skilled at catching treats that are tossed my way.  Elroy’s Background I was adopted several years ago through Rescue Haven Foundation (RHF). Sadly, I was returned, and RHF found that I am less trusting now due to things that I experienced in my prior home. However, I am currently getting all the TLC that I need and want. So my inner spirit is more apparent, and my soul is more at peace. Elroy’s Typical Day in Foster Home Our daily routine consists of a morning walk before breakfast. Although I am housebroken and have not been destructive in the home, I currently stay in a crate when my foster mom is out for the day, and I do great with that situation. As a matter of fact, some mornings after I’ve eaten, on my own, I go back in my crate to get some more rest. When my foster mom is home for the day, I’m mostly right by her side, wherever she is. And sometimes I rest my face right on her foot while she’s working in her home office—feeling connected to her brings me peace and joy. We go for another walk later in the day or early evening. While I walk great on a leash, I can display reactiveness with some dogs, loud, large trucks, motorcycles, joggers and bicycles. I respond best when you can get ahead of it so I wanted to make you aware of this. Evenings, I have dinner, and then I’m pretty chill, mostly relaxing or vegging with my human. We go outside once more so I can do my business before bedtime, and then tomorrow, it’s basically “rinse and repeat”, same routine. Elroy’s Forever Home If what you’ve read above has made your heart feel warm and fuzzy, RHF will gladly speak with you to answer any questions you may have and provide you with further information. RHF is also offering support from our positive-based training network to guide my new human(s) while I acclimate to my new home. We want to make sure I am happy and safe. I will surely become your BFF, provide silly antics to keep you amused, and show my gentleness to steal your heart. Please fill out an adoption application and ask for Elroy (you can also use my WrestleMania name, Bubs—RHF will know who you are asking about). I’ll perform a solo-duplex in preparation of my full-body rub down! Just make sure you have an ice cube for my nightly treat. show less

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Gigi ~ Kissing Queen

Female Adult Pit Bull Terrier (mixed)

Gigi ~Kissing Queen~   Gigi’s Woof-Facts -Female, mixed-breed, 4 years old, 55 lbs -Loves people and giving kisses -Medium energy level... show more

Gigi ~Kissing Queen~   Gigi’s Woof-Facts -Female, mixed-breed, 4 years old, 55 lbs -Loves people and giving kisses -Medium energy level -PEANUT BUTTAHHHHH, OH MY GAWD! -Loves lying around, sometimes even while in mid-walk (woof!) -Gets along well with dogs her size or larger; home with NO small animals is required -Crate-trained; partially housebroken and working on it; needs to learn commands -Currently up-to-date on vaccines and medical care   Quick Introduction to Gigi I’m a quiet girl who enjoys eating and lounging around. That combo can make a girl a wee-bit chubby. Don’t sweat it, I also like to go on walks, play with squeaky toys and follow my humans around the house, so I make sure to get some exercise too. Speaking of eating, I do that with gusto so I’m not the neatest eater around (more on that later!).While on those walks I mentioned, I love to greet the people we meet along the way, adults and children alike, enjoy giving kisses, and I have a big smile on my face pretty much the whole time. Sometimes I feel the desire to lie down right in the middle of the walk so make sure to give yourself enough time to get me back up and continue our walk home. You understand, it’s like, stop and smell the roses vs. rushing through life – so please be patient and enjoy our journey. Oh, and my favorite treat is peanut butter, stuffed in my Kong, so can you make sure you have those in your kitchen cabinets for when I arrive? Gigi’s Background I was at a local animal shelter, and after months of being overlooked, Rescue Haven Foundation (RHF) stepped in and gave me a chance to put that smile back on my face.   Gigi’s Typical Day in Foster Home My foster mom starts the morning with taking me for a walk. My older canine foster brother joins us, who I admit, I love bunches (especially when I try to steal his treats and take over his bed, and he doesn’t mind one bit). When we return home, I wait patiently to be fed breakfast. I have this thing where (for some reason unbeknownst to me), I like to toss my kibble on the floor and eat it that way instead of directly out of my bowl. We all have our idiosyncrasies, I imagine, and that’s mine. I will say that you can pet me while I’m eating and doing this silly antic, and I won’t show any sign of aggression. And believe me, I’ll make sure to eat every piece of kibble. Afterward, we have some playtime until my foster mom is ready to go to work. At that point, I go in my crate like a good girl and stay there until she returns. In the evenings, we go for another walk, eat some treats, have more playtime, and then I get me some cuddles on the couch. When bedtime arrives, I sleep in my crate and stay their quietly until it’s time to get back up in the morning.    Living with Gigi Some points to mention: I rarely bark so your neighbors will be happy (virtual woof)! I’ll need a home as the only dog or with a dog my size or larger. On our walks, I can pull strongly at first, but that dissipates in only a few minutes; however I also like to chase all the small animals I see, so hold on! We’ll need to work on my housebreaking and learning commands, and I look forward to doing that together.   Gigi’s Forever Home In my forever home, I’ll need to be cared for based on the things mentioned throughout my bio. And other than that, I’ll simply need L-O-V-E. If you are interested in waking up to my smile every morning, please fill out an adoption application with RHF and ask for Gigi.  show less

