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Adopt Luther Cartwright

Male Adult Lhasa Apso

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About Luther Cartwright

Hi there potential new family! I’m Luther Cartwright and it’s great to meet you. I’m looking for a new family to call my own! Could it be you?

Here’s my stats:
Possible Breed: Lhasa Apso
Gender: I’m a boy
Colors: Cream
Age: The vet says about 4 years old
Weight: Around 24 pounds

Special Needs: Well, I’m gonna get it right out there. I wasn’t treated well in my 4 years so I am known as a ‘fear biter’. In the past, when they tried to hurt me, I learned to bite them so they would stop. Now, even though I am not being hurt, when I get scared, sometimes I bite. I am getting better and better but still, it’s there so I can’t live with little kids. I wouldn’t want to hurt them. I also need a little medicine when I get groomed because that really scares me.

Ideal Home: I get along with other dogs so I can live in a home with both boy and girl dogs. Or, I can live in a home as an only dog. Just can’t live with kids.

Now for the good stuff!-
I’m not what you call a rowdy boy. I’m pretty laid back, that is until it’s time for FOOD! I like food and I know when it’s time to eat. Matter of fact, if you’re late with food, I’ll bark and remind you what time it is! I get along with boy and girl dogs though I’m not much for playing yet.

I am still learning to trust at my foster home so I am spending more and more time with the family and less time off by myself. Still working on that too. I have started going after a tennis ball though I’m not really sure what to do with it when I get it. I really like to go for a walk and if you hold up my leash, I know it’s time to go outside! I don’t bark at the neighbor dogs when we pass by.

I ride really well in the car and I go into my crate when you tell me too. I’m not on any medication.

My foster mom says, “Luther has a great trick and we call him the ‘Leaping Lion’. That’s because of his color and his ability to leap high in the air! He does it especially when food is involved and it’s really amazing how high he can jump when he gets excited.”

If you want to know more about me, email my foster at Start the process of adopting me or one of the other pups by filling out the application found at

PS. I've had ALL my vetting, and oh boy, it was a lot. Here's what I had done:
Distemper/Parvo shots – TWICE. One shot doesn't cut it.
Bordetella shots - ALSO TWICE.
Spay/Neuter-of course.
A fecal exam so I don't have any bad worms. Treatment if I do.
A heartworm test. Treatment if I am positive for heart worms
BLOODWORK to make sure my liver and kidneys are working well, because you know, we doggies often have issues in the liver and kidneys.
A DENTAL exam AND cleaning if I needed it- yep, all my toofies are checked out.
See, that's a LOT. Ask your vet - that's a LOT.

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Luther Cartwright
Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
White - With Tan, Yellow Or Fawn
Hair Length
Shots up to date
Spayed / Neutered
Ok with kids
Ok with birds
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Ok with small animals
Contact Person
Cindy M