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Microchip Program

Since 2016, Petstablished helped raise over $3.5 Million for Shelters and Rescues participating in our revenue share and microchip programs!
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Petstablished Microchip Program

When you register microchips with us, whether it's our chip or another vendor's chip, you earn a free chip plus $2 in revenue share (cash back) per completed registration. Each time you complete (20) chip registrations, we send you a free pack of chips and we credit your designated bank account $40 in revenue share.

We'd also be happy to set up a walkthrough of the software to show you how to quickly assign microchips to pets, assign adopters, and register those microchips. We can also provide a more complete demo of how to use the overall software to manage your pet data.

For more information, email us at
or call 855-684-3184 Ext. 2 or 104.

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Smallest Chips On the Market

Petstablished chips are mini chips, measuring 1.25mmx7mm, and are currently the smallest ISO-compliant chips on the market. They are FDX-B (134.2 KHz), and are readable by all universal scanners. Each chip costs- $5.99 and they are sold in packs of twenty (20). There is an additional one time fee of $12.99 for AWOs or their adopters to register the microchips in our database (NOTE: The $12.99 registration fee is discounted from the normal $17.99 price for people that did not adopt from a rescue or shelter using Petstablished).

Easy to Use

Easy and Convenient

All chips registered with Petstablished also are registered in the national database at You are able to purchase preregistered chips at a discount (price depends on order volume) if you want all chips to be registered in our database before we send them to you. Once registered, the pet and owner information appear in our registry at and in the national database at

You as the adopting organization are always on the registration in our system.

Easy to Use

Registration Automation

Using Petstablished microchips, you are able to track all chips in your account, print reports, and can quickly find and update contact information for any registered (or non-registered) chip in your account. Best of all, if you assign a registered microchip to a pet, when you process the adoption for that pet in our system, we automatically make the adopter the primary contact on the chip and send them an email to update their pet's microchip information if needed.

Easy to Use

24/7 Microchip Hotline

Our Lost and Found/Microchip Inquiries line is manned 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
Call us at 1-855-684-3184 Ext. 103.

Our Microchip Revenue Share Program

Multiple Benefits

Petstablished offers a unique revenue share program to shelters and rescues that microchip with us. When you participate in our microchip program, you receive the Gold Service Plan free of any monthly service charge along with $2 and a free chip for each microchip you or your adopters register through us (NOTE: If you order preregistered chips we include the $2 and the free chip in the preregistered chip price).

How to Participate

You can purchase and register chips in the My Microchips section of your account. All pets that get adopted out must be registered with Petstablished. It's how you earn free chips and cash back! Depending on how you choose to process registrations you can actually get paid to use the Petstablished software!

Strategies to Help Save You Time and Money

Below are different strategies our organizations use to purchase and register chips


For those who want their adopters to pay the registration fee

For those who want their adopters to pay the registration fee, we recommend purchasing non-registered microchips. You will then have the option to register the chip for the adopter when you finalize an adoption in our system, and collect the $12.99 fee for the microchip registration from the adopter at the time of adoption. For each processed microchip registration, the adopting organization earns a $2 revenue share and a free chip.


For organizations that purchase non-registered chips

For organizations that purchase non-registered chips and want to register some or all the chips to their organization once they've been received (before the pets/chips have been adopted) you are able to register microchips in bulk in the Microchip Registry section of your account. Usually, organizations that do this recoup the expense by folding it into their adoption fees. For each processed microchip registration, the adopting organization earns a $2 revenue share and a free chip.


Chip/Preregistration Bundles

Chip/Preregistration Bundles* - If your organization plans to register all of the chips, you can pay for bulk registration up front and when we ship the chips, they will already automatically be registered. Any time you process an adoption for a pet with a preregistered chip, we will automatically make the adopter the primary contact and you the secondary and/or tertiary contact. Please call 855-684 -3184 ext. 2 or ext. 4 for bundle pricing information or email us at . Pricing for each chip with registration included starts at $10.99 and decreases depending on order volume.

*Bundle pricing already includes the free chip and $2 from our revenue share program. No additional free chips or revenue share are earned with this option.


Pets not directly in your care

For microchip clinics and organizations that microchip pets which are not directly in your care, you are able to use our software track all microchip data. Any time you need to register a pet, you can go into the Microchips Registry section of your account, add the microchip number, register the chip, and add the pet and contact information. For each processed microchip registration, your organization earns a $2 revenue share and a free chip. If you prefer, the pet owners are also able to register the microchips themselves after the chip is implanted into their pet.

*Excludes preregistered chips.

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