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If you easily faint at the sight of feline beauty, we highly recommend you avoid all pictures of Cami. She's seemingly always posing for a selfie, showing off her wonderfully chubby face and striking coat. Her tail even suddenly changes colors at the tip, just adding one more distinctively lovely feature. We found Cami along with her sister (Tami) in North Philly where they had been abandoned. She was hungry and in desperate need of love. Love that we were so eager to supply. After being taken to the vet where she was spayed and confirmed as negative for FeLV/FIV, Cami has had no trouble adjusting to the indoor life. Beneath those entrancing eyes lies a feisty player. She is generally reluctant to share her beautifully colored fur with you. Petting is often met with nibbles. Instead she prefers snatching wand toys out of the air. Particularly the jackson galaxy fishing pole toy which she catches in her mouth and then pridefully prances around the room, with you on the other end. She is very independent. She could coexist in a house with other pets. But, in our setting at least, she doesn't interact with anyone unless they're holding a wand.

If you want to meet Cami, please submit an application on our website: application.

And if you can't adopt but would like to help, fostering is always an option! Either fostering Cami or one (or more) of our other irresistibly cute feline companions.

You can also schedule a play date and meet some of our affectionate rescues by visiting Le Cat Cafe. Schedule a visit today!




If you have questions about Cami please contact Green Street Rescue



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Kathy Jordan

Shelter Description

Green Street Rescue (GSR) is an all volunteer non-profit whose goal is to humanely reduce the stray cat population in Philadelphia, through rescue work and adoptions and the practice of Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) for feral cats.

Shelter Driving Directions

Call for an appointment. Our foster homes are scattered around the city and the suburbs.
We can set up a meeting.

We also show our pets in the Adoption Window at Operation Ava ( second floor) at the SW corner of Third and Poplar Streets, Philadelphia, PA


Fairmount Pet Shoppe at 2024 Fairmount St, Philly, PA, ( across from the prison)

Areas Served

We work in the city of Philadelphia and suburbs.

Adoption Instructions

$100/ adoption/per cat
$100 - same price if two cats are adopted together

Application, with referrals required. App can be sent by email upon request or found on website.
Email Address is:
or go to our website: www.greenstreetrescue.rog

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