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AdoptYammy AKA Jewel Yam

MaleDomestic Mediumhair


These boys landed with their two litter-mates (Russet and Frenchy) at Chicago Animal Care and Control in mid-August at about 10 days old. They were known as “The Mashed Potatoes”. The shelter was overfull, and the rescue groups that usually took bottle babies were also full, so they sat at CACC for a week fighting hard to survive with limited care. After seeing them sit there for a week against all odds, their foster mom decided that sleep was overrated and took them home for round-the-clock care. The kittens were extremely underweight and sick with URIs and eye infections that left their lids pasted shut. It took three months of intensive care for chronic URI, digestive issues, eye infections and a reproductive organ issue for their brother Russet, who died in surgery, to get them where they are today. In September, a single kitten named Kiki joined the crew and they welcomed her with open arms. After losing Russett, Kiki’s place in the group became even more important, so that these guys could go home in pairs.

Kiki and Frenchy were recently adopted together. Now it’s Tater and Yammy’s turn! These guys are now 100% healthy except for some chronic eye issues which will require drops occasionally. Yammy has had two eye procedures already to repair tissue that had been pasted to the cornea due to the chronic infections at such an early age. He is due for a third to remove some scar tissue which will help ensure that he still has sight in his right eye. Tater just has a weepy eye on occasion that is helped by adding L-lysine supplement to his food and applying drops as needed. Of course anyone who meets these two sweet kitties will not think twice about addressing their eye issues which only take a few minutes a day. They are the sweetest, cuddliest, cutest little survivors you’ll ever meet. They seem to know how close they came to not making it, and want to make the most of every minute they have now. Having been hand-raised from such a young age, and having endured so much medical care, they are well-adjusted to any person and situation, and are super affectionate and attentive to and other animals. They are fearless, fun-loving and just want to enjoy life!

Whoever adopts them will surely appreciate the fun, loving, and positive energy these little guys will bring them for years to come.|


If you have questions about Yammy AKA Jewel Yam please contact Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control



Yammy AKA Jewel Yam
White (Mostly)
Hair Length
Shots up to date
Spayed / Neutered
Ok with kids
Ok with birds
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Ok with small animals
Contact Person
Jenny Schlueter

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Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control's foster program focuses on the 20,000+ animals who make there way to Chicago Animal Care and Control every year though no fault of their own. We're here to provide help for as many of those unfortunate animals as we possibly can.

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Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas.

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Adoption fees are as follows: $200 Adult Dog (6 months and older), $250 Puppies (up to 6 months), $95 Adult Cats (6 months and older) and $125 Kittens (up to 6 months). Potential adopters can fill out an adoption application on our website at If application is approved the foster will schedule a meet and greet with the potential adopter.

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