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Nana ~ Nurturing Nan

Female Senior Staffordshire Bull Terrier (mixed)

Nana ~Mama Mia~   Nana’s Woof-Facts Female, mixed-breed, 13 years of wisdom, 44 lbs. Lives in a foster home with 2 other dogs and is... show more

Nana ~Mama Mia~   Nana’s Woof-Facts Female, mixed-breed, 13 years of wisdom, 44 lbs. Lives in a foster home with 2 other dogs and is doing well! Very low-energy level Adorably snores like a Miss Piggy Just wants to be loved and give love Is neat as a pin–not destructive or messy in any way Not fully house broken so would do well with someone who is home a good part of the day or have a dog walker; goes to the bathroom outside and sometimes uses wee-wee pads in the house while foster mom is at work In her crate, sleeps with the door open–it’s in her own room so she can go in and out of the crate as she pleases Unknown with kids and cats, yet her personality conveys she’d most likely be a good fit with older children and cats so we can assess her in those environments   Introduction to Nana Hello my dear! I’m a sweet ole lady who loves giving kisses and being pet. When my human foster momma comes home from work, I’m right there to greet her with hops of joy and my wagging-tush (I can still shake that thing)! I enjoy going for slow strolls on my leash with my human, as well as to simply lounge around the yard while getting a suntan and some natural Vitamin D. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, and finding my forever home will make me all warm and fuzzy.   Nana’s Background I was found while wandering around NYC when I decided to follow a skateboarder. The NYPD got word of this, picked me and brought me to an animal shelter. Long story short, I somehow skated my way right into the hands of Rescue Haven Foundation (RHF), and all I can say is “Mamma Mia, that was the best day of my life!”   Nana’s Typical Day in Foster Home First thing after we wake up, my foster mom, my canine siblings and I go in the yard together for a potty break. I enjoy drinking my morning water while I’m in the yard and catching some of the first sunshine rays of the day. We come back inside to have breakfast, and afterward, I take a nap. While my foster mom is at work, I have my own room where I can freely walk around. I gaze out the window throughout the day, like a typical grandma, always interested in seeing what’s going on in the neighborhood. I also like to watch all the birds and rabbits outside and to get a glimpse of nature. When my foster mom comes home, I’m so very excited, and I make sure to greet her straight-away. We all go out for potty once more and enjoy more sunshine too. I’m also just like an Italian grandma (hence, my name is Nana), because I love food and treats (“Mangia!”). So once I’m told it’s dinnertime, I climb those stairs like no one’s watching so I can get to my food bowl and eat with gusto (“Deliziosa!”). After dinner, it’s time for my siesta on the couch so I make sure to climb up all on my own and curl my sweet-self right up in my favorite spot. I currently live with two other dogs: a male husky-mix and a female boxer-mix. We get along just fine and spend time together. I don’t really engage in play with them much, but I don’t mind them being around them either. I mostly just do my own thing, but it’s also OK to have canine company.   Nana’s Medical I’m happy to say that as a senior citizen, I don’t have much going on medically. When RHF found me, I was not spayed, and the decision has been to keep me that way given my senior status; therefore, I may have another heat cycle in my lifetime. My skin needs some TLC, and I have some arthritis, and those are currently being treated. Despite these things, I have some pep in my step and enjoy running around for moments of sheer joy!   Nana’s Forever Home I’d do well in many type of households. I do urinate often so a home where someone works from home or has someone who can take me outside to do my business multiple times a day would be ideal. This way, I can get further accustomed to going to the bathroom solely outside vs. using wee-wee pads at times when my foster mom is at work. If I live in a home that has another dog, I’d need a canine companion who is low-energy and prefers to keep to himself (i.e., not a dog who would be jumping all over me). My sweet and mellow persona indicates that I’m the type of dog who only provided love to whoever was in my past life. As I continue to offer love, now it’s my turn to be cared for and loved in return. I’d like to be treated the same way someone would treat their precious little grandma. I’m sure you can understand. If you are interested in being that person, please fill out an adoption application with RHF and ask for Nana, your Golden Girl. I’m about 13 years old, so together, let’s make 13 my lucky number! show less

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Ralphie ~ Big Ham!

