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Female Adult Domestic Shorthair / Domestic Shorthair

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The Anti-Cruelty Society - Home-to-Home Program

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About Molly

In order to alleviate the need to bring an animal into the shelter environment, The Anti-Cruelty Society has developed the new Home-to-Home Shelter Bypass service to help people find new accommodations for their pets privately. THESE ANIMALS ARE NOT LOCATED IN ANY OF THE SOCIETY'S PHYSICAL SHELTER LOCATIONS. PLEASE REFER TO THE CONTACT INFORMATION IN THE PROFILE BELOW TO INQUIRE ABOUT ADOPTING.

Molly is a sassy 5 year old girl, who is definitely not for the faint-hearted! She is an Anti-Cruelty Society alumni, who sadly fell on hard times, and through no fault of her own was abandoned twice and then given away on Craigslist. Fortunately, she was spotted on Craigslist by one of our volunteers who went to rescue her.

Molly has had a difficult life and it shows in her personality. She is one tough cookie and you will need determination and a good sense of humor to live with her! She is feisty and can be vicious towards other cats. She is currently in a foster home with a small group of senior cats and is making their life very hard, which is why she needs to move on.

She has also clearly been an indoor-outdoor cat, as she had the cat door figured out straight away at her foster, and spends her days outside harassing squirrels. When she hears you coming home, she will come crashing in to greet you. She will charge at you with such force that she will likely knock you to the ground. Once she has you in her paws, she will hug and cuddle you and belt out the loudest purr you will ever hear. She will then chatter away for half an hour telling you about her day, and then steal your dinner and sit on your computer, and then shove her way into your bed. She will not leave your side until you go out again!

Molly would be a great cat for someone who was considering a dog but does not have time to walk one. She is loyal and extrovert, but not above climbing up on furniture to slap your face if she is not getting enough attention. Because of her extrovert personality and sheer bulk and strength, she is probably not a wise choice to have around small children. Obviously she needs to be an only cat, or could possibly cope with one companion, if they are able to bounce back from her hurling them around. She loves people, and is surprisingly trusting, given her history. She loves attention, and is a big hit at the vet with her head-butts and hugs.

She would be best in a suburban or rural home, with access to outside in a safe neighborhood. She is not an apartment cat!! Molly is a huge healthy cat, spayed and up to date with shots.

She hates travelling (and screams all the way to the vet!), so she is not a good companion for a trucker, or anyone else considering taking her on road trips.

Her current foster requests that whoever takes her on commits to keeping her for her entire life. However, if she is just not working out, PLEASE return her to her foster, no questions asked. She has been abandoned too many times already to go through that again.

Ownercontact information:

The Anti-Cruelty Society makes no claims regarding the people using this service or the animals presented here. This is solely a platform for people attempting to re-home animal(s) in their care. We do not vouch for the honesty or accuracy of the statements made by either party in these transactions and cannot guarantee either the health or temperament of these animals. We encourage all parties to use caution and common sense when meeting people you do not know. This service can be a valuable opportunity to keep animals out of shelters and transition them into new homes with a minimum of stress, if used wisely. We would appreciate any feedback you wish to provide about your experience using this program, in order to improve it success. Comments or questions can be sent to

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