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Male Young Maltese / Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in Ken-Mar Rescue
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Miley! Sweet Puggle pup!


At Ken-Mar Rescue, Miley takes her job of VP of the Welcoming Committee seriously. She takes the lead of making sure that all visitors,... show more

At Ken-Mar Rescue, Miley takes her job of VP of the Welcoming Committee seriously. She takes the lead of making sure that all visitors, friends and family feel comfortable. Miley enjoys taking quick breaks to rest on the quiet, shady grass with the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. But once a car comes up the street or into the driveway, Miley is at the ready, tail wagging, smile grinning, and ready for the ensuing love fest and happy dance to greet the next “forced love” victim. Once Miley settles down enough to be pet and admired, her true personality comes out. She is most content listening to whatever you want to share with her. She is a great secret keeper and does not engage in rumors or small talk. Miley will make a joyful best friend to a very lucky dog lover. At home alone on her favorite chair, she keeps watch over the neighborhood. Miley would do best with seasoned pet parents, in an "adults only" home or home with older, gentle children. Miley gets along great with other, playful pups too! She loves to play and is a great walking buddy! Care to stare into her beautiful brown eyes and share a story with her? Fill out an Application Questionnaire so that you can meet her soon! BREED: Puggle, Smooth, short haired, chocolate brown with white, 3 yrs., 15 lbs., spayed female. PET PEEVE: Empty treat bags NAUGHTIEST DEED: Eating too fast. SPECIAL TALENT: Stress melter and joy sparker OBSESSIONS: Any walk to anywhere with anyone at any time. FAVORITE JOB: Paw patrol over all garden inhabitants. KNOWN ACHIEVEMENTS: Guardian of all things cozy. Which includes blankets, toys, socks, etc. You too can help save a dog's life! Can’t adopt? Want to help? Sponsor me! - A small amount can mean the difference between a vaccine and a microchip. - A larger amount could provide sterilization to "one more" needy orphan or help us bail him or her out before being put to sleep. - An even larger donation could cover the food and medical for one or more orphans for an entire year or help cover the vet expenses on expensive surgeries for "special needs" orphans suffering from neglect, cruelty or accidental injury. You can make a donation to Ken-Mar Rescue through Paypal, its safe, secure and easy. All donations are tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes directly towards the care of animals in need. For more information please go to show less