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Male Adult Terrier (Unknown Type, Small)

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The Anti-Cruelty Society - Home-to-Home Program

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About Kams

In order to alleviate the need to bring an animal into the shelter environment, The Anti-Cruelty Society has developed the new Home-to-Home Shelter Bypass service to help people find new accommodations for their pets privately. THESE ANIMALS ARE NOT LOCATED IN ANY OF THE SOCIETY'S PHYSICAL SHELTER LOCATIONS. PLEASE REFER TO THE CONTACT INFORMATION IN THE PROFILE BELOW TO INQUIRE ABOUT ADOPTING.

*Neutered, microchipped, no medications, no past or current health concerns, and no dietary needs/restrictions
Kams is an approximately 8-year-old terrier mix that has been a part of our family for the last 7 years. He is smart, full of energy, and has brought our family a great deal of laughs. Kams knows both basic obedience commands as well as a few fun party tricks. He does well on a leash and enjoys taking walks. Kams is housebroken, crate-trained, and does well on his own even with full-time employed parents. He isn't one for fetch but loves tug-of-war, a good antler, and time spent on the couch. Kams maintains a completely unremarkable medical history, has no dietary restrictions, and is quick-to-groom in the family tub.

Kams has lived with our family in both an apartment in the city and a single-family home in the suburbs and has done well in both settings. While living in the city, he attended daycare at Zen Dogs Chicago in Bucktown where he worked with staff for both daycare and training purposes. He still frequents Zen Dogs for boarding purposes as their staff knows and loves his particular brand of charm. Kams is, admittedly, "hit or miss" with other dogs and does not get along with cats.

Since we adopted Kams he has struggled with challenging, fear-based behaviors that we have worked to address. While he has never shown aggression toward the two adults in his home, he is apprehensive around new people and demonstrates this anxiety through loud barking, charging, and muzzle punching. Kams does not have a bite history but does best when meeting new people on neutral ground outside of his home. Unfortunately, although they had a positive introduction, Kams' behavior has become less predictable around our 15-month-old son. As our son has become more mobile, Kams has begun growling, charging, and demonstrating food and toy aggression which have not, previously, been an issue. At this point, Kams' quality of life is negatively impacted as we do not feel comfortable having them in close quarters and he, therefore, spends a lot of time in his kennel. This is a turning point we had hoped not to reach but we no longer feel it is safe to keep Kams in our home.

Kams continues to be a loved member of our family that we will not readily hand-off to a new owner. We will insist on a no dog, no kids (and no plans for kids) adoption setting with an experienced dog owner. We are not looking to "unload" him and want to partner with someone who understands that this is a huge loss for our family. Your assistance in facilitating this process would be truly appreciated.

Owner contact information:
Tricia and Elliot Ebel

The Anti-Cruelty Society makes no claims regarding the people using this service or the animals presented here. This is solely a platform for people attempting to re-home animal(s) in their care. We do not vouch for the honesty or accuracy of the statements made by either party in these transactions and cannot guarantee either the health or temperament of these animals. We encourage all parties to use caution and common sense when meeting people you do not know. This service can be a valuable opportunity to keep animals out of shelters and transition them into new homes with a minimum of stress, if used wisely. We would appreciate any feedback you wish to provide about your experience using this program, in order to improve it success. Comments or questions can be sent to

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