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MaleGerman Shepherd Dog /Labrador Retriever


There are dogs who come along, this who are so painfully sweet, those who touch your hear in a way, that you just know...this dog survived for a reason.

Such is the case with Wrigley. Wrigley and his 10 brothers and sisters were spotted along side a rural highway in Mississippi by a woman who messaged the rescue. She told us that she didn't stop to get them because she had no where for them to go, but with our help, she would go back and see who she could get. We told her to go find those dogs and that if she could just keep them safe overnight, we would be there to get them. Sadly, she could only find 6. Wrigley was one of the 6 lucky ones.

When Wrigley first came to us, he was a scared little guy. He would hide behind objects, and would give you a look with his head down like "oh please just pass me by, I mean you no harm". It is this kind of puppy who captures my heart. His unassuming and submissive ways are the things that amazing puppies are made of. This shy puppy has come in to his own, he literally smiles when you look his direction. His sad little self is gone, his personality shines and this little light of mine is ready to find his forever.

Wrigley is good with kids and other dogs. His ideal family will have someone who is able to give him the love and attention he so Richley deserves. But be warned....Wrigley may be the one who ruins you for anyone else. Mr Sweets is available for adoption - his adoption fee is $500 and will include his neuter surgery, up to date vaccines, microchip, health certificate and transportation from Memphis to your area upon adoption.


If you have questions about Wrigley please contact WILSON ANIMAL RESCUE - Chicago Transport Chapter



Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Black - With Tan, Yellow Or Fawn
Hair Length
Shots up to date
Spayed / Neutered
Ok with kids
Ok with birds
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Ok with small animals
Contact Person

WILSON ANIMAL RESCUE - Chicago Transport Chapter

Shelter Description

Wilson Animal Rescue is a 100% volunteer-run, foster-based rescue group in Memphis, Tennessee. We focus on rescuing dogs who are in danger of being euthanized at the city's run shelter and other midsouth shelters. We strive to place dogs in loving homes not only locally but in cities in the Midwest and New England areas.

We keep in touch with our adopters - and not everyone who applies for a dog gets one. We say no as much as we say yes. We are looking for people who feel the same way about their dogs as we do - that they are family and bringing one into your home is a major commitment.

We also appreciate it takes a tremendous amount of trust to adopt a dog before meeting - trust on behalf of the adopter and trust from our fosters. They have to trust that we are sending the dog, who they have loved, to a wonderful new home. This trust is ever present in our minds and not something we take lightly, so we are happy to answer adopters questions. Please do, however remember that we are 100% volunteer run - we have jobs and families and we do our very best to respond as quickly as we can to all inquiries and follow up questions.

We have two vets we use primarily - Cloverleaf Animal Clinic and Walnut Grove Animal Clinic - they are both located in Memphis. Please feel free to call either of their clinics if you are interested in a reference for our rescue.

Shelter Driving Directions

All of our dogs are fostered in the Memphis area. We are happy for you to come to Memphis and meet any of the dogs we have available. We are unable to send dogs outside of the Memphis area prior to adoptions.

Areas Served

Wilson Animal Rescue is 501(c)(3) based in Memphis, TN. We are able to transport our dogs upon adoption via Road Home Pet Transport.

Adoption Instructions

We send an adoption application to be potential adopter's, they fill it out and email it back to us. Once we read it over, called references and feel like it may be a good fit, we put the adopters and fosters in contact so they can further discuss the dog. We feel that being completely prepared, and transparent about the dog, is the best way to go. The adopter can ask questions about routine, behavior, etc. We are really looking for a best fit for the dog and adopter. And because all of the dogs are living in homes (no longer in a shelter environment) we really get to know them like they are our own. We get to see who is cat friendly, who really loves having kids around, who may be a little more unsure in new situations, etc.

Adoption application can be downloaded at