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Female Young Basenji (mixed)
Abby's Woof Facts: Female, small brown mixed-breed, 1.5 years old, 23 lbs. Spayed, up to date on vaccines Working in getting her to... show more
Abby's Woof Facts: Female, small brown mixed-breed, 1.5 years old, 23 lbs. Spayed, up to date on vaccines Working in getting her to gain a little weight Has a twitch in her right leg which causes a limp but that doesn’t stop her from getting around, playing and having fun HW positive, currently being treated Potty-trained, and wee-wee pad trained Sweet and loves to cuddle Can stay home alone outside of crate with no issues, along with the other dogs in the home Hola! My name is Abby, and I’m a total lovebug. I have Latino roots, as I was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico, where I was found with distemper and barely surviving. Thankfully, I AM a survivor! And I live life my life to the fullest each day by embracing all the joy that comes my way. Im also HW positive and have started my treatment. I’m happy in pretty much any situation, and I’m so grateful to human beings, as they gave me a second chance at life. I make sure to show that by greeting people with kisses, along with showing them that my tail is a-waggin! The distemper left me with a constant twitch in my leg; although I have this physical handicap, I act like any normal dog and especially enjoy going on walks, playing with my toys, engaging with other dogs, and cuddling with humans and canines. Another point to mention: I have these BIG ears that stand straight up, which takes my adorable-ness up a notch (BAM)! Abby’s Forever Home Having a yard would be beneficial and enjoyable but is not a must-have; she runs a bit here and there outdoors but wouldn’t need a huge yard to burn off energy Loves having people home with her and becomes very attached; therefore, owners who work from home or have flexible schedules would be ideal Not afraid of stairs; however, if she’s tired, she can slip or trip on them. She is a trooper, as she’ll get right up unphased and simply move forward. Ideally, a home with not too many stairs would be best suited. May need time warming up to new dogs have a bit of an attitude when first meeting new dogs but she ABSOLUTELY loves other dogs after getting to know them. She wants to cuddle, give them kisses and play with them all day long. A home with a canine companion would be great, but she’d also be fine as the solo dog because she knows how to keep herself busy. Abby’s Typical Day in Foster Home Wakes up around 7-8 am; first thing, does pee and poop outside  Great at entertaining herself; foster parents work from home so she plays quietly in the background either by herself or with other dogs in the house Goes out again around 11 am to do No. 1; if she drinks a lot of water, she’ll need to go out about 2-3 hours If someone is at the door or she sees a stranger outside the house, she’ll bark; aside from that, she is a quiet dog and doesn’t whine or bark Has lunch around 12-1 pm and goes out to do No. 2 shortly thereafter  Takes naps throughout the day – siesta, siesta, siesta! Sometimes seems like she’s having a hard time getting comfortable, which results in some up-and-down and spinning, until she finds her “just right” spot. Eats dinner around 6-7pm; is taken out once more to go No. 2 before bedtime. It is typical for her to poop approximately 3 times a day due to her high-calorie diet and eating 3 meals. Enjoys going on walks – she wears a small sock on her back right leg because that leg will rub on the ground and become raw.   Goes to bed around 10 pm; mostly will sleep through the night. If she does wake up, it’s because she has to go potty; she’ll do her business and go right back to sleep.  Likes sleeping and cuddling on foster parents’ bed; will also sleep comfortably in a doggie beg next to the big bed If just reading about this cuddle-bug has already warmed your heart, please fill out an adoption application at rescuehaven.org to learn more about Abby. show less
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Elroy ~ Namaste ~

Male Adult Bulldog American Staffordshire Terrier (mixed)
Elroy ~Namaste~ WOOF FACTS: -Male, American Staffordshire Terrier/Bulldog/ French Bulldog-mix, 7 years old, 50 lbs. -Big personality—... show more
