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Male Adult Poodle (Miniature) (mixed)
Beau - Little Lambie! Specializes in: Hanging out! I’m Beau – a sweet little doggie who’s as cute as a lamb! I’m on the quiet side – I d... show more
Beau - Little Lambie! Specializes in: Hanging out! I’m Beau – a sweet little doggie who’s as cute as a lamb! I’m on the quiet side – I don’t bark, and I’m not fussy at all. I love being near my foster parents. And I enjoy being around other dogs. I’m not much of a cuddler or the playful type, however, hanging around with human and canine companions is right up my alley! Beau’s Woof-Facts: Male – Poodle mix, 7 years old, 7.5 lbs. In good health; recently neutered; up to date on vaccines House-trained (does mark) and crate-trained Does well on car rides Prefers outdoor activities to be in a fenced-in yard vs. going for walks on a leash Rescued from an inner-city shelter in North Carolina Beau’s Typical Day in Foster Home: Likes to sleep in Let’s his foster canine brothers and sisters enjoy their meal first (southern hospitality – woof!); then he eats (and takes his temporary medication) like a perfect gentleman Loves hanging out with his foster parents and having them in view Enjoys some trips to the yard to do his business Nap + Nap = Beau’s favorite pastime Sleeps peacefully in crate in foster parent’s bedroom or in kitchen Beau’s Forever Home: Can live in a home with a canine companion, or as the solo dog Has not been cat-tested; does not react to other animals Fenced-in yard preferred If you want this cute-as-a-lamb southern gent to be your hang-out partner, please fill out an application at rescuehaven.org ask for Beau   show less
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Elroy ~ Namaste ~

Male Adult Bulldog American Staffordshire Terrier (mixed)
Elroy ~Namaste~ WOOF FACTS: -Male, American Staffordshire Terrier/Bulldog/ French Bulldog-mix, 7 years old, 50 lbs. -Big personality—... show more
Elroy ~Namaste~ WOOF FACTS: -Male, American Staffordshire Terrier/Bulldog/ French Bulldog-mix, 7 years old, 50 lbs. -Big personality—from silly antics to warm and fuzzies with his human -Best smile (teef)!  -Crate-trained, housebroken, knows some commands, good house manners -Needs time to trust due to fear-based behaviors—then he steals your heart -Adult-only home required -Is more comfortable with women -At this time needs to be the only pet in the home -Walks well on leash; can display leash reactiveness    Introduction to Elroy: My name is Elroy… you can call me Bubs (that’s my amateur wrestling alias, wink)! I say that because I have a BIG personality. Sometimes I’ll show it by, starting with a happy wag of my tail, strategically throwing my body into a solo-suplex right onto the living room rug (WrestleMania-style)—all in preparation of getting a full-body rubdown from my foster mom, or sometimes it’s just when I decide it’s time for some zoomies. After acting as a class clown to gain the affections of my foster mom, I make sure to steal her heart even further with my good manners and gentleness. My foster mom will be the first to tell you that despite having some behavioral flaws (I mean, who’s perfect?), I’m entirely manageable and an absolute delight. I do, however, require a patient, mature household who respects my space and understands that I need time to feel comfortable and to build trust. She’ll also tell you that when she recently became my foster mom, after about an hour of giving me space, and following our first walk together, I completely broke out of my shell. I sit nicely while I wait for my food and am gentle when receiving treats. And when I wants me some lovins, I lightly rest my paw on her arm or leg to let her know. I am timid with new people so slow introductions are necessary for me to flourish. Some people get too close too quickly, so keeping me on a shorter leash, especially around small children, is important, as some people, and mostly kids, have no concept of personal space. I’m eager to learn and follow the direction of my human. While I prefer a quiet environment (I happen to partake in yoga activities, “Namaste”), I don’t mind jamming to some trap music when my foster mom is in that groove. I’m an excellent supervisor of chores (don’t even mind the vacuum), and recently, I’ve taken my supervisory chores outdoors and oversee the gardenscaping activities that are happening in our yard. I enjoy chewing on my Nylabone and playing with my rope toy. I must warn you, a good game of tug of war will throw me over the edge of excitement into full WrestleMania mode (or full zoomies)! BTW, I LOVE an evening ice cube and am very skilled at catching treats that are tossed my way.  Elroy’s Background: I was adopted several years ago through Rescue Haven Foundation (RHF). Sadly, I was returned, and RHF found that I am less trusting now due to things that I experienced in my prior home. However, I am currently getting all the TLC that I need and want. So my inner spirit is more apparent, and my soul is more at peace. Elroy’s Typical Day in Foster Home: Our daily routine consists of a morning walk before breakfast. Although I am housebroken and have not been destructive in the home, I currently stay in a crate when my foster mom is out for the day, and I do great with that situation. As a matter of fact, some mornings after I’ve eaten, on my own, I go back in my crate to get some more rest. When my foster mom is home for the day, I’m mostly right by her side, wherever she is. And sometimes I rest my face right on her foot while she’s working in her home office—feeling connected to her brings me peace and joy. We go for another walk later in the day or early evening. While I walk great on a leash, I can display reactiveness with some dogs, loud, large trucks, motorcycles, joggers and bicycles. I respond best when you can get ahead of it so I wanted to make you aware of this. Evenings, I have dinner, and then I’m pretty chill, mostly relaxing or vegging with my human. We go outside once more so I can do my business before bedtime, and then tomorrow, it’s basically “rinse and repeat”, same routine. Elroy’s Forever Home: If what you’ve read above has made your heart feel warm and fuzzy, RHF will gladly speak with you to answer any questions you may have and provide you with further information. RHF is also offering support from our positive-based training network to guide my new human(s) while I acclimate to my new home. We want to make sure I am happy and safe. I will surely become your BFF, provide silly antics to keep you amused, and show my gentleness to steal your heart. Please fill out an adoption application and ask for Elroy (you can also use my WrestleMania name, Bubs—RHF will know who you are asking about). I’ll perform a solo-duplex in preparation of my full-body rub down! Just make sure you have an ice cube for my nightly treat. ELROY'S WISH LIST: https://rescuehaven.org/wishlist/Elroy show less
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Jackson - Senior Mush

