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Male Baby German Shepherd Dog

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About Waldon

Waldon is a sweet and energetic male GSD puppy who is looking for his forever home! He has stolen the hearts of his foster family in a little under a month. He would absolutely stay as part of the family if they didn’t already have 3 dogs. He likes to be around his family, and is always up for a good play time with his foster family’s dogs. He is almost fully house trained and crate trained. For his age, he is very well behaved and caught on to the routine of our dog pack quickly for both outside time and meal time. He loves to chew, but he sticks to his Kong chew bones and has stayed away from our belongings. We are working on his manners. Like any typical young puppy, he is learning not to splash in the water bowl or jump up on guests. Due to his young age and being rescued at merely 13 weeks, he does not seem to have any insecurities towards people, aversions to loud noises or storms. He lives well with his foster family’s 3 dogs (2 GSDs and a smaller labradoodle). He would love to have some dog friends for play, but he also has shown great adaptability. Although his main speed is highly energetic, he will also calm down and cuddle next to his friends in the evenings. Waldon is available now and ready to find his forever family!

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German Shepherd Dog

I am Laica's foster mom, and I am so happy to tell you about this sweet girl. First, her name is pronounced Lay-Kah, and she would love... show more

I am Laica's foster mom, and I am so happy to tell you about this sweet girl. First, her name is pronounced Lay-Kah, and she would love to hear you call her, as Laica adores people! When we first picked up Laica, she reacted as if we had raised her from a puppy. She is a VERY affectionate pup, and loves nothing more than to be right next to you. When I sit on the floor with her, she will roll over for belly rubs, and then hop up to give me grateful kisses. Laica is great on a leash. She doesn’t pull much (unless she is trying to play with my other dogs) but otherwise she walks very well on a leash. I have two female German Shepherds of my own, and they are all three the best of friends. They love playing together with toys, and of course chasing each other in the backyard. I do believe Laica will do best in a home with an active family, as she loves to run and play. Laica would be happiest if there was another dog for her to play with. Laica is crate trained, and has learned to sleep quietly all night in her crate. We have covered her crate with a blanket, which helps her to settle down, relax, and drift off to doggy dream land. Laica is still a puppy, and is definitely not a couch potato. Any family who adopts her will need to provide daily exercise. If you don't want to take Laica out for daily exercise, please don't ask to adopt her. She needs to move! Also, like all young dogs, Laica will need regular training to help her be the best Laica she can be. If you can commit to daily exercise and training, Laica will reward you by being the most devoted and loving best friend you could ever hope to have! show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Meet Lincoln! Hello everyone, my name is Lincoln. I currently live with a lady friend of mine, but we are just friends. She is too old a... show more

Meet Lincoln! Hello everyone, my name is Lincoln. I currently live with a lady friend of mine, but we are just friends. She is too old and grumpy for me. There is also a cat that runs around here but she does not come around much. I like to lay on your feet, or even better, on your lap and watch T.V. I am really into the show Wolves and Warriors. I like to howl along with the wolves. I love to get treats and be told I am a good boy. My foster mom has taught me to sit and to lay. We are also working on walking better on a leash. I’m getting the hang of it, but I still like to try to walk between her legs at times. It’s kinda funny to see her try to weave around me and escape. I am fully housebroken, and kennel trained. I also know how to tell you that I need to go out. At night, my fosters have me sleep in my kennel, which I do not mind at all. I like quiet places, but their bed looks real comfy, too. I got up there the other day and tried to take a nap, but I was busted. I love kids, and I love to play with them. There is a 6-year-old here that likes to play, and she gives great hugs. She has lots of toys, so I play with her, too. I love stuffed animals, but I do not tear them up. I just like to carry them around. I am still learning what all this pet stuff is about, but it seems pretty nice to have a home. I really hope that you will contact my foster and come to meet me. Love, Lincoln Hey Everyone, I am the foster mom Lincoln was talking about. He is an amazing dog. I am not just saying that either. He is extremely loving and so sweet. He is always happy to see us when we get home, even if we were only gone for a few minutes. We are working with him right now on more commands, and he is very food motivated, so progress is great. He can get scared when it comes to dominant movements over him. Meaning that he will cower easily, so we are working on building confidence, too. He is a beautiful, good sized GSD, and he also has a very nice stance. Lincoln is great at alerting when someone comes to the door or is nearby. He is not a big barker, but you can tell when he perks up that something is going on, and he will go “take a look” too. So, I feel very secure with him here. He is very good when greeting people, no jumping up on them, or getting overly excited. He is a very calm dog who would love a family who he can hang out with and relax. He does enjoy the kids playing with him, and has plenty of spunk if the time calls for it. He is good with kids, large dogs, and cats. I would assume he would welcome small dogs, too, as he has no issue with the cat and does not try to bother her at all. However, we only have a big dog to test him with right now. He likes to ride in the car, but does need a little help getting in right now. He does have a few shows on T.V. that he seems to perk up and “watch” when they are on. He likes the Animal Planet ones mostly, go figure. There is one thing that you should know about Lincoln though, he loves to be outside. So, if you do not have a good sized backyard, this may not be the dog for you. He will cry at the back door to get to go play outside. He loves to roll in the grass and sunbathe in the yard (on the few non-rainy days we’ve had). He also likes water, so a kiddie pool would be a treat for him, but if not, his 5-gallon water bucket works, too. Lincoln is EXTREMELY smart, and if he sees how you do something a couple of times, he can figure it out. Doors, gates, cabinets...many things. He is learning not to open doors up and follow us. The first few days he was trying and succeeded a few times, too, so a close eye at first will be important. If you have questions or would like to meet Lincoln, he is available for adoption and is ready to meet you. show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Monte is a big boy with an even bigger personality. He adores people, and loves to cuddle on the couch with his foster family. Monte’s r... show more