Male Adult Pug Beagle (mixed)

Ralphie – Big Ham!   Ralphie’s Woof-Facts Male, Puggle, approximately 10 years young and 28 lbs. Happy, affectionate, energetic and p... show more

Ralphie – Big Ham!   Ralphie’s Woof-Facts Male, Puggle, approximately 10 years young and 28 lbs. Happy, affectionate, energetic and playful Approaches each day with enthusiasm Loves people; gets along well with other dogs of various genders and sizes House-trained; not crate-trained – doesn’t like being confined; prefers lounging on human furniture vs. his own dog bed Will do well in a home where he’ll get lots of attention and has someone often home Typical of his breed has somewhat of a persistent nature   Quick Introduction to Ralphie My name is Ralphie, and I’m reminiscent of the boy from the movie “A Christmas Story”. We have the same name, and I have big, expressive eyes like him. I also approach each day as if it were Christmas – ready for whatever gifts may come my way, such as walks, treats, cuddles and new experiences. I’m a big ham who enjoys being the center of attention. Don’t sweat it, I won’t get my tongue frozen stuck to a pole like that kid in the movie did, but I might happen to jump up right next to you, wherever we happen to be sitting, and look you straight in the eye until I get what I want (as in, “I triple-dog dare ya to take me on a walk”). And when you’re petting my super-soft coat and you decide it’s time to stop, I may give you a nudge with my paw – a signal for you to continue. I do understand it’s not all about me so I’ll make sure to give you the utmost affection as well. I have lots of quirky antics that will bring a smile to your face. For example, when I’m really excited about a big treat, I look for the perfect hiding place for it – under a rug or in the couch – so I can savor it over multiple days. I am super-active, taking walks around the neighborhood or running around the backyard with my humans. When I meet dogs while on our walks, I greet them gently with my tail a-waggin’. Woof! Ralphie’s Background I was picked up as a stray while found roaming the streets of suburban NJ and was brought to a local animal shelter. No one claimed me as theirs, which meant I had lost the family I once knew. I soon discovered that Rescue Haven Foundation (RHF) was taking me into their rescue, to which I was much relieved. And super-excited -- it felt like Christmas that morning, for sure! Ralphie’s Typical Day in Foster Home We start the day at about 6 a.m. with a three-mile walk. Breakfast is around 7, and we try to go on another walk mid-morning. We take various walks throughout the day and clock-in close to 7 miles. Somewhere in between our walks, we play in the yard and eat dinner around 5 p.m. While in the yard, I like to scope out the territory, but I’m not destructive at all (don’t do any kind of digging, etc.). I’m a smart boy who is quick to learn my way around new routines of the household. Towards the end of the day, I may tend to be like an over-tired toddler, so my foster parents help me with this behavior, and my need for attention, using techniques that puggles respond to, i.e., positive reinforcement, and sometimes ignoring my demands, which they’ve found to be an effective way to help me settle down. Evening time, I’m ready to relax with my peeps for some TV time, cuddles and rejuvenation, before I sleep at the foot of their bed for a good night’s rest. Living with Ralphie There are no children in my foster home so I’ve not been directly observed around kids in a household. However, I’ve been friendly with everyone I’ve met so far, and we can assess me in that scenario if needed. I can get a bit mouthy when I play, and that’s something we’ll need to work on, so given that, we’re recommending a family with kids 6 years or older who know the proper way to interact with a doggie family member. We imagine I’d enjoy joining my family on camping trips, hiking or hanging out with the teenagers while they play basketball in the yard – I’d be running back and forth getting exercise but not interfering in the game (like a good boy)! I do fine on car rides so going on day trips could be fun as well. I’d love to be included in whatever my human(s) are doing. A household where my parent either works from home or is an active retiree might be a good fit. We were told that during my stay at the shelter, I made friends with a big, calm, female dog, and I’ve been dog-friendly on my walks so having a canine companion could be an option and may relax me a bit. I have not been cat tested, but we can do that if needed. Ralphie’s Medical I’m neutered, up-to-date on my vaccines and had a recent tooth extraction. Ralphie’s Forever Home I’ll need patient humans who are comfortable utilizing techniques that puggles respond to (as mentioned earlier), as I can be quite persistent at times. I offer puppy-like energy in a more mature package and would be a wonderful member of an active, fun-loving home. We feel I’d be better suited living in a house vs. an apartment due to my enjoyment of being on-the-go throughout the day. I’ll need my humans to be home often as I won’t do well spending many hours home alone as that would make me anxious. I look forward to finding my forever person(s), so we can do lots of things together, like walk, play, participate in activities, watch TV, snuggle, relax and repeat. I look forward to the time when you’re petting my super-soft coat, and I make sure to give you affection right back. I’ll try to keep my “triple-dog dare ya’s” to a minimum. So please fill out an adoption application, and ask for Ralphie so we can go through life together feeling like it’s Christmas morning each day. show less

