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Art aka Taco

Male DOB: 01/14/2020 Cattle Dog Chow Chow (mixed) 50lbs Medium
Calling all experienced dog owners - meet Taco, part fox, part snuggle bear, part ears!  More than anything, I’m looking for a second ch... show more
Calling all experienced dog owners - meet Taco, part fox, part snuggle bear, part ears!  More than anything, I’m looking for a second chance to live a long peaceful life. Prior to coming to Colorado, my rambling life journey found me living on a mountain behind a truck stop near the AZ/NM border. A nasty wound on my head caught the attention of locals, who picked me up and gave me care. Since then I’ve grown to love life with humans. At first I was a bit nervous, but after only a week I realized how great humans are, and how fun it is to go on walks and hikes with them!  I am looking for a home where it can just be me and my people - I am playful with toys, love belly rubs, find puzzles with food stimulating, and am starting to get a hang of cuddling. I really am my best self when only other (adult) people are around. Even though I am soft and cuddly, children stress me out and I am looking for an adult home. Because of my time on the mountain, I have solid survival instincts and can be assertive with unfamiliar dogs - please don't take me to a dog park. Since being in foster care, I have learned to sit, lay down, wait before eating my food, and walk with a ‘gentle leader’. I am very smart and am learning new tricks! I have also had slow intentional introductions and successful playdates with a few other non-dominant dogs. I’d prefer somewhere to live that’s not too crowded and busy, and I couldn’t thrive without my own securely-fenced yard to run and play. I enjoy soaking up the sun and stalking squirrels in the yard, and exploring new smells on walks and hikes - though, in the winter you’ll find me keeping the couch warm.  I am an intelligent and independent dog whose tenacious and quirky personality is sure to warm the hearts of any human who gets to know me, and provide stories, laughter, and joy for years to come. I am being fostered near Denver, CO, but given my preference on location, transport can be arranged for the perfect adopters! My fosters are happy to answer any questions, please submit an application to get in touch!   A Day in the Life of Taco: https://youtu.be/QtSyTRIWj_g  Indoor Taco playing with a carrot: https://youtu.be/-bH5VQkRY7w Taco showing his signature moves (the barrel roll) and zoomies with his playdate Jax: https://youtu.be/BjqGH2jD_bQ Taco and Jax playing chicken: https://youtu.be/a2AmdVAzpEc Videos of Taco playing with another RezDawg foster pup after short, intentional 15-min introductions:  https://youtu.be/qU2cwyvHd2o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCbRAVLpd9Y show less
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Female DOB: 05/11/2023 Labrador Retriever Great Pyrenees (mixed) 54 Large
Luna is a 6-7 month old female lab/Pyrenees/husky (all guesses) mix.  She was found roaming on a busy road in NM.  Her rescuers got her... show more
Luna is a 6-7 month old female lab/Pyrenees/husky (all guesses) mix.  She was found roaming on a busy road in NM.  Her rescuers got her to Rezdawg Rescue and she is now being fostered in Colorado Springs.  Luna is good with other dogs-but in an awkward teenager sort of way.  Initially scared of the bigger dogs, she is friendly but unsure.  As she is gaining confidence she is initiating play by poking them with her nose and barking at them.  In other words- working on her dog skills but in the friendliest way possible.    She has not had an accident in her foster home and loves to run out the doggie door with her foster siblings.  She is a light eater but very treat motivated.   She is working on her resource guarding of food and does best when fed alone.   She rides confidently in the car and does well on a leash.     Luna is a sweet girl and sticks to you like dryer lint.  She is very people focused and is a little whiny if you leave the room.  She provides lots of excitement when trying to crate her, as her foster mom has never seen a dog flip around and escape so quickly.  Once she is secured in the crate, she is quiet and calm (after a few minutes of protest).   When putting in the dog kennel outside she also shows her quick skills by darting out the door.  Should the neighbors be watching, this can provide tons of entertainment for them.   Luna was also placed in the 6 foot kennel (which contained her) but was able to jump the 4 foot gate in the garage so she wandered around sniffing out the treats.   When she has the other foster dogs to play with, she hasn't jumped the fence or had the urge to go anywhere.    Luna sleeps quietly through the night.  She prefers the bed with her human but will sleep quietly in the kennel (once corralled).      Needs: a loving family that wants a Velcro puppy to follow you, lay with you, and gaze adoringly into your eyes 6 foot fence if she is going to be unsupervised.  Loves her people enough she stays close to your side with no fence or low fence  A single family home- not an apartment dog    Wants:  - someone who is home often  - someone who is active and likes walks, runs, hikes   -a family that likes to have a companion dog that will talk to you (think husky speak)  -the person who is always cold and wants a soft, beautiful white coat to help warm you (she actually doesn’t shed much) -a training buddy to work on fine tuning manners and stimulating her sharp mind She has not yet been cat tested.  She has not met young kids but loves all people and would likely do well.  show less