Monte is a big boy with an even bigger personality. He adores people, and loves to cuddle on the couch with his foster family. Monte’s regal appearance commands attention when he enters a room, and his ability to “talk” with you and his lovely “singing” voice make him the most entertaining companion. Monte is house trained and crate trained. He knows basic commands and is eager to please his people. Monte demonstrates his loyalty to his humans by “guarding” the front door. This is fine if there is a menacing stranger, but his foster family is training him to go to his crate when the doorbell rings, so he doesn’t scare away their friends and neighbors! The training is going well, and Monte is learning to relax. Monte is looking for a home where there is a laid back atmosphere, and a nightly stroll as opposed to a nightly jog. He is a big handsome goofball with lots of love to shower on the right humans. Is that you? Due to injuries he sustained that were sadly left untreated, Monte has an old fracture, and the way it has healed has left him with some pain. He is also showing signs of hip dysplasia in his opposite leg. Pain medication alone will not be enough. Monte has been undergoing water treatments to strengthen his rear legs and give him better mobility in the rear quadrant. His front legs have compensated for his rear legs, and he is still a strong, vibrant dog at heart. Unfortunately, Monte is not a candidate for surgery, so his discomfort has been successfully managed with adequan shots weekly, platinum performance (a supplement) and fish oil twice a day. show less

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Rey Adoption Pending

German Shepherd Dog

It's all about Rey! As long as you understand that, you and Rey will get along just fine. As her foster mom, I learned very quickly that... show more

It's all about Rey! As long as you understand that, you and Rey will get along just fine. As her foster mom, I learned very quickly that Rey is a beautiful and unique girl, and she knows it. Rey is 1/2 German Shepherd and 1/2 Siberian Husky, so she is not exactly like the other dogs in our rescue group. I have really enjoyed fostering her, as it does seem like she got the best of both breeds. Wherever we go, people stop me to remark on how beautiful Rey is. Then, after she snuggles into them, and they cuddle with her, they talk about how sweet and loving she is. People just can't get enough of her lovely, soft coat. When they really get to know her, they talk about how intelligent she is, and just love her delightful, expressive face. Beauty, brains, and a charming personality - Rey really does have the whole package. It wasn't always like this. Rey was found as a stray, and ended up in a shelter. She was so sick and starved that she could barely hold her head up. She was totally shut down, had no personality, and truly seemed like she had given up on life. She was so weak that I was scared that Rey wouldn't survive. But this is one tough little girl, who blossoms when she feels love and affection. When Rey realized that she was safe and warm, and somebody cared, she not only survived - she thrived! She began to respond to my love and attention, and began to show me lots of affection in return. I was thrilled when I saw her getting better by leaps and bounds. Now Rey is healthy and happy. She always seems to have "a smile" on her face, and her cheerful personality will brighten up your life. She is house broken and crate trained. Rey likes her crate, and often curls up to nap in her crate with the door open. She is very smart at understanding what is mine and what is hers, and is very good about not bothering my things. She sleeps quietly all night on a dog bed beside me, and never disturbs anyone. She is easy to feed, and is not a picky eater. She adores treats, and is easy to train with small treats as rewards. She also responds happily to praise, and loves to be told that she is a good girl. She is a very well behaved girl, and has the run of the house whenever I am home. Rey will alert you when strangers are about, and will bark a firm warning. But if you welcome guests into your home, then so does she. Rey loves meeting new people, because everyone who meets her falls in love with her. If you adopt Rey, you will need to be willing to welcome more people into your life, since she makes friends wherever she goes. People will stop you to ask about her, and they always want to pet her. That's just fine with Rey, as she adores being the center of attention. She dearly loves her German Shepherd foster brother, as long as he also understands that SHE is the family princess. Fortunately, he is very patient, and normally puts up with her antics with a shrug. When he sets canine boundaries, she respects them. I think she would be happy being adopted into a household with another dog, especially an older, larger male. She would also be fine as the only dog in the family. Rey would get along great with older children, who love dogs and are willing to help be responsible for providing her with regular exercise and training. Rey has truly been a delightful foster, and one that I dearly love. It will be hard to give her up, but she is ready now to be adopted into her forever home. If you enjoy having a cuddly, affectionate dog, and you really love and enjoy your dog as a member of your family, Rey might be the one for you. Please fill out an application and ask for Rey. She will be delighted to meet you! show less

