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MaleDomestic Shorthair


Meet Shameus James! What a fun little guy! Okay, little may not be the right word – he’s actually a big boy at 14lbs! Shameus is a playful, happy fellow in need of a new home. His owner’s new landlord won’t allow Shameus (shame on them!), so we’re interviewing for Shameus' next great home. Must be loving and a diligent caregiver. Always helpful if you think and speak "cat.” Shameus is very entertaining and, if you’re creative, the two of you will share many happy hours enjoying each other’s company in love and laughter. He is the ideal kitty!

Shameus gets along with other cats but will want to be the boss – not in a mean way, he’s just the “leader” type. but do keep that in mind if you have other cats that might not appreciate someone stepping to the top of the hierarchy in their house. He has not been introduced to dogs or kids. Shameus is only 6 years old, current on vaccinations, litterbox trained, in excellent health, and has a very happy personality. He has been loved dearly, and finding that same level of love and care commitment is our priority in finding the right family and home for him. He’s going to make some lucky family very very happy. Is it you!?! :)

CONTACT Nikki at or 602-617-0011 for more information and to find out if you’re the perfect fit for Shameus.


If you have questions about SHAMEUS JAMES please contact Milagro Senior Pet Refuge Inc.


Orange Or Red Tabby
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Shelter Description

Milagro Senior Pet Refuge Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit charitable organization ~ a small but ambitious boutique project dedicated to the rescue of physically compromised, abandoned senior pets. Through no fault of their own, these older pets find themselves tragically discarded and facing an uncertain future. Milagro finds these sweet seniors and brings them home to stay, to be treated with the love they deserve and as the precious gifts they are. Milagro does not board the seniors in a shelter-type facility; we're a collection of pre-approved guardian homes providing peaceful, loving home environments where the seniors are safe and treasured for the duration of their twilight years. There is a tremendous need across the nation to get help to our abandoned senior pets. Sadly, we have been discarding them like old shoes and forgetting that, although aging, they are still precious lives and deserving of their place in this world. Milagro hopes to create awareness on a national level of the plight of our homeless senior pets, their true value in our society, and the tragedy that they are discarded as their health begins to fail, just when they need us the most; and finally to subsidize veterinary care to owners of senior pets in order to keep those pets in their homes longer. By accomplishing this, city and county shelters will then have more space, less crowding, which will result in fewer adoptable animals being euthanized.

Shelter Driving Directions

You can see our available seniors here at If you'd like to become a Milagro guardian, contact us through our website ( Once you have been approved to be a Milagro guardian, we'll begin the process of pairing you with just the right senior. God bless you for your kindness in supporting the Milagro project.

Areas Served

Primarily the greater Phoenix area, also Arizona statewide as well as the Southwest Region.

Adoption Instructions

Milagro does not adopt out its seniors -- instead, we adopt you! You join Milagro as a volunteer guardian to care for an available Milagro senior. The benefit is that your financial commitment to your senior's veterinary care is tax-deductible to you because Milagro is a 501C3 non-profit charity. Additionally, you will have the support of the Milagro organization behind you for as long as you care for our senior. It's a win-win arrangement for both you and the pet. To join, contact us through our website ( and let us know your wishes. We will provide you a volunteer form to complete and return. We'll then check the references you provide and contact you for a preliminary home inspection. Next, we'll work with you to find the perfect senior for your home and family.