Elroy ~Namaste~ WOOF FACTS: -Male, American Staffordshire Terrier/Bulldog/ French Bulldog-mix, 7 years old, 50 lbs. -Big personality—from silly antics to warm and fuzzies with his human -Best smile (teef)!  -Crate-trained, housebroken, knows some commands, good house manners -Needs time to trust due to fear-based behaviors—then he steals your heart -Adult-only home required -Is more comfortable with women -At this time needs to be the only pet in the home -Walks well on leash; can display leash reactiveness    Introduction to Elroy: My name is Elroy… you can call me Bubs (that’s my amateur wrestling alias, wink)! I say that because I have a BIG personality. Sometimes I’ll show it by, starting with a happy wag of my tail, strategically throwing my body into a solo-suplex right onto the living room rug (WrestleMania-style)—all in preparation of getting a full-body rubdown from my foster mom, or sometimes it’s just when I decide it’s time for some zoomies. After acting as a class clown to gain the affections of my foster mom, I make sure to steal her heart even further with my good manners and gentleness. My foster mom will be the first to tell you that despite having some behavioral flaws (I mean, who’s perfect?), I’m entirely manageable and an absolute delight. I do, however, require a patient, mature household who respects my space and understands that I need time to feel comfortable and to build trust. She’ll also tell you that when she recently became my foster mom, after about an hour of giving me space, and following our first walk together, I completely broke out of my shell. I sit nicely while I wait for my food and am gentle when receiving treats. And when I wants me some lovins, I lightly rest my paw on her arm or leg to let her know. I am timid with new people so slow introductions are necessary for me to flourish. Some people get too close too quickly, so keeping me on a shorter leash, especially around small children, is important, as some people, and mostly kids, have no concept of personal space. I’m eager to learn and follow the direction of my human. While I prefer a quiet environment (I happen to partake in yoga activities, “Namaste”), I don’t mind jamming to some trap music when my foster mom is in that groove. I’m an excellent supervisor of chores (don’t even mind the vacuum), and recently, I’ve taken my supervisory chores outdoors and oversee the gardenscaping activities that are happening in our yard. I enjoy chewing on my Nylabone and playing with my rope toy. I must warn you, a good game of tug of war will throw me over the edge of excitement into full WrestleMania mode (or full zoomies)! BTW, I LOVE an evening ice cube and am very skilled at catching treats that are tossed my way.  Elroy’s Background: I was adopted several years ago through Rescue Haven Foundation (RHF). Sadly, I was returned, and RHF found that I am less trusting now due to things that I experienced in my prior home. However, I am currently getting all the TLC that I need and want. So my inner spirit is more apparent, and my soul is more at peace. Elroy’s Typical Day in Foster Home: Our daily routine consists of a morning walk before breakfast. Although I am housebroken and have not been destructive in the home, I currently stay in a crate when my foster mom is out for the day, and I do great with that situation. As a matter of fact, some mornings after I’ve eaten, on my own, I go back in my crate to get some more rest. When my foster mom is home for the day, I’m mostly right by her side, wherever she is. And sometimes I rest my face right on her foot while she’s working in her home office—feeling connected to her brings me peace and joy. We go for another walk later in the day or early evening. While I walk great on a leash, I can display reactiveness with some dogs, loud, large trucks, motorcycles, joggers and bicycles. I respond best when you can get ahead of it so I wanted to make you aware of this. Evenings, I have dinner, and then I’m pretty chill, mostly relaxing or vegging with my human. We go outside once more so I can do my business before bedtime, and then tomorrow, it’s basically “rinse and repeat”, same routine. Elroy’s Forever Home: If what you’ve read above has made your heart feel warm and fuzzy, RHF will gladly speak with you to answer any questions you may have and provide you with further information. RHF is also offering support from our positive-based training network to guide my new human(s) while I acclimate to my new home. We want to make sure I am happy and safe. I will surely become your BFF, provide silly antics to keep you amused, and show my gentleness to steal your heart. Please fill out an adoption application and ask for Elroy (you can also use my WrestleMania name, Bubs—RHF will know who you are asking about). I’ll perform a solo-duplex in preparation of my full-body rub down! Just make sure you have an ice cube for my nightly treat. ELROY'S WISH LIST: https://rescuehaven.org/wishlist/Elroy show less
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Female Senior Dachshund
June Bug – aka Junie Specialties: Eats, Naps, Basks, Shuffles Junebugs Woof Facts: Female Senior about 14-15 y/o 16lb Doxie Vision im... show more