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Roxy ~ Snuggler

Female Adult Boxer (mixed)

Roxy ~Snuggler~   Roxy’s Woof-Facts -Female, brindle boxer-mix, 6 years old and 45 lbs.  -Loves being with her people; cuddling a must!... show more

Roxy ~Snuggler~   Roxy’s Woof-Facts -Female, brindle boxer-mix, 6 years old and 45 lbs.  -Loves being with her people; cuddling a must! -Low energy level, yet athletic; walks great on a leash -Housebroken; has some challenges with crate training; non-destructive if left alone at home -A bit shy in new situations -Quiet, adult household is ideal; would enjoy a home with a calm, confident male dog companion -May be OK in a home with calm, older children; she finds little kids very scary so that would not be a fit   Quick introduction to Roxy My name is Roxy. They call me “Boxer”, but I think “Snuggler” is more appropriate. By any chance, does your lap happen to be cold right this second? I’m only asking ‘cause, if it is, I’ll jump right in and make myself C-O-Z-Y—just to warm you up! I guess that means you can also call me “Lap Dog”. Have you noticed my beautiful brindle markings? Not to brag, but those who’ve seen them personally admiringly call me “Foxy Roxy”. For the most part, I’m a quiet kind of gal who simply loves spending time with my humans. So if you’re looking for a sidekick, I’m your gal. I’ll admit, I have a shy side when I’m put into new situations, but don’t fret, I settle in rather quickly. And before you know it, I’ll be jumping right into others’ laps to warm them up too.  Roxy’s Background In my past life, I was part of a large family, as I lived in a house with 10 (yes 10) other dogs. My owners cared about me deeply but were understandably overwhelmed. As a result, they did the best thing for me, which was to have Rescue Haven Foundation (RHF) take me into their care and help me find a more suited forever home.  Roxy’s Typical Day in Foster Home Good morning greetings are my thing. You see, I’m the first thing in my foster parents’ view when they wake up, and that’s because I try to sleep as close to them as humanly (or dogly) possible. After a nice stretch, I make my way downstairs, and we go out in the yard so I can have a potty break. Then my foster mom makes me breakfast. I jump for joy at mealtimes and eat every bit of my kibble (so I’ll need to make sure I don’t go from “Foxy Roxy’ to “Boxy Roxy” if I’m fed too much (wink). After breakfast I help my foster mom get ready for work by poking my head in the shower frequently—I like to say hi and make sure she’s OK while all that water is splashing down on her. While my foster parents are at work, I mostly lounge on the couch. If needed, I’ll go into my crate; I’m not particularly a fan of it, and I need coaxing to get inside (I guess you can call me “crate-challenged”). Once I’m in my crate, however, I do settle down. One of my foster parents comes home at lunch to spend some time with me—we go on walks together, which I really enjoy. After that, I help them as they work from home for the rest of the day. I’m really lucky to have that situation and get to spend more time with my humans. I have a doggy foster brother—he’s kind of a big oaf who tries to play with me all the time. I mostly ignore him while we’re inside the house, but when we are out in the yard, I will occasionally play chase with him. I mean, he’s really not an oaf; I just have fun calling him that nickname. After dinner, I spend evenings, hanging out on the couch with my foster parents, and, of course, taking turns sitting in their laps!  Living with Roxy I can be a bit shy when I’m in new situations, but being with my adult humans helps me trust and feel more comfortable, and I’ve been feeling more comfortable in my foster home as the days continue since my rescue. When I’m left alone in the house, I’m a good girl, though I should be crated the first few days that I’m in a new home to help me acclimate. As mentioned, I may be OK in a home that has calm, older kids, yet I find small children to be scary so that would not be the right environment for me. I currently live with another dog—a large, playful male. I must say, although I previously called him an oaf, I’m very tolerant of him. We cohabitate just fine; we just don’t interact much. I don’t seem to have prey drive (have shown no interest in squirrels while we’ve spent time outdoors). I haven’t been around cats since being in RHF’s care, but if you have a feline in your home, we can assess that situation. Roxy’s Forever Home We feel an ideal home for me is a quiet, adult environment, and one where someone is not out of the house too many hours each day. We also are looking for a situation where I will have a male canine companion, with a mellow yet confident personality, who can help to guide me. So I’m happy that you’ve learned a lot about me and my needs above. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out an application with RHF. You’ll need to fill in my name on the application, so you can call me Boxer, Snuggler, Lap Dog, Foxy Roxy (or even Boxy Roxy), as long as you call me “family” and make sure to treat me like a precious member of yours for my lifetime. P.S. Laps a must!   show less

