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Adopt Marina Adoption Pending

Female Adult German Shepherd Dog

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About Marina Adoption Pending

Hi, I'm Marina's foster mom, and I would like to share what my family and I have learned about this delightful girl. Marina is a sweet girl, extremely playful, and loves to be outside and active. She must have been an outside dog in her previous life, because she has been learning the sounds of a phone and doorbell ringing and hair dryer drying. She turns her head in curiosity, and shows her sweet and interested personality when she is learning something new. She enjoys being around people and most likely other dogs (she would probably enjoy being with a large dog so she can wrestle and play). She wants to sniff and run after anyone who may show they want to play. She just loves people!

She will play fetch with any ball you have. She is great about bringing it back and can sometimes “drop it” when she is feeling extra good. She loves to run and be active and is fantastic on the leash. She is super curious when it comes to other people and animals when she is out walking. She will pop her big ears up and wag her tail when she sees others while on a walk. She also loves praise when she is doing something well; she enjoys a pat on the head and chest, and many times, she will raise her paw to shake and show you affection.

She loves to jump up and hug you but will also get down when asked. Her tail is always wagging! During the day, she enjoys the sunshine and the outdoors. She will push open a screen door, if possible, and head out on her own to enjoy being outside. She rarely barks for no reason, but her bark is strong and noticeable on the rare occasions that she barks.

Around small dogs, she really wants to play. She will raise her paw to play, always with a tail wagging and ears perked. She just wants to play with anyone who will give her active attention...whether dog or human.

Around little children, she is super playful. She likes to have the ball thrown so that she can return it. She loves to be around kiddos but more than likely will be better with middle school aged children, as she doesn’t realize her size and strength. She is still a bit gentle but would do well with kiddos that want to run and play, but can be firm with their commands.

She is always ready for a good meal and will sit and behave and wait for her food.

At night, she is good about going in her crate for bedtime. She never barks or makes any noise. She sleeps quietly all night without disturbing anyone. In the morning, she is super excited to see you and will be eager to run outside and head to potty and snoop around.

She is absolutely potty-trained, and does extremely well on her own. There is no need to ask her to do her business; she handles that well without command.

Marina is best suited for an active and busy family. She will need walks to get off any extra energy, but at night after her walks, she is ready for water and relaxation. She will bring love and affection to any household, and she just wants to be a part of a loving and active family.

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Marina Adoption Pending
Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
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