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Male Labrador Retriever

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in East Coast Canine Rescue NYC
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Maddox fka Fudge

Shepherd (Unknown Type)

Bio written by current owner: Maddox is a very sweet and good dog, really!! He LOVES my 7 year old son and 3 year old daughter. He is... show more

Bio written by current owner: Maddox is a very sweet and good dog, really!! He LOVES my 7 year old son and 3 year old daughter. He is a good listener and mindful of the rules. The only hang up we have is he does NOT like my husband. He growls when he hears his truck come down the road and barks when the garage door opens and continues to bark at him all throughout the house whether it is 8pm or 4am. We have tried many things to help get him over this dislike but nothing seems to be helping. It is literally the only hang up, hence why we’ve put up with it for almost a year, because he IS A GREAT DOG! He doesn’t hate all men and has even had some sweet moments with  my husband but very few and FAR between.  He will get scared if my husband moves too fast or inadvertently surprises him and he will pee. It is very strange as he and my husband have not had any bad encounters and my husband just tries to ignore his incessant barking. I cannot keep trying to mediate their relationship and think it’s unfair for Maddox to be living with such upset. He is mindful off leash when we walk in the woods and spend time at our industrial garage. He would really rather be in our company than not. He is unafraid but respectful of large machines, loaders, excavators and the  kids  four wheelers.  He has been in the water but will not go for a leisurely swim, unless it is to reach a family member on a paddle board or wooden raft. He will get in the tub and is very accepting of baths and being groomed, a little finicky of having his nails clipped but will allow  it to happen without incident. He loves other dogs and finds comfort and confidence in them. One of his best friends is a kitten . He was initially afraid of the  8 week old kitten but became FAST and inseparable  friends. He is comfortable in his crate and will enter when queued. He knows sit, stay, down and paw. He is not allowed on the furniture but has been at friends’ houses when we’ve gone on vacation. He will occasionally attempt to climb up on the coach or oversized bean bag but will quickly get down once he knows he’s been spotted.  He does need a leader, someone to provide him with some confidence and reassurance.   I  have even found having an older confident dog around is helpful . I f you possess  these traits  he will be your right hand man! Maddox  is  a  14 month,  50 pound Shepard/Black Mouth Cur mix.    show less