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Adopt Moses

Male Rottweiler


Moses is a "GUEST POST" - we will put you in touch with the people who are helping to rehome him as he is not a REAL BARK dog.

Handsome Moses is a 3 year old 90 lb Rottie, who is very eager to learn and to please. He will be a great companion for the right pack leader who is calm and assertive. Pulled from the Riverside shelter, he initially arrived with trust issues due to human failing, with some hand- shyness and a little guarding tendencies , yet has always been greatly motivated by (with very good reaction to) positive direction, leadership and balance. He is currently working with an excellent dog behaviorist and doing extremely well, and will succeed in a home with a human guardian who not only adores his handsome persona, but can also be a calm assertive leader who understands, and can continue nurturing, his kind spirit. Moses will thrive in a home with consistent and good boundaries and structure so he can feel safe and happy, which he is by nature, and would love being that perfect companion to his person. He is that perfect pup who would always be ready to take direction and focus, and enjoy his work and exercise. An active lifestyle would be ideal, as well as some experience and knowledge of the dedication and loyalty the love of a Rottie has. Moses will be fine with another dog in the home with the proper introduction.

This is a "GUEST POST". If you would like more information on Moses, or wish to meet him, we will connect you directly with the kind people who are helping to rehome him. Also feel free to complete this adoption application:

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If you have questions about Moses please contact The Real Bark



Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Black - With Brown, Red, Golden, Orange Or Chestnut
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Shots up to date
Spayed / Neutered
Ok with kids
Ok with birds
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Ok with cats
Ok with small animals
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