June Bug – aka Junie Specialties: Eats, Naps, Basks, Shuffles Junebugs Woof Facts: Female Senior about 14-15 y/o 16lb Doxie Vision impaired due to cataracts  Housebroken and asks to go out but has an occasional accident Crate trained  Friendly No small children since her vision issues causes her to startle easy Loves head pets & lounging in the sun Not spayed and won’t be at this point due to her senior status Originally a Southern gal  Hello, I’m June Bug – you can call me Junie. I’m an incredibly sweet and gentle special needs lady. You see, I’m blind and have some mobility issues. However, I want to let you know that I don’t let those physical limitations get in the way completely enjoying life. For example, I especially enjoy being pet on my head and under my chin; I love to curl up in my crate for a good nap after eating a meal; speaking of meal, I’m a great eater and make sure to finish every bite! I also like to stroll in my fenced-in yard, and after some exercise, I sit and enjoy basking with the sun on my face in the company of my foster family. I’ve learned how to navigate my foster home by smell and sound (did you know that a dog’s prominent sense is the nose, not the eyes?) -- I’m one smart cookie! It may take me some time to get where I want to go, but I get there with a smile on my face. We call it the “old lady shuffle” (maybe we can make it a famous line dance in the future – woof!). Junebug’s Typical Day in Foster Home: Early to rise, gets up around 5:30-6 a.m. and goes in the yard with foster siblings to quickly go potty Comes back inside for meds along with some food Time to watch the news with foster mom or take a morning snooze  Foster mom works from home (YES!); spends most of the day in foster mom’s home office, cuddled on her bed or in her crate (goes in crate on her own); gets up once in a while to politely request to go potty or receive some pets Next, mom finishes her work, and it’s time to go in the yard with canine foster siblings Dinner is ready; takes evening meds like a charm Watches TV with the family Early to bed, puts herself to bed in her crate around 8ish  Sleeps through the night for the most part, until she hears foster family coming downs stairs bright and early; there are times she’ll call out in the middle of the night Junebug’s Forever Home: Can cohabitate with other dogs, as long as they are not too active or in her face, as she can get confused when dogs are running around her, due to her blindness Cannot use steps so let’s discuss safety options. Recommending home with no young children due to her age Fenced-in yard and owner who will stay with her while she is hanging out in the sun or doing her business.  Someone home often so she just knows you are there to comfort and pet her when she needs it Moves slowly, so patience is a virtue (put yourself in her paws, and you’ll be a proud mommy or daddy of her accomplishments) Does not like to be picked up due to her back issues If you are interested in giving Junebug a quiet, peaceful and happy life -- while learning the old lady shuffle --   show less
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Pebblez – Sweet Little Princess

Female Senior Miniature Pinscher Chihuahua (mixed)
Pebblez’s Woof-Facts: • Female, small mixed breed, 12 years old, 13 lbs. • Spayed, up to date on vaccines • Wee-wee pad trained • S... show more
Pebblez’s Woof-Facts: • Female, small mixed breed, 12 years old, 13 lbs. • Spayed, up to date on vaccines • Wee-wee pad trained • Special needs: Blind. One eye removed due to infection, and the other eye blind due to glaucoma • Does well meeting new people but can get nervous and snippy if touched too quickly due to her blindness. • Doesn't do very well with other dogs, unknown with cats • Surrendered to a city shelter due to her prior family having lack of time for her  Pebblez – Sweet Little Princess -Specializes in: Beauty sleep I’m a sweet little girl who adores lounging around my foster home, as well as strolling around our fenced-in yard, along with my humans. I’m fairly low-maintenance and don’t demand too much – simply love to have my human(s) around me and to receive their love and care. Once I get to know you, I’ll strategically place myself right by your side so I can get the best pets from you. Despite being blind, I adjust quickly to new environments and can navigate the house just fine once I’m acclimated.  Pebblez’s Typical Day in Foster Home • Wakes up early after getting her beauty rest • Has a good appetite while maintaining her girlish figure • Loves to strut her stuff in the yard • Then revels in sleeping part of the day away in her fluffy bed • Spa days, oh my, simply the best (except for getting her nails done) Pebblez’s Forever Home  • Prefers having her human(s) home for most of the day but can be left alone for periods of time • A quiet, peaceful home • No young children since she can get nervous and snippy when touched unprompted due to her blindness • Please fill out an application at rescuehaven.org and ask for Peeblez, your sweet little princess show less