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Sweetie ~ Sweet as Sugar!

Female Senior Basset Griffon Vendeen (mixed)

Sweetie Senior girl sweet as Sugar Sweetie’s Woof Facts  (Instagram hashtags #savingsweetie #adoptahottie) Female, Rottie Hound mix... show more

Sweetie Senior girl sweet as Sugar Sweetie’s Woof Facts  (Instagram hashtags #savingsweetie #adoptahottie) Female, Rottie Hound mix, 8 years old, 56 lbs Sweet as sugar -- loves everyone! Super smart, great learner Low-Medium energy level – 20 minutes of walk or play, then she’s ready to relax Walks well on the leash Crate trained, Housebroken Toy-a-holic – likes to turn anything into a toy Thinks children are awesome – hasn’t been around tiny tots yet but can be assessed in that environment   Quick Introduction to Sweetie I’m the sweetest girl around – and my name even says so! Many things about me cause people to flock to me. I’m the type of girl who will make you laugh with my silly antics. And as your best friend, you can feel comfortable telling me all of your secrets, and I promise to keep them deep within my soul. I’m super smart and a quick learner, and I feel really proud when I understand exactly what you’re trying to teach me. I’m coming out of my shell more and more each day, putting all my trust in the peeps who care for me. Oh, and get this (you probably can relate), I’m not a morning person – I like to sleep in -- so just wake me up when you’re ready to start your day, and we can go for a nice walk together, enjoy some playtime with my toys, then enjoy our breakfast! And when you’re ready to leave for work, please give me some treats and a tasty Kong, and I’ll be just fine in my crate for about eight hours until you get home. Then we can enjoy a nice evening together, filled with love, laughs, toys and the secrets you want to share about your day!   Sweetie’s Background My life prior didn’t have one bit of sweetness to it. I lived outside all year long, 24/7, in a car lot in a scary inner city. In bad weather my owner had allowed me to sleep in a car. A good samaritan then became aware of my situation and saw that I was living in dangerous conditions. She would visit and feed me through a fence.... she became my savior! She noticed I was getting very thin, and I was also starving for affection. It took a whole year, but she finally convinced my prior owner to surrender me over to her. I then went to live in a temp foster home, and just when I thought life was getting better, the resident dog did not welcome me at all and actually bit me. Ugh, the bite got infected, and when my savior put out a plea on Facebook for the need for help for my medical care, Rescue Haven jumped at the chance. To no surprise, they found I had been neglected medically and bred multiple times. The Rescue Haven veterinary staff gave me the best care around, I’ve gained wait and am thriving in my new foster home. And all I can say is… “How sweet it is to be loved by you… and you… and you”!   Sweetie’s Forever Home My personality will enable me to be a good fit in many home environments. I’m looking for someone who will provide me with guidance as I learn so many new things that this new world has to offer me. I love-to-learn and love-to-love, so we can be an amazing team -- sharing a life filled with silly antics, walks and playtime, chilling out on the couch, continued learning, and of course, sleeping-in (especially on weekends)! If you agree that there ain’t nothing like a hound dog, please fill out an adoption application and ask for Sweetie!   show less