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Adopt Misha

Male Pomeranian /Terrier (Unknown Type, Small) 


AGE – 8 - 10 years old (approx.)
SEX – Male - Neutered
BREED – Terrier/Chihuahua Blend
SIZE/WEIGHT – 6 - 8 lbs.
TEMPERAMENT – Quiet, loving and loyal
WHAT WOULD BE THE IDEAL HOME FOR THIS DOG? - This little dog would do best in a house with another laid-back dog to keep him company and a grown-up person that understands his sensitive demeanor.
DISLIKES – Rowdy dogs
GOOD WITH CHILDREN? – Misha is a very small dog, so we have to say “no” to very young children, but more to protect him from harm than the other way around.

Misha was found on a pile of trash, where his owners left him when they moved. When found, Misha was so matted and had so much dead fur, that he looked bigger than he actually is (he is very tiny). We don’t know what Misha has had to eat to survive but many of his front teeth are jagged and broken – but the vet says they are still good teeth so they are no need to pull them out for now.
He is a quiet dog that loves car rides and short walks, but what Misha loves the best is belly rubs and sleeping with you. He will thrive in a house where he is always taken into consideration and where he feels safe and loved.

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If you have questions about Misha please contact Mutt Scouts - Los Angeles



Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Black - With Gray Or Silver
Hair Length
Shots up to date
Spayed / Neutered
Ok with kids
Ok with birds
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Ok with small animals
Contact Person
Nikki Audet

Shelter Description

The Mutt Scouts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dog rescue dedicated to helping homeless, abused and abandoned animals. We are committed to providing proper socialization, training and medical care for each animal we save, no matter the cost.
We do not specialize in any breed or type of dog. We reach out to and save all types of dogs, regardless of age, breed or medical/behavioral needs. We are committed to transparency with our potential adopters to ensure that once a dog is in our care, they will know nothing but love and safety for the rest of their lives.

Shelter Driving Directions

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Areas Served

Southern California and New York/New England

Adoption Instructions

All of our amazing dogs are fully vetted, fixed, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption. They are then fostered by one of our experienced foster volunteers, who are able to assess temperament and personality and begin any necessary training. An adoption application, adoption fee, and home check are required for adoption.

Not 100% certain whether you're ready to commit to pet ownership? Consider fostering one of our amazing dogs. It is a crucial piece of the rescue process, and you can play a huge part in saving a dog's life, all the while deciding if that dog, or any dog, is the right fit for your lifestyle! If you know you can't be a forever owner but want to help out and get a little puppy love in return, this may be just the thing for you!

All supplies, food and veterinary care are provided to the foster by the rescue. No costs involved to you - just provide a safe and loving environment and we will do the rest! Fostering can be as short- or long-term as you would like, and we can place dogs with you that are conducive to your lifestyle and preferences (small, large, hypoallergenic, etc.)

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