Male Senior Boxer Bulldog (mixed)
Jackson - Senior Mush Specializes in: Snooze. Walk. Repeat. Jackson’s Woof-Facts: Male, boxer mix, 12 years old, 80 lbs.  Up to date... show more
Jackson - Senior Mush Specializes in: Snooze. Walk. Repeat. Jackson’s Woof-Facts: Male, boxer mix, 12 years old, 80 lbs.  Up to date on vaccines Well-behaved in the home Housebroken Has a tumor near back of leg and is heartworm positive; otherwise, bloodwork and organ function are all within normal range; current decision is to not treat these medical issues since quality and vitality of life are wonderful as he is happy & relaxed. I’m Jackson, a boxer mix, who’s a big mush! Deservingly, I like to receive extra love and attention. You see, the family that I was part of for 12 years dumped me at the shelter, providing nothing more than my name and age to the staff. Therefore, I’m sure you’ll wholeheartedly agree that the love and attention I’ve received since under Rescue Haven Foundation’s care is what I truly deserve. I’m a senior boy, however, I can get around like a champ, and sometimes I even act like a puppy (young at heart, they say!). My most favorite thing of all is when I sit on the floor alongside my human to receive some pets! Are you up for that? Read on to learn more… Jackson’s Typical Day in Foster Home: Likes sleeping in (who doesn’t–woof), but is OK when woken up at 6:30 to start the day Eats meals at his own pace; loves drinking water; takes medication with ease Thoroughly enjoys going on walks–gets excited when he sees that his human has a leash-in-hand in preparation for their journey Sun worshipper–finds the rays shining through a window and hangs out right in that spot Sleeps peacefully in crate Jackson’s Forever Home: Willingness to go on walks to enjoy those outdoor journeys together Fenced-in yard ideal but not required Not a big fan of steps but can do them; may bark if you are on a different floor of the house (can I get a shout-out for “ranch-style house”?!?) If you’re looking for a big mush, please fill out an application at rescuehaven.org ask for Jackson show less
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Pebblez – Sweet Little Princess 👑

Female Senior Miniature Pinscher Chihuahua (mixed)
Pebblez’s Woof-Facts: • Female, small mixed breed, 12 years old, 13 lbs. • Spayed, up to date on vaccines • Wee-wee pad trained • S... show more
Pebblez’s Woof-Facts: • Female, small mixed breed, 12 years old, 13 lbs. • Spayed, up to date on vaccines • Wee-wee pad trained • Special needs: Blind. One eye removed due to infection, and the other eye blind due to glaucoma • Does well meeting new people but can get nervous and snippy if touched too quickly due to her blindness. • Doesn't do very well with other dogs, unknown with cats • Surrendered to a city shelter due to her prior family having lack of time for her  Pebblez – Sweet Little Princess -Specializes in: Beauty sleep I’m a sweet little girl who adores lounging around my foster home, as well as strolling around our fenced-in yard, along with my humans. I’m fairly low-maintenance and don’t demand too much – simply love to have my human(s) around me and to receive their love and care. Once I get to know you, I’ll strategically place myself right by your side so I can get the best pets from you. Despite being blind, I adjust quickly to new environments and can navigate the house just fine once I’m acclimated.  Pebblez’s Typical Day in Foster Home • Wakes up early after getting her beauty rest • Has a good appetite while maintaining her girlish figure • Loves to strut her stuff in the yard • Then revels in sleeping part of the day away in her fluffy bed • Spa days, oh my, simply the best (except for getting her nails done) Pebblez’s Forever Home  • Prefers having her human(s) home for most of the day but can be left alone for periods of time • A quiet, peaceful home • No young children since she can get nervous and snippy when touched unprompted due to her blindness • Please fill out an application at rescuehaven.org and ask for Peeblez, your sweet little princess show less
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Squat AKA (Pepe)

