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***Special Needs Dog***Doris is a foxy young lady who is not letting her recent hard luck story get her down. Little Doris was probably once someone's perfect companion, but now that she is older and in poor health, she was just abandoned on the streets. Found as a stray, Doris was more than happy to be rescued and given a new hair cut.
She is calm, sweet and very snuggly. We are guessing she is around 10, but although definitely a senior, she may be younger. She certainly acts like it!
Doris is looking for a very special new owner. Not only someone who will give her the extra love and attention she deserves, but also beyond than average care. Doris had been diagnosed with Protein-Losing Entheropathy (PLE) that causes excess fluid build up in her abdomen. Unfortunately, because of her age, aggressive treatment is not recommended for Doris. Instead she would like a warm bed and a few extra treats to keep her happy in whatever time she has left. With the right balance of medication and treatment, Doris could have years left to live, there is just no way to tell.
Doris is currently taking medicine to keep her comfortable and eats limited ingredient food to prevent aggravation of her stomach.
If you think you could provide Doris with a loving home to spend the rest of her days and recover from being abandoned by her original owners, please fill in an application to adopt at Please send any questions to



If you have questions about Doris please contact Shelter Chic



Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Hair Length
Shots up to date
Spayed / Neutered
Ok with kids
Ok with birds
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Ok with small animals
Contact Person
Brittany Feldman

Shelter Description

We are a new shelter (currently rescue group) and are looking for a location in Manhattan. We have just started rescuing cats and dogs and finding foster families for them until our shelter is built. We are a unique shelter, aiming to appeal to people who typically buy from pet stores and breeders. We will have a boutique as part of our shelter, all proceeds going back into the shelter (entirely nonprofit). We want to promote adoption in a positive and fun way. We have the same goal as other shelters- to find homeless dogs and cats their forever homes, but we want to change the stigma some people have towards shelters and its animals by creating a chic place that people will want to go to.

Shelter Driving Directions

Our animals are currently in foster homes, and we are organizing pop up store events so the animals can come and be seen.

Areas Served

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut; we would like to start pulling animals from municipal shelters in the south- we are connecting with some organizations

Adoption Instructions

Fees: Cat Adoption fee $150; Dog Adoption fee $200

Here is a link to our adoption applications:

We also have an adoption contract that must be signed. I (as the Executive Director), must interview each person wanting to adopt an animal and go over their application with them in person.

We are a new organization and are trying to find a location. In the meantime, we are accepting applications for fosters and adopters and have started rescuing cats and dogs.