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German Shepherd Dog

pecial Considerations for Adoption: IMG 6011 IMG 6031 IMG 6035 IMG 6043 1 IMG 6069 IMG 6077 IMG 6090 Sanders is an extremely frie... show more

pecial Considerations for Adoption: IMG 6011 IMG 6031 IMG 6035 IMG 6043 1 IMG 6069 IMG 6077 IMG 6090 Sanders is an extremely friendly boy that has never met a stranger. He sings of his sorrows while locking eyes with his new friend at their every departure. He recovers from his sorrows quickly but he will look for his friends at the exact spot he previously met them in hopes of seeing them again. In addition to being a fierce friend, Sanders is exceptionally intelligent. He learned how to walk gently on a leash within a few minutes, and while he's a curious fellow, he will ignore squirrel, dog, and cat temptations with ease. He knows how to sit on command in nearly every situation despite many distractions. He understands that "No, sir" means that he should stop whatever he's doing and return to his foster mom. He is crate trained and will only cry for a few moments if he can't see his temporary human. A simple "No, sir" will correct the behavior. He sleeps soundly through the night and is fully potty trained. He is not overly fond of being told to go in his kennel but he will voluntarily go in it for nap time. Sanders will lay down while you open his kennel door but as soon as it's opened, he'll shoot out like a rocket. He just gets very excited to go find all of his toys. He enjoys picking up each toy in rapid succession until he's satisfied that they are all still chewable. He seems to only chew on dog toys (and pet beds) but steers clear of all of the human's possessions. He figured out how to dig through the baskets of toys in no-time flat. Sanders wants to meet his kitty foster sister but she's a very angry cat so he's a little scared of her. He plays well with his foster sister, a spoiled Rottweiler, and he follows her lead for a bit but does not engage in trivial matters such as grumbling at passersby that get too close to the lawn. He, instead, typically opts to find a tennis ball and carry it around. He's quite good at entertaining himself with toys and does not require any participation from dogs or humans. I can't say he loves bath time but he tolerates it well enough to still be considered a very good boy. Sanders is a huge fan of doors. He's never a met a door that he isn't insanely excited to walk through, even if it's a closet or a bathroom door. He will sit and wait for his temporary human to open the door but you can tell he's more than ready for the adventures awaiting him behind that particular door. He enjoys all treats including carrots, lemongrass (stolen from the garden), and a pumpkin-peanut butter mixture he gets stuffed in a Kong at bedtime. Sanders sometimes jumps on humans, especially when he's very excited. His foster mom is currently working with him on the jumping issue and has very high hopes that he'll learn quickly. All-in-all, Sanders is a very good boy that would love a home that can provide a fluffy bed, daily walks, and an excessive amount of toys. show less

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Sif Adoption Pending

German Shepherd Dog

Greetings humans, I’m Lady Sif. I was named after the Norse goddess of grain. We think I’m around a year and a half old. I’m a super swe... show more

Greetings humans, I’m Lady Sif. I was named after the Norse goddess of grain. We think I’m around a year and a half old. I’m a super sweet and very smart girl who wants to please my people. I really want a family that will take me on walks, hikes, or to the beach and play with me. I walk well on a leash, am house trained, have learned how to sit, and am learning to shake and lay down. I absolutely LOVE to learn new things! I’m very sensitive, so just tell me “no” if I’m doing something wrong and I will stop. I respond well to praise and I want to please you. I have met a few tiny humans (children) and really like them – they giggle at my kisses. I’ve met a few other dogs and they seem to be cool – I really just want to play with them. I’ve been spayed and am up to date on shots so I’m very healthy. I would love to be your companion. I promise you will never go anywhere without me, unless you want to. But why would you? I’m so pretty and sweet that everyone should meet me. Hi y’all – I’m Sif’s foster mom. She really is such a sweet dog, and is so eager to please her human. She picked up on leash walking quickly and loves to sniff around the neighborhood. Sif would be great with a family that is active and will take her for long walks, hikes, to the beach, and play with her. With daily exercise, she’s a pretty chill dog, and will be happy hanging out with you. Sif responds well to positive correction and understands “no." She’s also a bit of a snuggle bug and is quite affectionate. She will notice when dogs are barking on TV, but otherwise takes little interest in it. show less