Male Adult Staffordshire Bull Terrier (mixed)
Squat – aka Pepe~Specializes in: Deep crush on his canine companion. I’m Squat, and I’m a happy, funny, sweet little boy! Although my fo... show more
Squat – aka Pepe~Specializes in: Deep crush on his canine companion. I’m Squat, and I’m a happy, funny, sweet little boy! Although my foster parents like to call me Pepe (and I do answer to that name), I believe my nickname could have been “Low Rider”. You see, my body type is “short to the ground”, and when I’m playing and running around the yard, I take the most adorable little steps. I’m friendly with people – I like to put my head in the lap of my humans and jump on the bed in the morning and at night to show them my affection. However, I’m not yet a big cuddler; unless, of course, we’re talking about cuddling with other canines – then I’ll cuddle until the cows come home! My foster parents feel that my love for other dogs is completely endearing! I’m very playful with my canine buddies, and sometimes I don’t understand the full concept of personal space; therefore, I’m very happy that my canine BFF, Bianca, doesn’t mind that one iaota. Squat’s Woof-Facts: -Male, mixed-breed, about 5 years old, 38 lbs. -Neutered, up to date on vaccinations -Medium energy level -Crate-trained – include a frozen Kong with peanut butter and kibble, or a raw bone, and he’ll stay settled in this crate for about 4 hours  -Housebroken; still marks a bit so working on that -Southern boy found as a stray; came to New Jersey from a shelter in North Carolina Squat’s Typical Day in Foster Home: -Understands the daily routine -Wakes up early and foster dad takes him in the yard for a quick potty break while foster mom and canine siblings are still sleeping. While he’d love to wake them all up and get this party started, he knows he has to go back in his crate for a wee bit longer before the day’s festivities begin. But when it’s time, he goes straight-away to his canine pal Bianca to wish her a “good morning!” -Eats 2x a day; is food-driven which helps with his training; is also learning that counter surfing and eating his canine buddies food is not an approved Olympic sport -Playtime in the yard with his canine housemates happens a couple of times a day -Wants to follow his humans everywhere – enjoys human company – particularly likes to watch foster mom as she goes about her daily tasks -Likes to be taken on walks in the woods so could be a good hiking buddy; is currently refining his leash-walking skills -Clock strikes 8 pm – TV time with humans and canine buddies. At 10 pm, it’s time to say “good night”; goes in crate with his Kong; falls asleep and mainly sleeps through the night  Squat’s Forever Home: preferably adopted into a home that has another dog so he will have a canine companion or a home that has access to doggie friends. Will be a good fit in many home environments; needs humans that will help him continue to acclimate and thrive in his wonderful new life Interested in having Squat’s little legs running around your home? Fill out an adoption application at rescuehaven.org   show less
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Thor ~Superdog

Male Adult German Shepherd Dog Australian Kelpie (mixed)
Thor's Woof Facts: *Male, mixed breed, 8 years old and 40 lbs. *Sweet boy with low-medium energy level *Housebroken, not destructive... show more
Thor's Woof Facts: *Male, mixed breed, 8 years old and 40 lbs. *Sweet boy with low-medium energy level *Housebroken, not destructive with anything *Likes dog bones, playing fetch and enjoys his Kong *Adult only home *He knows some basic cues and can easily be taught more (he is pretty food motivated!)  *His ideal home is with someone who is not gone long hours, and has a fenced in yard. He would love someone who can toss his favorite toy every so often, and maybe just chill with him watching tv.  *He just wants someone to be with him. He doesn't need to be attached to his person. He just wants to know you are there. *Thor is house trained, but does not like to be crated so someone who isn't gone long hours would be best. *Loves to people watch and car watch on car rides *Thor's adopter will be enrolled to a 6 month on line training program at no charge! The program has easy to watch modules, that can be done at your own pace to help continue Thor's education and help him adapt to his new home. You will have life time access to  Honor Bright Dog Training Thor’s Forever Home: My ideal forever home will be with someone who doesn’t work long hours or who works from home, since I prefer being with my humans than being alone. Are you my patient forever human who will take me on walks, hang out with me in the comforts of our own home (whether it be work or play), have cuddle time on the couch, and assist me with the healing of my nervousness? Do you happen to have a superhero cape that I can wear on Halloween only, and a cuddly fleece blankie I can use the other 364 days of the year? If so [note: cape not required (woof)], please fill out an application with RHF and for your super doggie – THOR – so we can share our individual superpowers with each other!    THOR'S WISH LIST: https://rescuehaven.org/rescuehaven/Thor show less