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Male Adult German Shepherd Dog (mixed)
Sarge – Tennis Pro Specializes in: Family & Fetch! Sarge's Woof Facts: Male, shepherd mix, 8 years old, 63 lbs. – has a blonde fluffy... show more
Sarge – Tennis Pro Specializes in: Family & Fetch! Sarge's Woof Facts: Male, shepherd mix, 8 years old, 63 lbs. – has a blonde fluffy undercoat but not sure of other breed(s) Neutered, up to date on vaccines Knows basic commands – will sit and give paw   Surrendered from previous owners due to them running into financial issues I’m Sarge (you can call me Sergeant, if you’d like). I’m an all-around great dog, and here are my top three favorite things: (1) I love being around my foster family – hanging out with them and receiving pets is wonderful; (2) I love going on walks – as a matter of fact, I’ll bring my leash right to you when I’m ready (I’m smart and handsome); and (3) I enjoy playing fetch with tennis balls and really excel at the game (just watch me, and you may think I was a former trick dog). My activity level is a great balance of mellow and play. Please read on to learn more details about me... Sarge’s Typical Day in Foster Home: Wakes up along with his foster family – weekdays at 6 a.m.; sleeps in a bit more on weekends, rising around 7-8 a.m. Eats breakfast first thing (likes both wet and dry food). Next, foster dad takes him on walk; does his business like clockwork (number 1 and number 2) Loves playing with tennis balls so much that we may need to enter him in the U.S. Open (woof!)  Stays home uncrated while foster family is at work/school Favorite spot to lay down and chill is right near the door Goes for a mile walk between 3-4 p.m. Dinner time is around 5-6 p.m. (starts to whimper when he’s hungry) Loves to be pet, especially a firm, yet gentle scratch by his kidneys or a gentle belly rub. Not much of a cuddler or couch potato, although he will come on the couch if invited. Is perfectly content being near his people while laying on the floor.   Goes for a final potty break of the day right before bedtime. Sleeps on his own downstairs while foster family bedrooms are upstairs.  Sarge’s Forever Home: Humans with a semi-active lifestyle would be a good fit Would be great as the solo dog of the home. He’s also met a few dogs so if you already have a pooch, let's set up a meet and greet. Fenced-in yard would be a HUGE asset, to give him space for playing catch and roaming around outside with his humans If you’re searching for an all-around great dog, who equally loves to play and loves to chill alongside his humans, please fill out an application at rescuehaven.org and ask for Sarge, THE Tennis Pro.   show less
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Male Adult Pit Bull Terrier
Sly  Specializes in: Love (everyone and everything!) I’m Sly, and I want to let you know that I earned my name the hard way. You see, I... show more
Sly  Specializes in: Love (everyone and everything!) I’m Sly, and I want to let you know that I earned my name the hard way. You see, I escaped euthanasia not once, but twice. I feel truly blessed that Rescue Haven Foundation has taken me under their wing. I have so much love to give, and it’s my time to find my true forever home. I’m a well-mannered, easy-going boy who enjoys the company of humans and animals – and being around other dogs, cats and small children is right up my alley. Hint: it would be icing on the cake if my forever home included a canine companion that I can pal around with all the time. Read on to learn more about me… Sly Woof-Facts : Male, lab-boxer mix, 5 years old, 58 lbs. Neutered, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative  Walks well on leash Working on house breaking  Found as a stray; was at the shelter for over 3 months and was rescued just in the nick of time  Sly’s Typical Day in Foster Home: Simply goes with the flow Eats twice a day Likes to go on walks with his humans, as well as enjoys some outdoor time and playtime along with another pup  Loves to cuddle on the couch with his foster family Blankets / bed a must! COZY! Sleeps peacefully in bedroom Sly’s Forever Home: Would do well in most home situations given his easy-going personality Loves companionship Would enjoy having a doggie companion  Amazing with kids of all sizes Cuddles with cats in foster home Please fill out an application at rescuehaven.org and ask for SLY, the canine full of love and life show less
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Thor ~Great Roommate!

