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Female Puppy Pit Bull Terrier

Hey everyone, I’m Flurry!! They say I’m a special case. I was born with a few birth defects. So far I have been diagnosed wi... show more

Hey everyone, I’m Flurry!! They say I’m a special case. I was born with a few birth defects. So far I have been diagnosed with Tracheal Hypoplasia and Cerebellar Hypoplasia. They fixed my hernia at my spay appointment where I also had stenotic nares surgery to make it easier to breathe. I don’t really need special care... all it really means is that when I run around a lot and breathe through my mouth I make funny noises and I have a cute puppy prance that I will have forever. So BASICALLY everything I do is a million times cuter because of this... or so my foster mom says!! Foster mom thinks maybe my cerebellum didn’t fully develop because there was no room because my frontal cortex is so big!! 😂 She says I’m SO smart. I LOVE everyone and everything! I’m exceptionally calm and laid back for a puppy too! We get compliments from everyone when foster mom takes me out and about! I always go up to strangers sit nicely and lean my head on them for pets. They love it. I am also Completely crate trained, know sit, come, down, high five, and roll over. And I’m continually and constantly learning new things. Currently we’re working on leave it and stay! I have 3 foster siblings that are dogs and 1 that is a cat. I try so so so hard to befriend them because I just love them so much but none of them are very fond of me yet. I still have hope though! My foster mom says I’m a very special girl with a very special heart! Idk what any of that means... I’m just being myself!! Although I adore my foster family I would be happiest in a home with a dog sibling that will play and cuddle with me!! I’m great on patios too! I also think it would be really cool to get certified as a therapy dog. Foster mom said I could make a huge impact in so many lives. Nobody can stay upset while watching me prance around and getting my sweet hugs and kisses!! Do you know anyone that matches this perfect family?! Foster mom said they are out there somewhere and she is usually right about these things! show less

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Grace - Guest Dog

Female Adult American Pit Bull Terrier Blue Heeler (mixed)

Hi, my name is Grace and I am a survivor. I had a great big adventure beginning about June 24 (first spotted on Greenbelt Road in North... show more

Hi, my name is Grace and I am a survivor. I had a great big adventure beginning about June 24 (first spotted on Greenbelt Road in North Arlington) until July 14 (Hinsdale/Pitkin) when I met this nice lady and she gave me lots of good food. She had a nice car that I hopped into and she took me to meet these nice folks (Crossroads Animal Clinic) who take real good care of me. But, I cannot stay here forever. And……I would like to have a nice yard and a home and someone to call my very own to love and kisses and cuddle. I like to press my face into the nice ladyâ€TMs side and have her scratch and rub my back and sometime my belly too. The nice lady comes to visit each morning before work but not for very long…..I am very sweet and loving and I give her lots & lots & lots of chin kisses, tail wags, and I even play bow to her when I get excited and want to go out in the dog run to RUN, RUN, RUN. I am a real fast runner. The nice lady picks me up for adventure day on Saturday and we go to the park for nice long walks and we drove to Dallas to try and find my new mommy. I think I would like just a mommy. But, Ryan, at Crossroads, feeds me from his hand and plays with me so, maaaybe, I could love a daddy too. But, I am shy until I know I can really trust you. On the Friday night, the nice lady gave me all that yummy food and I let her put that itchy collar, with the gingerbread men on it, on my neck and I climbed up in the car and we drove to Crossroads to wait for the nice lady to let us in, I climbed up and took a nap in her lap and then, I gave her kisses too. (She will likely have trust issues and would do best as an only “petâ€​. She would be best kept indoors until trust is firmly establish and any fleeing issues addressed.) The nice lady says that I am having an operation soon so that I wonâ€TMt have any more puppies. Having puppies was nice but I am okay with not having any more. They have to wait until I finish the medicine I am currently taking to clear up my complexion. Those itchy fleas were the pitts. Oh, also, I have these funny feeling worms in my heart and they are going to get rid of those too. Will you help me? They say it is intensive process which is best done in the quietest and calmest environment possible for me. The nice ladyâ€TMs husband will pay for it. But, I need someone who can provide the time and environment to give me the medicine to get rid of them. I really would like for my mommy (& maybe daddy) come get me soon so we can kiss and cuddle and play and RUN, RUN, RUN, fast. Thank you. show less