Male Adult German Shepherd Dog Australian Kelpie (mixed)
Specialty: Great Roommate! Hey, I’m Thor, and I’d be one heck of a great roommate, so I’m searching for the person who I want to share m... show more
Specialty: Great Roommate! Hey, I’m Thor, and I’d be one heck of a great roommate, so I’m searching for the person who I want to share my life with. Ideal traits of my human would be something along the lines of… couch potato, video gamer, TV series binger, chill-out-in-the-yard, and remote or hybrid-worker – so we can spend more time together. Oh, and someone who agrees that vacuums should only be taken out when it is an absolute necessity (woof). You see, I’m a no-frills type of guy. Hanging out one-on-one with my human is ideal – I don’t need to attend the hottest BBQ in the neighborhood. I don’t ask for much – mainly companionship. I mean, it feels so great to have my human with me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll completely invade your space. For example, I want to be in the same room as you so we can hang out together, but I don’t feel there’s a need for all that mushy cuddly type of stuff (I know you get it!). Promise, I’ll let you have full control of the remote when we’re chilling in front of the TV. And I do my No. 1 and No. 2 business properly in the yard so I won’t be messing up your bathroom either. On nice days, we can spend some time together in the yard… that’s the way I like to experience the outdoors (sniff, run, sniff, run, repeat). I have a foster mom who’s been my current roommate – she knows a lot more about me -- so if I’ve piqued your interest, please fill out an adoption application with RHF @rescuehavent.org, and she’ll share many stories with you about our cohabitation. For now, read on to learn a bit more…   Thor's Woof Facts: Male, mixed breed, 9 years old and 40 lbs. (good compact size) Low-medium energy level Already knows some commands and is willing to learn new tricks – food motivated which helps!  Doesn't need to be “attached” to his person like a Velcro dog but wants to bond and be close-by so he knows you are with him Housebroken and non-destructive when left alone Would love to be your one and only pet but gets along with older female dogs Thor’s Typical Day in Foster Home: Eats regular dog kibble diet; enjoys Kongs and food puzzles Plays in the yard a few times a day with his human; enjoys fetch  Don’t share this randomly but, when running, kind of hops like a bunny (current foster mom thinks it’s completely adorable so he’s milking it!)  Low-maintenance once bonded and settled into a home along with his person(s)  Prefers to sleep in the room with his person as well Thor’s Forever Home: A small house is ideal to offer the coziness and togetherness he thrives in Fenced-in yard preferred for active/outdoor time vs. being taking on walks in the neighborhood     show less
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Toby – The Purrminator

Male Senior Domestic Shorthair
Toby – The Purrminator -  Specializes in: Hanging out! Meow, I’m Toby, an 11-year-old creamsicle kitty cat. I’m a gentle boy whose life... show more
Toby – The Purrminator -  Specializes in: Hanging out! Meow, I’m Toby, an 11-year-old creamsicle kitty cat. I’m a gentle boy whose life mostly involves comfortably lounging around the house. My world was recently turned upside-down when I was surrendered by my prior owner. I was thankfully brought to safety under Rescue Haven Foundation’s wings. I’ll admit that I was initially shy after this major change in my life. However, I can be (and have been) won over with patience and pets from caring humans. Points to note: I especially enjoy chin, nose, cheek and ear scritches, in addition to butt pats. Furthermore, being scratched at the base of my tail will automatically turn on my purr motor (Purrminator, here I come)! Toby’s Purr-Facts: Male, domestic short hair, 11 years old, approximately 14 lbs. Neutered, up to date on vaccines, FIV and FeLV negative Front and back declawed Litter box trained Undergoing diabetes treatment and currently requires insulin twice a day – takes injections with NO complaints Cat-friendly with proper introduction and acclimation Tolerates being picked up but does not enjoy it Toby’s Typical Day in Foster Home: Starts the day with breakfast and first insulin dose Lounges around for most of the day Takes a break from relaxing to receive some pets Dinner time and second insulin dose Hangs out and watches TV with foster mom Sleeps peacefully in bed or on the floor Easy-peasy existence! Toby’s Forever Home: Owner who is committed to his long-term well-being; his diet and medication are critical and must be followed  Patience to give him time to adjust to his new home and new human(s) Other resident cats should be gentle, as he has no claws to defend himself Welcome hands to give him lots of pets and scritches If you are interested in having (and hearing) the Purrminator as part of your family, please fill out an adoption application at rescuehaven.org ask for Toby the creamsicle cat.  show less